Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Capitol Hill Blue Investigated by FBI

Let's see here... the Bushites and their shadow lurking Straussian minions have managed to kill, or at least freeze dry, the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Tenth Amendments to the besieged Constitution.. Now, as Doug Thompson of Capitol Hill Blue writes, they are in the process of murdering the First Amendment. "Just how widespread, and uncontrolled, this latest government assault has become hit close to home last week when one of the FBI's National Security Letters arrived at the company that hosts the servers for this web site, Capitol Hill Blue," writes Thompson. "The letter demanded traffic data, payment records and other information about the web site along with information on me, the publisher... Now that's a problem. I own the company that hosts Capitol Hill Blue. So, in effect, the feds want me to turn over information on myself and not tell myself that I’m doing it. You'd think they’d know better." Read Thompson's column here, including his closing comment, definitely apropos, considering the state of the nation.