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SPECIAL REPORT. Turkish sources: Erdogan behind "false flag" coup by Wayne Madsen Report

SPECIAL REPORT. Turkish sources: Erdogan behind "false flag" coup
by Wayne Madsen Report
WMR has been informed by Turkish and foreign intelligence sources inside Turkey that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan staged the July 15 military coup in order to determine what sections of the military would support it. Erdogan, who was never in any real danger of being overthrown by the small group of mid- and lower-ranking military officers who rallied to support the coup, will use the incident as a way to flush out supporters of exiled Turkish charismatic Islamic leader Fethulleh Gulen.

Turkish sources report that the coup was limited by Erdogan's design from the very start. Although the coup began as a classic military overthrow of a civilian government, with strategic points -- the two cross-Bosporus bridges, the Istanbul international airport, the state broadcast network TRT, and the General Staff headquarters in Ankara -- all being taken by the coup leaders, it was doomed to failure.

It is still a mystery how the coup leaders, who limited their actions to seizing a few but not all strategic centers, could shut down all social media in Turkey, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. In fact, after Erdogan left his holiday hotel in Marmaris on the Aegean Sea, his plane was reportedly refused landing at Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport, which was in rebel hands. Erdogan's propaganda operation then began to put out false information that Erdogan, who was in the air on his presidential plane, was seeking asylum in Germany. WMR's sources report that Erdogan's plane never strayed far from Turkish airspace. Although major social media was shut down, Erdogan appeared on FaceTime from his iPhone on CNN Turk, which had not yet been seized by the rebel military forces.

If the coup had been a serious attempt, FaceTime would have been cut off and CNN Turk would have been seized at the same time that TRT was taken over. Also, the state-run Anadolu news agency continued to issue statements from Prime Minister Binali Yildirim claiming that the coup had been put down just after it started. An actual coup would have seen the news agency also shut down.

Erdogan instructed his supporters to take to the streets, in addition to seizing Ataturk airport from the pro-coup military forces. After Erdogan supporters took over the airport, Erdogan landed at the airport during the early morning hours of July 16 to be met by cheering crowds. Generating even more sympathy for himself, Erdogan claimed that his hotel in Marmaris was bombed after he left it for his plane. It would also be in Erdogan's interest to order the bombing of his massive presidential palace in Ankara, again, as a way to garner popular sympathy and support.

Erdogan also held a news conference in which he not only threatened Gulen but his host state of Pennsylvania: "I have a message for Pennsylvania: You have engaged in enough treason against this nation. If you dare, come back to your country." Erdogan substituted Pennsylvania for the name Gulen. However, it is clear that Erdogan, who is used to threatening political leaders in his own country, was referring to Pennsylvania politicians who support Gulen, including senators Bob Casey, a Democrat, and Pat Toomey, a Republican.

Gulen denied any involvement in the coup. Erdogan has issued an arrest warrant for Gulen and a request to the Obama administration to extradite the cleric to Turkey. An attempt by the U.S. Justice Department to pull Gulen's permanent residency status was forcibly opposed in the U.S. appellate court in Philadelphia by the Central Intelligence Agency. As WMR reported in 2008, "the appeals court ruled that Gulen was 'an alien of extraordinary ability,' a decision that saw approval of Gulen's residency status. Observers of the case suspect the CIA intervened with the court on Gulen's behalf."

Erdogan has already begun a purge of the military and intelligence services. Apparently, the police opted to side with Erdogan. Almost 2000 military officers and conscripts have been arrested by Erdogan's government and the president and Prime Minister Yildirim both stated that the coup participants will be dealt with harshly. Most of the coup participants were from the air force, Army armored units, and military police. It appears that in rounding up coup participants, Erdogan's government is involved in a fish net operation, using the coup as an excuse to also arrest Erdogan critics. The coup attempt was a standard "fly paper" operation, with Erdogan and his allies now seeing which officers attached themselves to the coup.

An actual professional coup would have shut down all social media, including Instagram and FaceTime.

Our sources in Turkey claim that the coup attempt was a false flag operation for a number of reasons:

  • The coup attempt started out as a textbook overthrow but rapidly fell apart. Many in Turkey believe that if such a coup was a serious operation, it would not have dissipated so rapidly.
  • After first claiming they had total control of Turkey, the coup leaders gave up with only token resistance.
  • By closing all lanes on the cross-Bosporus bridges and not keeping one lane open so people could get home from work, the population grew angry at the "coup" and its "leaders."
  • Erdogan's plane landed without incident. In an actual coup, his plane would have been surrounded by the military and he would have been placed under arrest. Or, if the presidential plane insisted on landing against the military's orders, it could have been shot down.
  • Erdogan was met at the airport by a crowd waving brand new Turkish flags, the folds still visible. This is always a sign of George Soros's involvement in themed revolutions, with protesters always waving factory-fresh flags. Some Erdogan supporters were also seen waving brand new flags representing the Muslim separatist group of East Turkestan in western China, a group supported by Soros. Soros's Open Society Institute operates freely in Istanbul and Soros is on friendly terms with Erdogan.
  • Erdogan's government ordered the imams to begin using the minarets to urge people into the streets. In an actual military coup, the minaret speaker systems would have been ordered to remain silent or power would have been cut off to the mosques. Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) supporters were marching in the streets hand-in-hand with imams and other Muslim officials shouting "Allahu Akbar."
  • The Pentagon claims it was surprised by the coup. However, U.S. military officers are attached as NATO liaison officers to the Turkish Defense Ministry and Turkish officers work inside the Pentagon. It is doubtful that such a coup could have been planned by a small group of Turkish officers without the Turkish General Staff and U.S. liaison officers knowing about it.
  • Erdogan's government, on the morning after the coup attempt, ordered the sacking of 2,745 judges.
There were also three military attacks on the Turkish parliament in Ankara. It is very possible that these were carried out by pro-Erdogan military units. Erdogan has been trying to force through a new Constitution for Turkey that would confer even more powers on the president. Erdogan has also seized control of Gulen-owned media, including the newspaper Zaman and he recently suggested that Syrian refugees in Turkey, including a number of jihadists, be granted Turkish citizenship. These moves were met with hostility by Turkey's opposition parties in parliament. By ordering an attack on parliament, Erdogan was sending a not-so-subtle message to the opposition. In the wake of the coup, Erdogan has silenced the political opposition while having messages of support from U.S. president Barack Obama, German chancellor Angela Merkel, British prime minister Theresa May, and EU President Donald Tusk, among others.

In orchestrating the coup, Erdogan combined a bit of Adolf Hitler's strategy. Hitler ordered the burning of the Reichstag, blaming it on "Communists," in order to abrogate the German Weimar constitution and grant more powers to himself. By waiting to see who joined the false flag coup, Erdogan also borrowed a page from Hitler after the Operation Valkyrie attempt to kill the fuehrer in a remote control bombing. Hitler waited to address the nation until all the supporters of Valkyrie made themselves known. It was then that Hitler ordered their arrests and executions. Erdogan is now operating as Hitler did in 1944 from East Prussia. Erdogan is ordering the arrests of all those involved in or suspected to have been involved in the coup that was destined to fail. And that makes Erdogan infinitely more dangerous than any actual military junta that would have taken over Turkey to restore secular rule and steer the country away from Erdogan's delusion of Ottoman grandeur.

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CIA worked against Dukakis campaign in 1988 by Wayne Madsen Report

CIA worked against Dukakis campaign in 1988
by Wayne Madsen Report

WMR's recent exposés on the Central Intelligence Agency involving itself in domestic U.S. politics, down to at least the state level, has uncovered yet another abuse by the agency. During the 1988 presidential election campaign that pitted Vice President and former CIA director George H. W. Bush against Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, an internal CIA memo expressed concern about Dukakis's commitment to protect the United States from the unlikely event of an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack from the Soviet Union.

The involvement of the CIA in what had been a considered a close race between Bush and Dukakis after the nominating conventions represents yet another illegal interference by the CIA in the American constitutional process. The cover sheet for the CIA memo was Secret but the memo itself was classified as Top Secret. The author of the memo is Charles E. Allen, the National Intelligence Officer (NIO) for Warning. The summary note that mentions Dukakis was authored by Fritz W. Ermarth, the chairman of the National Intelligence Council.

Ermarth, who has been director of National Security Programs at the Nixon Center since 2002, wrote that the EMP threat "has been around for a long time but continues because the Soviets maintain their efforts to exploit the EMP phenomenon in strategic planning."

The CIA in 1988 was over-hyping the Soviet threat even as the Warsaw Pact and the USSR were collapsing in all aspects -- economically, politically, and militarily. Yet, CIA director William Webster, his deputy and successor Robert Gates, and Ermath were misusing their positions to hammer Governor Dukakis.

In a cynical use of the intelligence system for blatant political purposes, Ermath wrote, "Because of Governor Dukasis' reported opposition to C3 [Command, Control & Communications] upgrades that could help combat it [EMP], this threat issue could become somewhat more politicized this fall than is usually the case with such an arcane matter."

In essence, the CIA was identifying the EMP issue as "arcane" but suggesting, at the same time, that it could be politicized as an issue by Bush against Dukakis. The CIA memo, rather than appearing as an intelligence estimate, looks more like a Bush-Quayle campaign talking point.

The EMP memo was not the only time the CIA interfered in the 1988 campaign. At the first presidential debate on September 25 between Bush and Dukakis at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Dukakis charged that Bush and other Reagan administration officials had been dealing secretly with a "drug-running Panamanian dictator," a reference to Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega.

A few days prior to the debate, Dukakis and his national security team had received a classified intelligence briefing in Boston from Webster and Gates. In his response to Dukakis's charge, Bush stated that Dukakis had revealed classified information about the CIA and Noriega gleaned from a recent briefing by the CIA. Bush, the sitting vice president, also hilariously claimed that he had received the very same classified briefing from Webster and Gates as had Dukakis.

Dukakis never once mentioned "CIA" in his debate remarks about the Reagan administration, Noriega, and drug-smuggling. Bush, clearly worried about his own role in the CIA's drug operations in Central America and the United States, tried to make it appear that Dukakis had disclosed something classified during the debate. Rather than publicly state that Dukakis was never briefed on Noriega, drugs, and the White House, Webster and Gates remained silent. 

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FBI director James Comey's close relationship with Israel gave him "prosecutor's block" by Wayne Madsen Report

 FBI director James Comey's close relationship with Israel gave him "prosecutor's block"

FBI director James Comey's decision not to recommend a criminal indictment of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for placing in jeopardy classified information that reached the "above top secret" level of Sensitive Compartmented Information of "SCI" came amid evidence that "hostile" foreign intelligence actors likely gained access to Mrs. Clinton's unsecured email servers. There are some reports that contained in Clinton's servers were SCI information at the SI-Gamma level, meaning Special Intelligence within the Gamma signals intelligence-related compartment. Comey, who never misses an opportunity to warn against nebulous "Russian and Chinese" hackers, made it a point in his announcement about no prosecution of Clinton to merely reveal that Clinton's email servers were vulnerable to foreign hostile actors. As WMR previously reported, Comey's reluctance to name the foreign intelligence agencies was due to credible reports that Israel was among the hostile nations that had routinely accessed classified and sensitive information on the private Clinton servers.

On November 25, 2013, various wire services reported that Comey and then-National Security Agency director General Keith Alexander paid a secret visit to Israel. Neither the FBI, NSA, nor the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv provided a reason for the visit. Israeli television reported the two were in Israel to attend a U.S.-Israeli air force training exercise in southern Israel. However, military exercises are not in the purview of the FBI director.

Comey, it turns out, also has a close personal relationship with Israel. Before becoming FBI director in 2013, Comey, a native of Yonkers, New York, was a 
Senior Research Scholar and Hertog Fellow on National Security Law at Columbia Law School in New York. The fellowship was endowed by New York financier Roger Hertog, a funder of various neo-conservative causes, including the American Enterprise Institute. Hertog also was a part owner of the defunct neo-con newspaper, The New York Sun. Hertog is also a backer of various Zionist operations, which, in addition to his Hertog Foundation, includes the Tikvah Fund, founded by Orthodox Jewish billionaire Zalman (Sanford) Bernstein, and the Shalem Center in Jerusalem. The Shalem Center promotes the right-wing policies of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Hertog has served as chairman and CEO of Sanford Bernstein, Inc., a major Wall Street hedge fund.

What part of "Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals" does Israel's friend Comey not understand?

In 2015, Comey spoke at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and included Poles and Hungarians, along with Germans, as being responsible for the Holocaust. Comey spoke on the occasion of the museum's annual bestowing of the Elie Wiesel Award. Although he was condemned by some quarters for his inclusion of Poles and Hungarians, Comey's rhetoric was in keeping with the Zionist revisionism of World War II parlayed by his friends at the Shalem Center and the Hertog Foundation. Comey has made mandatory for all new FBI agents and intelligence analysts, attendance at the museum's 
"Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons of the Holocaust" training program. Obviously, the training does not include an awareness of the threat posed to U.S. national security by Israeli cyber-intruders, such as those Comey is well aware of having accessed Clinton's email servers.

Comey gave Clinton a free pass because Israel was one of three foreign intelligence actors that gained access to her email servers. One sure way to get an FBI official to drop a criminal case is to mention the word "Israel."
In a related development, Columbus, Ohio attorney Cliff Arnebeck, who oversaw litigation against the state of Ohio for its awarding of its 20 electoral votes to George W. Bush in 2004 amid documented evidence of election tampering, fired off a July 7 letter to Attorney General Loretta Lynch over her decision to drop the Justice Department's criminal probe of Mrs. Clinton.
WMR has also learned that top Israeli interlocutors in Washington and New York have reacted extremely negatively to WMR's report on Mrs. Clinton's servers being accessed by Israeli intelligence. However, the report has been afforded great credence by some foreign intelligence agencies that are not as beholden to Israeli interests as is Comey's FBI.

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FBI swayed on HRC indictment by the "usual suspects" by the Wayne Madsen Report

FBI swayed on HRC indictment by the "usual suspects"
by the Wayne Madsen Report

The whiff of Israel will always send prosecutors scattering into the tall grass.
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton received a "get out of jail free" pass from the FBI because the case of her opening up unsecured email servers to foreign hackers involved the bugbear that always scares off the FBI -- Israel. Almost every time there has been a national security case involving the actual or alleged compromise of national security information to the Israelis, the offending party or parties walk free. Although the espionage case of Jonathan Pollard was pursued vigorously by the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joseph diGenova, and Pollard, a civilian employee of the 
Naval Investigative Service's Anti-Terrorist Alert Center in Suitland, Maryland was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, the Pollard case resulted in powerful American Jews, as well as successive Israeli prime ministers, calling for his release. Pollard was released last November.

Since the Pollard conviction, a series of cases involving actual or suspected spies for Israel have resulted in virtual slaps on the wrist or no prosecution. With bogus charges of "anti-Semitism" swirling around the Pollard case, thanks to the intervention of such Israel apologists as lawyer Alan Dershowitz and former Representative Barney Frank, the FBI and career Justice Department prosecutors have been reluctant to jeopardize their careers by indicting those who have spied for Israel.

There are several indications that Israeli intelligence took full advantage of weaknesses in the security of Mrs. Clinton's servers at her home in Chappaqua, New York to gain access to classified information, including, as FBI director James Comey pointed out in his July 5 press conference, Top Secret Sensitive Classified Information (SCI). Specifically, Comey said that his agents discovered on Clinton's servers 
"110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains" containing classified information at the time they were transmitted. Of those email chains, 8 were classified as top secret and 7 contained SCI material. SCI information is the most classified information the U.S. government maintains. The information is "compartmented" to prevent a spy from walking off with not only sensitive intelligence sources and methods, including covert agents' identities, but also the intelligence they collect, for example, intercepted communications transcripts and surveillance imagery.
Comey announced that 
based on the evidence collected by the FBI, "no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.” What he should have said is that no prosecutor in his right mind would want to take on a case that involved probable Israeli espionage. The constant attacks waged against diGenova by Israel's agents-of-influence would have convinced any prosecutor of the futility of such action against Clinton.

The ignored Israeli angle of Email-gate
After succumbing to Israeli and domestic Jewish pressure, President Obama acquiesced to the release of Pollard and his ultimate emigration to Israel. No other president entertained such a decision, not Ronald Reagan, not George H. W. Bush, not Bill Clinton, and not even the sycophantically pro-Israeli George W. Bush. Therefore, Obama was not about to see a prosecution of his former Secretary of State over her private e-mails, many of which involved her communications with former Bill Clinton White House aide Sidney Blumenthal. Although Blumenthal's son, Max Blumenthal, is a vigorous opponent of Israeli policies, his father was a major proponent of the "Arab Spring" rebellion in Libya that ousted Muammar Qaddafi and plunged Libya into a blood-soaked civil war. Sidney Blumenthal's coordination with Mrs. Clinton on Libya policy coincided with the anti-Qaddafi efforts of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and French Zionist Bernard-Henri Levy, among others.

Obama was well-aware of the pitfalls of a Hillary Clinton indictment when, on April 10th of this year, he said that although Clinton's use of "a private email server" showed carelessness, Mrs. Clinton did not endanger national security. However, in his remark on July 5, Comey stated that the FBI discovered not one server used by Mrs. Clinton for transmitting classified and sensitive information, but "multiple servers." When the FBI agents discovered the multiple servers, many of which had been previously taken off-line, he said recovering Clinton's classified and sensitive emails was like a "
jigsaw puzzle" containing "millions of email fragments." Comey maintained that this sophisticated operation by Clinton and her staffers to hide and fragment emails failed to show "criminal intent." Comey may want to talk to any number of prosecutors who would have smelled criminal intent right off the bat.
Behind the veneer of Comey's whitewash of Mrs. Clinton, the "usual suspects."

Obama raised no objections to a highly-questionable meeting on June 29 on a private tarmac at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport between his Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, who is said to have casually strolled over the Lynch's aircraft when it landed to engage in a conversation about golf, Clinton's grandchildren, and the well-being of Clinton's Attorney General Janet Reno. It was Bill Clinton who nominated Lynch as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York. Clinton later said he "regretted" the meeting and Lynch admitted the meeting "
cast a shadow" over her department's investigation of the former president's wife. The entire ordeal, with words of "regret" and "mistakes" coming from the Clintons and their cronies, is reminiscent of the song and dance the Clintons presided over in the Monica Lewinsky and related impeachment affairs.

When the FBI interviewed Mrs. Clinton for over three-and-a half hours on the morning of July 2, a Saturday, they were in the process of wrapping up their case prior to Comey's press announcement on July 5. Mrs. Clinton, a lawyer, knew that it would be clear sailing as long as she did not tell a huge lie to the FBI agents, an offense that has sent many individuals to prison based only on the charge of lying to a federal law enforcement official. The Clintons have become masters at avoiding the federal lying rap, whether it was Bill Clinton parsing the one-syllable word "is" before a special prosecutor or Mrs. Clinton testifying in 1998 before a federal grand jury in Washington over her role in the failed 
Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan in Arkansas.

For his part, Obama has shown no reluctance to use the arcane 1917 Espionage Act against national security whistleblowers, something Lynch and Comey refused to apply against Mrs. Clinton. Since the administration of Woodrow Wilson, who used the Espionage Act to deter anti-war critics of his involvement in World War I on the side of imperialist Britain, Obama has used the Espionage Act against whistleblowers more than any of his predecessors combined.

Obama: the Espionage Act enforcer, except when it comes to Israel enablers

Under Reagan there was Pollard, under Richard Nixon, there was Daniel Ellsberg, and under George W. Bush, there was Lawrence Franklin. The Franklin case involved his passing classified information to two American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) officials. Although Franklin was convicted, the "no-go zone" involving Israel and American Jews and espionage was not pursued by the Justice Department in keeping with recent procedure. Under Obama, eight indictments have been brought by the Justice Department. Charges were filed against 
National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling,  NSA senior executive Thomas Drake, State Department adviser Stephen Jin-Woo Kim, Navy linguist contractor James Hitselberger, FBI Hebrew translator Shami K. Leibowitz (whose prosecution was primarily because he blew the whistle on Israeli espionage conducted from the Israeli embassy in Washington), CIA officer John Kiriakou, and Army intelligence analyst Chelsea, nee Bradley, Manning. There were several other FBI investigations during the Obama administration in which criminal charges for sending or receiving national security information were pursued against Justice Department and NSA officials, as well as journalists.

One can argue whether blowing the whistle or reporting on government illegality or incompetence in all these cases showed "criminal intent," the threshold laid down by Comey in absolving Clinton of any guilt.

In other cases involving national security, Israel's friends in high places in the U.S. government often walk away from prison time. Attorney General Reno declined to prosecute CIA director John Deutch after it was discovered that he was taking home CIA laptops containing classified information and using them to surf porn sites. The CIA was concerned, and rightfully so, that cookies programs installed by the porn sites on Deutch's classified laptops could siphon the classified information off to hostile actors. Deutch skated free just as did Mrs. Clinton. Do not bother trying to find details of the Deutch case on Wikipedia. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, a confirmed Zionist, has ensured that any such information was censored from Deutch's encyclopedia entry.

Clinton's national security adviser Samuel "Sandy" Berger, who, like Deutch, was a pro-Israeli Jew, was charged by the Justice Department with a single misdemeanor of unlawfully removing and retaining classified materials from the National Archives by stuffing the documents into his socks and underpants. His guilty plea resulted in a penalty of a $50,000 fine, two years' probation, 100 hours of community service, and the loss of his security clearance for three years. After it was determined that General David Petraeus, a darling of pro-Israeli neocons everywhere, had provided CIA classified information to his girlfriend Paula Broadwell, while he was both chief of the U.S. Central Command and CIA director, he received the "Berger deal." Petraeus pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor count of unlawfully removing and retaining classified material. Petraeus agreed to pay a $100,000 fine and he was given two years' probation. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, another pro-Israeli Zionist, refused to bust Petraeus from a four-star to a three-star general and he said that after the plea deal, he considered "the matter closed."

However, showing criminal intent in cases involving Israel did not do much for diGenova and other prosecutors who pursued Israeli spies. The prosecution of the Romanian hacker 
Marcel Lazar Lehel, also known as "Guccifer," in the court of the U.S. Eastern District of Virginia, also known as the U.S. military-intelligence community's "rocket docket" for quick prosecutions without the worry of classified information being disclosed during a trial, is a case in point. U.S. Attorney Dana Boente has rejected claims by Lehel that he gained access to and copied Mrs. Clinton's sensitive and classified emails. Boente understands the hot potato he has on his hands with Lehel.

Anytime Israel is found to be involved in an espionage or terrorism case in the United States is a sure-fired way to bring unwanted attention upon any prosecutor. Cyber-security specialist Morgan Wright, who has worked for such firms and Alcatel-Lucent and Cisco Systems, made it a point to tell Fox News and Politico that the foreign intelligence agencies that accessed Clinton's private servers, included "
Russia, China and Israel in that order." Comey did state his remarks to the press that it was "possible that hostile actors gained access to Secretary Clinton’s personal email account." Comey knows full-well that those "hostile actors" include Israel.

Comey specifically wanted to street clear of Lehel -- "Guccifer" -- because of what he told Pando reporter Matei Rosca from a prison cell in Romania in October 2014. Lehel had been arrested by Romanian authorities for publicizing emails between Mrs. Clinton and Sidney Blumenthal that he hacked during the time frame surrounding the attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi. Lehel told Rosca that his hacking always seemed to result in the same finds:
 "Wherever I investigate I find Jews and Freemasons in the highest circles. I’ve hit upon secrets in the attempt to unmask the society of the enlightened." Such talk will eventually relegate someone like Lehel to the bowels of the U.S. prison complex and any other similar information he gleaned from his hacking career will be studiously avoided by any federal law enforcement official who wants to keep his or her job, including Lynch, Comey, and Boente.

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Myths about Brexit and the EU By The Wayne Madsen Report

 Myths about Brexit and the EU By The Wayne Madsen Report
The upset victory of the Brexit campaign for the United Kingdom to withdrawal from the Europe Union has all the usual suspects pulling their hair, gnashing their teeth, clutching their pearls, and looking for the nearest fainting couch. The gloom and doom predictions that the world now faces an economic catastrophe are on the lips of George Soros-paid operatives and Wall Street con artists who have managed to book themselves on the blathering "news" shows found in the vast wasteland of cable television.

What eventually became the EU, the European Coal and Steel Community, was formed by six Western European countries in 1951. The organization was the brainchild of Robert Schuman, a French politician who swore allegiance to Marshal Petain, the French Vichy leader and ally of the mustachioed German ex-corporal. Schuman was later stripped of his civic rights for his collaboration with the hated German bosche. However, Charles De Gaulle restored Schuman's full citizenship, after which the old Vichy collaborator set about to create a modified version of the Third Reich, the European Union. And to complement his "Fourth Reich-Lite," Schuman advocated a military alliance to give it muscle. It was the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Schuman served as a post-war French foreign and prime minister. Schuman's collaborators in his plan to create a federal Europe were fellow Frenchman and OSS/CIA asset Jean Monnet and German chancellor Konrad Adenauer, who, as pre-war mayor of Cologne and 
president of the Prussian State Council, provided the Nazis with various perks, including the right to fly Nazi flags from Cologne city flagpoles.

It is truly amazing to see so many "progressives" lament the UK's vote to leave an organization that was founded by Nazi collaborators and CIA agents-of-influence. There is nothing very democratic about a European superstate that dictates to French bakers how to make baguettes, Greek dairy farmers how to make feta cheese, and English pub keepers how to maintain a proper bar top.
One of the biggest misnomers being proffered by the pasty-faced chattering class is that the UK's Brexit vote is unprecedented. That is flat out wrong. The UK is the third country within the EU to vote to withdraw from the organization create to enable a kinder and gentler European Fourth Reich.

Greenland voted twice to leave the EU. The first vote was when Denmark, its colonial master, joined the EU in 1973. When Greenland achieved home rule status in 1979, it held another referendum and the outcome was the same: a flat no to EU membership.

In 2015, Greece voted by more than 60 percent to reject the terms laid forth by the EU for continued Greek membership in the eurozone. The referendum was a de facto rejection of the EU, which warned Greece that if it rejected the austerity terms for continued inclusion in the eurozone, it was tantamount to a withdrawal from the inner circle of the EU. The ersatz leftist SYRIZA party, created by Soros as a controlled alternative to his hated Communists, set about to accept the EU's draconian economic terms anyway.

The anti-Brexit campaigners also warned that the UK faced a break-up if there was a vote to leave the EU. The Brexit vote was 17.4 million, about 1.2 million more than received by the Remain campaign. The Brexit campaign received a little over a million votes in Scotland. So, while Scotland voted overwhelmingly to remain in the UK, the 1 million votes against the EU in Scotland gave the Brexit campaign their comfortable lead nationwide. It is doubtful that a million anti-EU Scots will not make themselves heard if Scotland decides to break from the UK and apply to remain in the EU.

Some American media circles compared the Brexit campaign to the Donald Trump campaign in the United States. There is no comparison. Brexit racked up wins in several Labor strongholds throughout England and Wales, including northeastern England; Birmingham and Bradford, England; and Swansea, Wales. The victory for Brexit was not a right-wing victory but more like Trump and Bernie Sanders teaming up on a national ticket. As many anti-EU Laborites can be found in the UK as Conservatives. And they all turned out in force to upset the opinion polls that showed the Remain campaign ahead on the eve of the election. Tories and Labor, alike, do not trust their futures being decided by a bunch of faceless "Eurocrats" in Brussels, which also happens to be the pedophile capital of Europe.
Brexit and EU regulation: A bonfire of the vanities?
European Union: good riddance

There were published reports that Queen Elizabeth quietly supported Brexit. When the UK first joined the EU in 1973, the Queen's head of state counterparts were largely fellow monarchs like those of the Benelux countries, Denmark, Sweden, and Spain, or presidents who emitted regal airs, for example, Georges Pompidou and Francois Mitterand of France, Walter Scheel of West Germany, and Sandro Pertini of Italy. With the expanded EU, the Queen shares top billing with heads of state from eastern European countries who are glorified paper pushers, political apparatchiks, and dubious businessmen with links to local mafias. For Her Majesty to be considered an equal among such commoners is much too much for the longest reigning British monarch. Even if Scotland goes it alone, the Scottish National Party has vowed to keep the British monarch as the Scottish head of state. Queen Elizabeth, at least, will shine on her own as the head of state of a nation not subservient to a Polish bureaucrat, Donald Tusk, and a Luxembourgeois alcoholic political hack, Jean-Claude Juncker.

The only people who will be hurt by Brexit are the globalists, the ilk who gather behind closed doors at Bilderberg conferences and Davos forums and engage in homosexual-themed hazing activities at the Bohemian Grove. The Labor dandy Peter Mandelson tweeted that his post-referendum morning was the "worst day in post-war British history." Obviously, Mandelson forgot about the Suez crisis, several deadly Irish Republican Army terrorist attacks, and the London transit attacks of 2005. The always-revolting Tony Blair took the occasion for the Brexit victory to call out Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn for his lackluster leadership in ensuring Labor support for the Remain campaign. Blair and his Blairites are now planning an intra-party coup against Corbyn, who actually believes in union rights and championing the cause of the working class.

German chancellor Angela Merkel, whose welcome mat to jihadist lotharios everywhere has put the safety of every woman and child in Germany and Europe at risk from sexual assault, waxed nostalgic about the 60-year old Treaty of Rome in the wake of the Brexit vote. Yes, the treaty crafted by the old Nazi collaborator Adenauer and his Vichy pal Schuman. Merkel, who once thought of herself as the next United Nations Secretary General, will soon be lucky to qualify as a Hamburg public toilet attendant.

Anti-EU political leaders in Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, Hungary, and even Germany have taken heart in the UK referendum outcome. There are calls for similar referenda in their own countries. While pathetic individuals like Merkel, Mandelson, Blair, and others cry themselves to sleep over Brexit, the days of the Schuman-Monnet-Adenauer "Fourth Reich Lite" may now be nearing an end. Tomorrow's Europe will be one where a French President named Marine Le Pen, not an aged hausfrau like Merkel, will be calling the shots. No longer will migrant riff-raff be able to board a boat in Turkey and end up in Paris three days later. "Passeport s'il vous plaît," "Passe bitte," and "passaporta prega" will, once again, be welcomed comments on trains and at border stops throughout Europe.

The Brexit victory also demonstrates that Barack Obama's foreign policy has been an utter disaster. Obama interfered publicly on British soil in two British referenda: he supported the "Better Together" campaign in Scotland and the Remain campaign in the UK. Obama comes up a loser on both. A majority of the UK's voters showed they don't care what Obama thinks or says. The UK will leave the EU, Obama's friend "David" -- Tory Prime Minister David Cameron -- has resigned, and Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has promised another Scottish independence referendum, which is expected to pass easily. Obama's military buildup of NATO against Russia is also in shambles, with leading politicians in Germany, Italy, France, Greece, and other countries tiring of the Pentagon's saber-rattling aimed at Russia. Obama is heading for an esteemed presidential ranking in the history books, right down at the bottom of the list, along with Franklin Pierce, Chester Arthur, and Millard Fillmore.

The people of England and Wales just voted to save European culture, religion, and civilization. As the election returns came in, it was refreshing, in an almost melodic way,  to hear "voting to leave are Stratford-on-Avon, Nottingham, Coventry, Dover, Neath Port Talbot, Cornwall, New Forest, Milton Keynes, Christchurch, Rugby, King's Lynn, Barrow-in-Furness, Isle of Anglesey, Maidstone, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Isle of Wight, Barking and Dagenham, and Stockton-on-Tees." Only those who believe these storied English and Welsh places are not worth saving from mosques, muezzins, and minarets are down in the dumps over Brexit. However, all throughout Europe, a majority of the population is celebrating the news from across the English Channel. As for the "progressives" who just love their globalization and "new world order," there are more Brexits to come: Frexit, Swexit, Grexit, Danexit, Portexit, Spanexit, and more. If they can't stand the thought of living in such a world, perhaps they should consider suicide and help make the world a better place.

US, Britain planned to blow up Middle East oilfields By Wayne Madsen Report

US, Britain planned to blow up Middle East oilfields
The world reacted in horror when Saddam Hussein ordered his retreating troops withdrawing from Kuwait to set fire to the oil sheikhdom's oil fields. However, according to recently released declassified files of the U.S. and British governments, the two allies planned to destroy the oil wells, pipelines, and refineries in the event of the Soviet invasion during the Cold War era. The authorization for the demolition of the oil capabilities of Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar was contained in National Security Council memorandum 26/2 (NSC 26/2), signed by President Harry Truman on January 10, 1949. The operation also entailed the Central Intelligence Agency using the employees of U.S. and British oil companies in the Middle East to carry out the destruction of their own oil infrastructures in order to deny them to the Soviets. An NSC memo further describes the demolition and denial project.

NSC 26/2 was replaced by the Dwight Eisenhower administration, first with NSC 176and then NSC 5401. The Eisenhower administration changed the policy from destroying Middle East oil wells to capping the wells in order to have access to the oil in the future. There is no indication that the John F. Kennedy administration continued the plans to destroy and disrupt the Middle East's oil industry.

Although the U.S.-owned Arabian-American Oil Company (ARAMCO), headquartered in Dharan, Saudi Arabia, was part of the CIA's team that would help carry out the demolition, possibly with the aid of nuclear weapons, the Saudi government was not briefed on the plan. ARAMCO, a consortium of Standard Oil of New Jersey (Esso), Standard Oil of California (SoCal), Socony Vacuum, and Texaco, was opposed to the decision not to reveal the plan to the Saudi government because it feared the Saudis might nationalize the company if the operation's existence was leaked. Similarly, the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company of Britain, which ran the oil industry in Iran, feared that not informing the Iranian government of the operation would jeopardize its assets in that country. In the end, ARAMCO and Anglo-Iranian were overruled by the CIA and British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6).

The smoking gun paragraph in Truman's destruction order.

The British dubbed their role in the operation "Plan NECKPIECE." The operation formerly carried the code word of SMARTWEED. MI-6 also gave the CIA responsibility for blowing up the U.S.-owned Bahrein Petroleum Company's infrastructure, even though Bahrain was then a protectorate of the United Kingdom. The British and Americans were to cooperate on the destruction of the assets of the joint U.S-British-owned Kuwait Oil Company. Britain had the role for destroying the Petroleum Development (Qatar), Ltd.'s oil assets. The American Oil Independent Company, which controlled drilling in the Kuwait-Saudi Neutral Zone, was also part of the destruction operation. MI-6 and the CIA jointly worked with the Iraq Petroleum Company to ensure the destruction of its capabilities. The Sidon, Lebanon terminus of the Trans-Arabian Pipeline, owned and operated by Tapline, an ARAMCO subsidiary, was also slated for destruction, as was an Anglo-Egyptian Oilfields Company refinery in Egypt. Although French oil companies co-owned with the British and Americans oil installations and field in Iraq and Qatar, there is no indication that the French were ever consulted on Anglo-British plans to destroy their petroleum assets in the Middle East. Among the installations to be destroyed were large British-owned facilities in Abadan, Iran and Kirkuk, Iraq. There were also U.S.-British plans to destroy pipelines in Jordan and the oil refinery in Haifa, Israel.

Sidon (Tripoli), Lebanon ARAMCO pipeline terminus on the Mediterranean Sea was slated for destruction by CIA teams working with oil company employees.
Although Secretary of State Dean Acheson was granted the discretion to inform Saudi King Ibn Saud of the demolition plans, Acheson refrained from doing so.

Formerly TOP SECRET British document outlining areas of responsibility for destruction of Middle East oil industry.

The Middle East oil denial operation was one of the most closely-guarded secrets of the Cold War.
To carry out the demolition, the CIA and their British counterparts were to assign "undercover" assets to oil companies in each of the countries involved. CIA officer George Prussing, who was undercover as an executive of Union Oil of California, helped draw up the demolition plan in cooperation with British intelligence, the senior executives of ARAMCO and other oil companies in the Persian Gulf region, and British Foreign Office diplomats assigned to the Middle East, including the British Political Resident in Bahrain.

Saddam merely carried out a plan in Kuwait that had been in the hip-pocket of the Americans and British for several decades.

When Saddam Hussein ordered the destruction of Kuwait's oil fields in 1991, there were suggestions that the act, itself, was a war crime. No such suggestions were ever made about the Americans' and British planned action to destroy all of the Middle East's oil fields being a "war crime."