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In the coming EW war between the U.S. and Russia, the Americans will lose and lose badly. by Wayne Madsen

In the coming EW war between the U.S. and Russia, the Americans will lose and lose badly.
by Wayne Madsen

The latest neocon war proposal oozing forth from the right-wing think tanks in Washington is that there are serious discussions within the Pentagon, talks that include Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, to stymie Russia's Middle East military operations by waging an electronic warfare (EW) campaign against Russian air, naval, and ground forces in Syria. If Moscow approves Iraq's request for intervention in that country, the neocons want the U.S. EW campaign, which would include cyber-attacks, extended to Iraq, as well.

The neocons may want to engage Russia on the electronic battlefield but, according to National Security Agency insiders, the U.S. ability to wage an effective EW campaign is severely handicapped by former NSA director General Michael Hayden's decision to distribute NSA functions to various regional NSA facilities around the United States. This move was originally undertaken by Hayden's TRAILBLAZER project, a program that was eventually canceled after $1.2 was wasted on it.

NSA's main electronic warfare emitter signature databases, one code named KILTING and the other known as the Emitter Parameter List (EPL), were, as part of the NSA distribution of functions, split up between NSA Washington in Fort Meade, Maryland, and NSA Colorado in Aurora and NSA Texas in San Antonio. This distribution of NSA's operations has, according to the insiders, resulted in incorrect and outdated emitter data from databases maintained on Russian radar systems, avionics, telemetry, and other signal sources. Much of the KILTING data involves emitter data from Soviet military systems no longer used by the Russian military.

The Russians, on the other hand, have deployed to Syria advanced EW systems capable of jamming U.S. radar and electronic warfare, electronic surveillance, and electronic countermeasure systems. These systems are deployed on platforms like the IL-20 surveillance aircraft; the mobile Krashuka-4 land-based electronic warfare system that, among other things, can disrupt low-Earth orbit satellites and jam signals in a 250-square mile area; drones outfitted with EW pods, and Navy ships capable of waging technologically-advanced EW and signals intelligence collection. These systems would be devastating against NATO air units, including "stealth" aircraft, that are ordered to come to the assistance of the Saudi- and Qatari-funded jihadist rebels by enforcing a NATO "no-fly zone" over Syria.

The fact that the Russians, who spend only one-tenth of what the United States spends on defense, are able to outmaneuver the United States on the electronic battlefield, is a testament to the graft and corruption in the U.S. military-industrial complex, with companies like Lockheed Martin and SAIC enriching themselves with little or nothing in the Pentagon's quiver of electronic weapons to show for it.

NATO forces will be no match against Russian EW systems like the Krasukha-4 [above]. NATO EW systems rely on outdated emitter data from the NSA that is over 30 years old.

In 2005, WMR detailed the weaknesses of U.S. EW capabilities. The situation, according to our sources, has not greatly improved in the last 10 years:

Operators in U.S. electronic warfare aircraft rely on NSA to provide accurate electronic intelligence (ELINT) data in order to program their radar warning receivers and jamming pods. However, NSA data, provided from two databases known as EPL (Emitter Parameter List) and "Kilting." 70 percent of NSA's ELINT data is 30 years old. NSA management has forced field operators to use raw ELINT intercept data, culled from a database called "Wrangler," to program their ELINT systems. NSA operations and software engineers believe this function should be handled by NSA and not the "warfighters."  Updated ELINT data is handled by ELINT Technical Reports or "ELTs." In 2003, the year the Iraq war started, there were 938 ELTs submitted on new emitter data. However, there were only 200 updates made to the ELINT databases.

The failure to update the ELINT databases may have had disastrous consequences in Iraq. For example, EPL and Kilting do not contain data on air traffic control radars and microwave communications links. Because current ELINT systems cannot differentiate between commercial signals and hostile target tracking emitters, U.S. forces in Iraq have launched attacks on non-threat targets in the belief they were hostile. NSA sources report that many of the cases of fratricide in Iraq has been due to faulty or old ELINT data. For example, the failure by NSA to update ELINT data and provide emitter parameter data to warfighting units led to the accidental shoot down by a Patriot missile of a British Royal Air Force Tornado fighter in March 2003 near the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border at the outset of the Iraq campaign. Two British crew members were killed. The ELINT data used by the Patriot misidentified the Tornado as an enemy missile and the U.S. Army blamed the British crew for the mistake, claiming they failed to switch on its Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) equipment. NSA insiders claim that allegation was false. They claim that "blue signals" (friendly) are not adequately included in the emitter data sent to field units by NSA and that claims by the Pentagon that the Tornado was shot down due to pilot error were false.
In other incidents, the radar warning receivers (RWRs) on U.S. F-16s flying over Iraq have either evaded or fired AMRAAM (Advanced Medium-Range, Air-to-Air) missiles on microwave communications towers because the microwave signals were identified as threat emitters from hostile aircraft. U.S. jammers are also adversely affected by the failure to update ELINT data.With aviation fire control systems so automated by the use of computers, incorrect or outdated emitter data may continue to have disastrous effects on the battlefield, including the recent unprovoked U.S. attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz.

The Pentagon recognizes that it is behind the eight ball when it comes to facing off against Russia on an electronic warfare battle. The Defense Department's planned
Multi-Function Electronic Warfare system (MFEW), the closest platform that matches Russia's Krasukha-4, is not expected to become fully operational until 2027.

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CIA; Turks created caliphate to launch attacks on Russia and China by Wayne Madsen

CIA; Turks created caliphate to launch attacks on Russia and China
by Wayne Madsen

Under the directorship of its pro-Saudi director John Brennan, the Central Intelligence Agency envisaged the Islamic State, which controls large portions of Syria and Iraq, as a base of operations from which Chechens and other Russian Muslims would launch attacks on Russia and Muslim Uighurs from western China would launch terrorist attacks on China. WMR has learned of this massive destabilization plan directed against Russia and China from sources in central Asia close to the U.S. intelligence community.

There are entire communities of Chechens and Uighurs now living in cities and towns in Syria and Iraq occupied by the forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). These particular groups have been considered off-limits to U.S. and its "coalition's" attack planners because the CIA and its affiliated George Soros-financed non-governmental organizations, including the Open Society Institute, Radio Free Asia, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and Human Rights Watch all support the secessionist movements led by jihadist Chechen and Uighur groups who now have a safe haven inside the self-proclaimed ISIL "caliphate."

Russian and Chinese military forces now operating out of the Syrian port of Tartus and a Russian airbase in Latakia, Syria have enraged the CIA, Barack Obama, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia by hitting these Chechen and Uighur population centers. The Pentagon, which has provided military assistance to Uighurs and Chechens fighting under the banners of the Nusra Front and the Khorasan Group, both linked to Al Qaeda, complained that Russian war planes were striking Syrian "moderate" forces when, in fact, they were hitting Chechen and Uighur targets. Syrian and Iraqi Kurdish forces have insisted that there is no difference between ISIL and the Nusra Front, Al Qaeda, and forces claiming to be with the "Free Syrian Army." Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called the Free Syrian Army a "phantom group."

Under the direction of the Turkish MIT intelligence service, thousands of Uighur families now live under ISIL/Nusra Front control in the Syrian cities of Idlib and 
Jisr Al-Shughur, the latter outside of Aleppo; Abyad, outside of Raqqa; Deir ex-Zor, in the heart of Syria's oil fields; and the Abu Dhuhur Airbase. The Uighurs were infiltrated through Turkey to Syria by the Turkish government. Some of the Uighurs were encouraged to move to Syria with the help of an MIT-funded Uighur language website in Turkey. Four villages around Idlib, devoid of their Syrian inhabitants who fled to Turkey and Europe, are now almost exclusively populated by Uighur squatters. Uighur children have also been enlisted to fight for jihadist forces.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sees himself as the leader of a future pan-Turkic Islamist state stretching from western China to Bosnia and Albania. His intelligence service and pro-Islamist political party plays host to a number of central Asian Turkic radicals from as far away as Tuva, a Buddhist autonomous republic of Russia in Siberia, to Tatarstan, a largely Muslim autonomous republic of Russia in the Volga basin.

Also living in Syria are large groups of Chechens who are loyal to the Chechen Caucasus Emirate. They have been recruited from inside Chechnya as well as from the Republic of Georgia's Pankisi Gorge.
syria, British suicide bombers in Syria, British fighting in Syria, Jihadists Syria, Chechen jihadists, suicide bombers, al-Qaida, attack, civil war,
As with the Uighurs, entire Chechen families have been settled by Turkey and the CIA in Syria under the ISIL/jihadist banner.

Radio Free Asia's Uighur service and Radio Free Europe's North Caucasus Service have been used by the CIA to stir up jihadist sentiments among not only Uighurs and Chechens, respectively, but in the case of the North Caucasus Service, among Dagestanis, Kabardins, Ingushetis, Cherkessians, Karachays, Balkars, and other Muslim groups. The following news release of October 5, 2015, is how Radio Free Europe is being used to rally jihadist supporters to the ranks of the Nusra Front in Syria by creating a "bandwagon" effect: "A 
group of around 1,500 Chechen, Uzbek, and Tajik fighters in Syria has pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda's Syria wing Nusra Front, a group monitoring the war said September 23. Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar (Muhajireen Brigade) or JMA made the pledge in a statement distributed by supporters online, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said . . . Nusra Front's leader said in June his group had around 30 percent foreign fighters, including Europeans, Asians, Russians, and Chechens." The CIA propaganda issued forth by Radio Free Europe attempts to pain a difference between Nusra Front and ISIL, claiming the Nusra Front leaders are the loyal successors to Osama Bin Laden. Former CIA director General David Petraeus recently suggested that the United States ally itself with Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq to fight ISIL.

Spurred on by Radio Free Europe's North Caucasus Service and Soros-funded NGOs, Kabardins, like those above, have been recruited to fight for ISIL and allied jihadist groups in Syria.

Radio Free Europe/Liberty's propaganda broadcasts in the Tajik language had their success when earlier this year it was announced that the U.S.-trained commander of Tajikistan's OMON Special Forces, Col. Gulmurod Khalimov, defected, along with several other Tajiks, to fight for ISIL in Syria. Khalimov had a stark message for the United States, which has been helping ISIL/Nusra Front/Khorasan in Syria: "
Listen, you American pigs, I’ve been three times to America, and I saw how you train fighters to kill Muslims . . .God willing, I will come with this weapon to your cities, your homes, and we will kill you.”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is a CIA/Soros propaganda operation in support of the Syrian rebel/jihadist cause. Tatar supporters of Nusra Front in Syria have also been identified as traveling from the Syrian front to join Ukrainian fascist forces fighting against Russian-speaking separatists in eastern Ukraine with the support of the Petro Poroshenko regime in Kiev.
ISIS kid
Uighur child soldiers fighting for ISIL in Syria. The CIA sees him as a future terrorist fighting against Chinese forces on the streets of Urumchi, the capital of the Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Republic.

The Uighurs and Chechens form a large bulk of the Nusra Front, which, in addition to the United States and France, has also received military, intelligence, and logistics help from Israel. The Uighurs and Chechens have been at the forefront of executing Syrian Christians and Alawites, the latter called "Nusayri" by the Uighurs, and carrying out the destruction of churches and ancient relics.

The Uighurs have also used the services of Salafist learning centers in Saudi Arabia, including the Universities of Medina and Jeddah, to spread Wahhabist propaganda to Uighur refugee population centers in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Thailand. One such video in the Uighur language contains the following exhortation to Uighur militants: 
"those Chinese Buddhists, their small eyes, flat noses. Judgment day will not come, until we attacked them. Judgment day will not come, until we slaughter them. Judgment day will not come, until our war with them and attacking them." WMR has learned up until the deployment of Chinese military forces to assist their Russian allies in Syria, China's policy has been to transfer the Uighur problem to distant shores and away from the Xinjiang-Uighur Autonomous Republic in western China. The threat of ISIL-controlled Uighur cities to train terrorists to attack China and its interests in the Middle East, particularly those in the energy sector, convinced China that it was time to act militarily in concert with Russia, Iran, and the Bashar al-Assad government in Damascus.

The Chechens, who have made no secret of their desire to export ISIL fighters in Syria and Iraq to the Caucasus and the very heart of Moscow, have, with the help of Turkish intelligence, enlisted Bashkir, Tatar, Dagestani, and other Muslim jihadists to move to Syria. The majority of Chechen forces are based at 
Sheikh Suleiman Army base in Aleppo and the Menagh Air Base in northwestern Syria. One of the top Chechen commanders is the U.S. Special Forces-trained Georgian Tarkhan Batirashvili, whose nom de guerre is Abu Omar al-Shishani or "Abu Omar the Chechen."

When Obama and his mouth pieces claim that Russia is attacking "non-jihadist" targets in Syria they are being disingenuous. What they should say, if they wanted to be honest, is that Russia is hitting non-Syrian and non-Arab Islamists in Syria who were recruited for the anti-Assad jihad by America's Turkish and Saudi "allies" and armed and trained by the CIA and Mossad. THe CIA's Brennan studiously avoids the use of the term "jihadist" in order to not alienate the agency's radical Islamist friends and drive them away from Langley's control in the future U.S.-planned terrorist wars against Russia and China. 

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Harrisburg, PA -- SPECIAL REPORT. Pedophile-enabling prosecutors and officials try to run PA Attorney General out of office by Wayne Madsen

September 11-14, 2015 -- Harrisburg, PA -- SPECIAL REPORT. Pedophile-enabling prosecutors and officials try to run PA Attorney General out of office by Wayne Madsen

Supporters of embattled Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, the state's first female and Democratic Attorney General, gathered inside the state capitol rotunda on a rain-soaked September 10th to voice support for Kane.

While Pennsylvania's politicians try to unseat Attorney General Kane for misconduct, the prosecutors she fired for emailing porn and smut were required to undergo "sensitivity training" by their current boss, Philly D.A. Seth Williams.

Kane has been indicted by Risa Vetri Ferman, the Republican district attorney for Montgomery County, the location of Philadelphia's wealthy "Main Line," for allegedly leaking grand jury sealed emails of two former state prosecutors within the Attorney General's office in Harrisburg. However, it was The Philadelphia Inquirer which received the leaked emails and reported Kane as the ultimate source. The paper has led the attack against Kane and it has publicly called for her resignation or disbarment. Many informed observers believe that the grand jury leak was staged in a bipartisan operation to unseat Kane because she has garnered the reputation of a political "loose cannon." When she was elected attorney general in 2012, Kane received more votes than President Obama, who carried the state.

In a statement by Kane read at the rally in her support, the Attorney General said there are two types of evil, the first, "violent destructive acts," and second, the type when "people stand back" in the face of evil. It is clear that Kane was referring to the nature of the Penn State abuse cover-up and other political misdeeds by both Republican and Democratoc office holders in the state.

The tangled web of Pennsylvania's pedophile protection racket.

Kane had fired prosecutors Frank Fina and Mark Costanzo for sending and receiving emails containing pornographic images, some with suggestive images relating to statutory rape and child pornography. WMR has obtained all 396 pages of unredacted emails and most of the images are close up photos of breasts and vaginas. However, among the images was one of a child looking at pornography on a computer screen. Another was of a young girl wearing a tank top bearing the inscription, "Admit it, you'd go to jail for this." [Below] Some of the images sent by Fina were so suggestive, WMR decided not to publish them because they could be considered to fall under the category of borderline child pornography.

Ferman has made no secret of her desire to replace Kane as attorney general. However, in order to beef up her credentials, Ferman has announced plans to run for Common Pleas Court judge.

In 2014, Ferman dropped a rape case against Montgomery County GOP chairman Robert Kerns. Kerns was accused of administering a "date rape" drug to a female at a Christmas Party. However, Ferman later said her staff misread a laboratory report, which cleared Kerns of the rape. WMR was told by an informed source that Ferman was present at the Christmas party where the rape was said to have occurred.

Retired Archbishop of Philadelphia Anthony Bevilacqua was due to testify against a former aide, Monsignor William Lynn, for covering up for pedophile priests in the archdiocese. Bevilacqua, who was 88, and reportedly suffering from cancer and dementia, died at Lankenau Hospital on January 31, 2012, just a few months after Sandusky was indicted on 40 counts of sex crimes against young boys and just before a judge ordered Bevilaqua to testify at Lynn's trial. Bevilacqua may have suffered from dementia, but informed sources within Philadelphia's Catholic hierarchy told WMR that Bevilacqua was prepared to blow the whistle on Pennsylvania's tolerance of pedophilia far beyond the Philadelphia archdiocese, which is scheduled to host Pope Francis I later this month.
In addition to Penn State and Sandusky and Paterno, Bevilacqua reportedly had the goods on Villanova University, a Catholic institution in Montgomery County that had been the recipient of a number of donations from the late Dupont heir John Dupont, who was found guilty of third-degree murder by reason of insanity to the 1996 shooting death on his estate of wrestler Dave Schultz. Dupont, before being committed to an state mental institution, reportedly preyed on male students, including seminarians, at Villanova. Dupont died in 2010 while in a mental institution.

District Attorney Ferman stated that the actual cause of Bevilacqua's death was undetermined because his body was embalmed before an autopsy could be conducted. There was also the unusual event of Bevilacqua's body being embalmed at 11:30 pm on the day of his death. Ferman said she was unaware that Bevilacqua's body had been released to the funeral home before the coroner had the opportunity to conduct an autopsy. There were rumors of suicide and euthanasia, both sins according to Catholic doctrine. However, the Philadelphia press never mentioned the possibility that the archbishop was murdered.

WMR was told by informed sources that Kane's probe of the cover-up of Sandusky likely led to other doors being opened to her investigation.

Email attachment sent by prosecutor investigating Sandusky pedophile crimes at Penn State and Second Mile.

Another photo emailed by a state prosecutor charged with investigating pedophilia.

Fina and Costanzo were holdovers from the previous Attorney General reign of Republican Tom Corbett, who was elected governor. It is quite clear that Fina and Costanzo dragged their feet on the state's investigation of convicted and imprisoned former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky at the behest of Corbett who was a close friend of disgraced Penn State football coach Joe Paterno.

An example of one of the emails sent by state prosecutor Fina, who was charged with investigating Jerry Sandusky's pedophilia network at Penn State and the Second Mile Foundation.

After being fired by Kane, Fina and Costanzo were hired by Philadelphia district attorney Seth Williams, the city's first African-American D.A. but someone who maintains close ties with Republican Party big wigs in the Philadelphia suburban Montgomery and Delaware counties. One source who spoke on a condition of anonymity to WMR stated that Williams is a member of the posh Springfield Country Club where he regularly rubs shoulders with GOP politicians and businessmen, many of whom are also close to Ferman, the Montgomery County district attorney who indicted Kane in an attempt to eject her from office.

When details of their salacious emails surfaced in the media, Williams merely required Fina and Costanzo to attend "sensitivity training," which was at taxpayers' expense.

Meanwhile, the state supreme court's disciplinary board is trying to suspend Kane's law license in order to drive her from office. The state apparatus, including the D.A. offices of Philadelphia and Montgomery County, the supreme court, and even the Democratic "reform" governor Tom Wolf, fear that a trial will expose those involved with Sandusky, Penn State's culture of permissiveness concerning underage sexual predatory practices of Sandusky and his Second Mile charity foundation to assist troubled teens. The political "good old boys" network in the state, which includes some women like Ferman and a few female lay leaders within the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia, do not actually want the criminal case against Kane to come to a full trial. Many Pennsylvania politicians are reportedly concerned that they and their close associates will be called to testify about the cover-up of Sandusky's activities by Corbett as both attorney general and governor, former Democratic governor Ed Rendell, and Republican U.S. Representative and former U.S. Attorney for Eastern Pennsylvania Pat Meehan.

Kane is up against a powerful phalanx of Sandusky and Penn State pedophilia cover-up artists. The Republican judge investigating the alleged leak of grand jury information by Kane, William R. Carpenter, appointed a special prosecutor to probe the leak. That prosecutor is Montgomery County attorney Thomas Carluccio, also a Republican. One of Carpenter's judicial colleagues, retired Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery, was accused of sending sexually explicit emails to an employee in the state Attorney General's office. He resigned from the bench. There are strong indications that Chief Justice Ron Castille, a former Philadelphia district attorney, covered up for McCaffrey. A source told WMR that Castille and Corbett are now retired in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, far from the scene of their improprieties and possible crimes. As many as 30 prosecutors and agents within the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office, many of them hired by then-Attorney General Corbett, transmitted over 380 pornographic images over the state government's email system.

On April 15, 2005, the district attorney for Centre County, Pennsylvania, Ray Gricar, disappeared without a trace. Gricar opted not to prosecute Sandusky in 1998 when the first major allegations surfaced concerning the sexual predatory practices of Sandusky. However, Gricar, who served as D.A. since 1986, decided not to run for re-election in 2005. Gricar, like Corbett, was close to Paterno who often invited them to fly on his plane to Penn State games out of state. Informed sources told WMR that Gricar removed his county-issued laptop computer from his office and was prepared to "tell all" about Sandusky, Penn State, Corbett, and the Second Mile Foundation. Although no trace of Gricar was ever found near his car that was parked along the bank of the Susquehanna River in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, his laptop was found by some local fishermen but the hard drive was found to be missing. A few months later, the hard drive was discovered along the bank of the Susquehanna near the location of where the laptop was found but the damage to the drive was so great, no data could be recovered.

A knowledgeable source told WMR that Gricar was "hit" by the mob, who likely came from Bayonne, New Jersey, the hometown of Paterno. Gricar was an adamant anti-smoker to the degree that he would not even allow someone who had been smoking to enter his D.A.'s office. Yet, when his car was discovered, there were cigarette butts on the floors of the front of the vehicle and in the rear passenger area. The cigarettes are believed to have been a "calling card" of disrespect often left after a mob hit in order to send a message to the victim's friends and family.

WMR has, in the past, covered the so-called Franklin pedophile scandal centered in Nebraska, the Dennis Hastert/Mark Foley "pagegate" scandal and Hastert's past as a pedophile high school wrestling coach, and the U.S. State Department diplomat-pedophile scandal in Southeast Asia that involved John Mark Karr. The Pennsylvania pedophile scandal involving state prosecutors who trafficked in computer porn while, at the same time, covering up for Sandusky and his fellow perpetrators, is a major story. Unfortunately, the Pennsylvania newspapers, including The Inquirer, Allentown Morning Call, and Philadelphia Daily News, are all arrayed against Kane and ignoring the smut sent and received by state prosecutors who are now being protected by Philadelphia's D.A., the state supreme court, and the the powers who are trying to replace Pennsylvania's attorney general with one who will return to the status quo ante of covering up for influential pedophiles and perverts in high office.

Who's responsible for 3-year old Aylan Kurdi's death? by Wayne Madsen

 Who's responsible for 3-year old Aylan Kurdi's death? 
by Wayne MadsenThe world is in angst over an photograph of a dead Syrian Kurdish boy who washed ashore after the boat transporting the baby boy capsized while en route from Turkey's Bodrum peninsula to the Greek isle of Kos. Four other children, including Aylan's 5-year old brother and their mother, also drowned.

Fingers of blame are being pointed at European countries that have objected to having to bear the brunt of dealing with the influx of refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. These include Hungary, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Austria, and others. Some neo-conservatives, always eager to avoid blame for their own failed policies, are blaming Syrian President Bashar al Assad, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Iran's government, and even Chinese President Xi Jinping for the refugee crisis.

Those responsible for Aylan's body washing ashore on a Turkish beach are not Assad's or Putin's governments but the nations that have encouraged the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and their allies to bring death and destruction to Syria's Kurds, Shias, Alawites, Christians, and Sunni tribes who oppose Salafism and Saudi Wahhabism. Aylan was from the Syrian town of Kobani, located on the Turkish border, which has been besieged by ISIL and allied forces, including the Al Nusra Front. Al Nusra and its Al Qaeda friends are the favorite jihadists of former CIA director David Petraeus, who wants to arm them, and the pro-Saudi and -Israeli lickspittle, John O. Brennan, Petraeus's replacement at the CIA.

In addition to the CIA and Israel, ISIL and its Syrian rebel friends have been supported by the government of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Wahhabist governments of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates. Erdogan has engaged in a duplicitous campaign by claiming his forces are on the offensive against ISIL when, in fact, they are attacking Turkish, Syrian, and Iraqi Kurdish population centers, creating a refugee nightmare that saw young Aylan and his family trying to make it to Europe.

Aylan's father, Abdullah Kurdi, who survived the capsizing of the refugee boat, had petitioned the government of Canada's hopelessly neocon and pro-Israel prime minister, Stephen Harper, to allow him and his family to join Abdullah's sister who lives in Vancouver. Kurdi's refugee asylum petition, submitted in June of this year, was rejected by Harper's immigration minister, Chris Alexander. Incidentally, Alexander has two young children of his own and he has suspended his re-election campaign in Ontario to return to Ottawa to deal with the political fallout from the Aylan photo. For Canada, Turkey, and other countries, the Aylan photograph has had the same impact that a news photo of a young Vietnamese girl, who had just been napalmed by a U.S. air strike, had on the support of the American public for the war in Vietnam.

It was Alexander's predecessor, Jason Kenney, now defense minister, who championed, along with former foreign minister John "Rusty" Baird, Canada's support for the "Arab Spring" rebellions in Syria and Libya that triggered the massive outflow of refugees after those two nations were plunged into bloody civil wars. Kenney and Baird are members of Harper's well-known and influential "lavender brigade" of Tory homosexuals, which has ensured Canada has adopted a foreign policy plank that opposes immigration while supporting Israel's campaign to destabilize the Arab Middle East and North Africa. Alexander, Kenney, and Baird, as well as Harper, are directly responsible for Aylan's death. Since Turkey refused to grant Aylan's family an exit visa, Erdogan and his prime minister, Ahmet Davitoglu, are also directly responsible for Aylan's and his brother's and mother's deaths.

Joining the Canadian neocons are those in the United States that also provided weapons and cash to the jihadist and Salafist rebels who now run rampant in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, and other countries. These include Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, as well as President Obama's "Responsibility to Protect (R2P)" foreign policy team of U.S. ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, national security adviser Susan Rice, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Power apparently only cares about the security of her two young sons, Declan and Rian. As far as Power is concerned, Aylan deserved to wash up dead on that Turkish beach. After all, the Syrian refugees just didn't do enough while they lived in Syria to depose Assad, so why worry about their fate?

A tale of two photos: Samantha Power with her two young sons, Declan and Rian [left]. The body of 3-year old Aylan Kurdi washed ashore on a Turkish beach [right]. Power's support for the civil war against the Syrian government led to Aylan's parents trying to leave ISIL-infested Kobani, Syria for Canada. Aylan, his 5-year old brother, and mother didn't make it. As people at the UN now know, Power has the diplomatic tact and skills of a washer woman in a coin-op on Belfast's Falls Road.There are many others who should be tormented by the photo of young Aylan on the Turkish beach. From Petraeus, who recently suggested the United States support Al Qaeda against ISIL in Syria and Iraq, when they are actually one and the same, to former U.S. ambassador to Syria Robert Ford; current U.S. Syria envoy Michael Ratney; and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs and current UN Political Undersecretary Jeffrey Feltman, these infernal neocons should be purged from our nation's body politic. They are a cancer in every nation where they are permitted to matastisize. And like a cancer, neocons must be cut out from every government and media organization where they fester.

Aylan, 3, [left] and his brother Galip, 5 [right]. Drowning victims of the neo-con lust for the destabilization of the Middle East.

As for the government of Israel, it doesn't care one wit about dead children, as long as they aren't dead Jewish children. The support provided by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government for the Syrian jihadist rebels who have created the refugee crises in the Mediterranean and Europe is also directly responsible for Aylan's death. Of course, Netanyahu has been responsible for killing hundreds of children in Gaza in repeated Israeli military strikes on highly-populated residential neighborhoods in the ghetto of Gaza.

While we all convey our collective shock over Aylan, let's not forget what Israel did to 4-year old Palestinian boy Kaukab al-Daylan (above). A rescue worker found the dead boy's head poking from the rubble after an Israeli air strike on his home.

The Saudi, Qatari, Emirati, and Kuwaiti supporters of ISIL, Al Qaeda, the Khorasan Group, Ahrar al-Sham, Al Nusra Front, Ansar al-Sharia, and other jihadist rebel groups will not be bothered by the photo of Aylan. As the people of the Middle East know about these royal sheikhs, princes, emirs, viziers, nabobs, and stooges, their philosophy is that suppressed Arab women are given to them by Allah to make babies. Young boys, on the other hand, are there to provide them with sex.

The people of the world have a right to be mad, in fact, Goddamned mad, about what happened to Aylan. But the corporate media is already busy trying to divert popular anger away from where it should be directed. It was the infernal neocons and their project to overthrow Assad, Libya's Muammar Qaddafi, and the governments of Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, and Yemen and destabilize every nation from North Africa and southeastern Europe to the Middle East and South Asia that caused one of the world's worst modern refugees crises. Protests and severe ass-kicking for Aylan's fate should be visited upon every neocon from Foggy Bottom and Turtle Bay to Parliament Hill in Ottawa and Langley, Virginia. Only then will Aylan, his brother, and mother be able to rest in peace.

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Will U.S. finally pay reparations for its act of terrorism? by Wayne Madsen

Will U.S. finally pay reparations for its act of terrorism?
by Wayne Madsen
For the people of Cuba, Barbados, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and Venezuela, October 6, 1976 will always be remembered as the day international terrorism paid a deadly call on the Caribbean region. It was on that day that a Cubana airlines DC-8 aircraft was blown out of the sky by a bomb placed on the aircraft by right-wing Cuban exiles. The bombing of the plane, Cubana flight 455, which had just departed from Seawell Airport in Barbados and was en route to Jamaica, killed 73 people, including children. The chief terrorist technician was Luis Posada Carriles, however, the mastermind was the then-director of the Central Intelligence Agency, one George H. W. Bush. Carriles lives today a free man in Miami where he supports a number of right-wing Cubano groups, all of which are closely linked to GOP 2016 presidential hopefuls Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush.

Carriles and three other Cuban exiles, Freddy Lugo, HernĂ¡n Ricardo Lozan, and Orlando Bosch, were arrested in Venezuela for bombing the plane. Bosch was acquitted and he moved to Miami where he lived until his death in 2011. Lugo and Lozan received 20 year sentences in Venezuela and Posada Carriles was jailed for eight years prior to his escaping to Florida before his final sentencing hearing. Carriles carried out his acts of terrorism in the Caribbean region from his base in Caracas, where he operated a security company called Investigaciones Comerciales y Industriales C.A. (ICICA). In addition to the CIA, Carriles worked closely with Miami- and Las Vegas-based Jewish mobster Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal.

1976 saw the CIA under then-director George H. W. Bush carry out a number of terrorist acts against Cuba and companies and countries that did business with Havana. Bush's Cuban associates also bombed the offices of British West Indies Airlines in Bridgetown, Barbados, the Guyanese embassy in Port of Spain, Trinidad; the Air Panama office in Colombia, the Iberia office in Costa Rica, and the Venezuelan mission to the UN in New York. They also committed an arson attack on Cuban-supplied fishing equipment in Guyana and assassinated Cuban officials in Mexico and Argentina. Carriles, Bosch, and their associates also planned to bomb Cuban ships in Mexican ports. They actually helped to carry out bombings of a number of hotels in Cuba in 1997, one of which killed an Italian tourist, and were behind the September 21, 1976, car bombing in Washington, DC that killed former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and his American assistant, Ronni Moffitt.

The role of the CIA in the Cubana 455 bombing is detailed in both the confession of Lugo to Dennis Randwar, the Trinidad and Tobago deputy police commissioner, and declassified U.S. Justice Department documents. For years, as governor of Florida and as a "private businessman" linked to CIA drug smuggling and money laundering, Jeb Bush, who arrived in Caracas in a year after the Cubana bombing for a two-year stint as a vice president for the CIA-linked Texas Commerce Bank, protected Posada Carriles and Bosch from answering for their acts of terrorism. During the Iran-contra scandal, Posada Carriles and Bosch assisted Vice President Bush's illegal contra supply operation in Central America.

Just as with the 9/11 attacks, for which there were prior warnings, the U.S. took no action to prevent a terrorist attack on a civilian airliner in 1976. And just as with 9/11, the Bush family was up to their eyeballs in both acts of aviation terrorism.

The above FBI memo indicates that the "IC" (U.S. Intelligence Community") was well aware that Posada Carriles and Bosch, both friends of Jeb Bush, "engineered the bombing of the airplane." Jeb Bush later defended both terrorists after they took up permanent residence in Miami.

FBI admits that it maintained contact with Posada Carriles as late as June 1976, well after he had been involved in carrying out terrorist bombings and began planning the bombing of Cubana 455.

Confession to the Trinidad and Tobago police by Ricardo Lozan, Posada Carriles's associate, that he was a member of the CIA. At the time, George H. W. Bush was CIA director and he would have undoubtedly authorized the bombing of Cubana 455.

As the U.S. continues to normalize its relations with Cuba, Posada Carriles, Jeb Bush, George H. W. Bush, and their murderous associates should be required to make an final accounting for their crimes, especially those of 1976, the year the CIA proved that it was never brought under control after the Watergate scandal. Rubio, the son of right-wing Cuban immigrants, has proven by his close and unapologetic association with the terrorist elements that largely make up Florida's Cuban exile community that he requisite "good citizen" credentials -- respect for the rule of law, the U.S. Constitution, and a traditional appreciation for the popular "commonwealth" -- to serve as President of the United States, let alone a U.S. senator.

Cuba, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Venezuela should also require the U.S. to pay full reparations for its repeated acts of terrorism and the costs involved in conducting official investigations of those heinous acts.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kiev prepares to use chemical weapons against eastern Ukraine by Wayne Madsen

Kiev prepares to use chemical weapons against eastern Ukraine
by Wayne Madsen

According to eastern Ukrainian sources who contacted WMR, the Ukrainian central government in Kiev has been stockpiling cylinders of toxic gas and canisters of other poisonous substances at an electrical plant in Slavyansk, a town in eastern Ukraine that remains occupied by Kiev troops. The Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, populated by mostly ethnic Russians and Russian-speakers, declared independence last year as the People's Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. The Ukrainian government, aided by neo-Nazi and Israeli mercenaries, as well as "Al Qaeda" and "Islamic State" veterans from Iraq and Syria, have been waging a war against the people of eastern Ukraine with military assistance from the United States and other NATO nations.

A source in Slavyansk reports, "There's chlorine in cylinders, in not less than five covered wagons and also in other containers with contents I know nothing about, labeled with words and signs "poison, "danger," and "do not touch without protection." The source added, "All of it was brought in under the guise of varnishes and paints, but I know the look of the packaging of both, and whatever was brought here last week has got nothing to do with it, it looks like a chemical weapon."

The report from the Donbas region also stated that the intelligence service of the Donetsk People's Republic (DPR) was informed by its sources inside the Ukrainian Security Service that Kiev plans to use the chemical weapons in eastern Ukraine and then blame the eastern Ukrainian separatists. The source with DPR intelligence said, "I think they will follow the suit of the militants in Syria, they [Kiev] will use it against their own soldiers and civilians, and blame us, following which they will invite foreign reporters, show the corpses, raising a worldwide scandal with demand that NATO forces bomb us."

A Ukrainian rail and road transportation industry source confirmed that the suspect canisters spotted in Slavyansk were, in fact, transported asdangerous cargo by the Ukrainian Security Service and Ukrainian military intelligence, with the full cooperation of Kiev and local authorities.

In Syria, Islamic State guerrillas and their allies used sarin and chlorine gas to attack civilians outside of Damascus and then blamed the Syrian government of Bashar al Assad for waging chemical warfare against his own people. The charge that certain governments have resorted to using chemical weapons, known as the "poor man's weapon of mass destruction," has been a favorite neocon propaganda tool employed against targeted leaders, including Assad, Libya's late leader Muammar Qaddafi, Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, and, possibly soon, the leadership of eastern Ukraine. In all these cases, the story of chemical weapons use was either totally false or was altered to show it was the governments that used the weapons and not U.S.-supported rebels.
A handout image released by the Syrian opposition's Shaam News Network shows bodies of children wrapped in shrouds laid out on the ground as Syrian rebels claim they were killed in a toxic gas attack by pro-government forces in eastern Ghouta, on the outskirts of Damascus on August 21, 2013.(AFP Photo / Daya Al-Deen)
Assad was accused of using sarin gas on to kill some 1300 civilians near Damascus, including children (above). In fact, it was the Islamist guerrillas that carried out the attack and another in Aleppo that killed 30 civilians. The Israeli media blamed Assad and the international media, pressured as usual by Israel's propaganda machine, blamed Assad. However, the neocon propaganda was so weak, President Obama opted not to commit U.S. forces to fight against Assad's government.

The intelligence chatter from eastern Ukraine indicates that the United States and its allies in Kiev are going to use, once again, a page from the WMD false flag playbook, previously employed in Syria, Libya, Sudan, and Iraq.