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SPECIAL REPORT. Epstein plea deal with feds protected Bill Clinton and the House of Bush by Wayne Madsen

SPECIAL REPORT. Epstein plea deal with feds protected Bill Clinton and the House of Bush by Wayne Madsen

WMR obtained the heretofore sealed Non-Prosecution Agreement (NPA) struck between lawyers for billionaire Florida registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and George W. Bush-era federal prosecutors. Epstein received the NPA after he was charged with soliciting sex from an alleged "prostitute." However, the so-called "prostitute" was actually a 14-year old girl who was recruited by a network of Epstein's employees who basically served as child sex traffickers and pimps.

Lawyers for Epstein attempted to block federal judge for the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida Kenneth Marra from unsealing the NPA as per the wishes of attorneys for four child sex trafficking victims known as Jane Does 1 through 4. However, Marra decided to unseal the NPA on January 21 and WMR was present at the Paul G. Roberts Federal Building to obtain a copy of the NPA. However, it was also discovered that the publicly-accessible case database maintained in the court's clerk's office has been malfunctioning recently and court records are difficult to retrieve. An employee for the clerk's office told WMR that the computer system was to have been fixed but that no steps have been taken to restore ease of access to court records.

The NPA was agreed to on October 30, 2007 by U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta. Although Acosta later criticized the plea deal in an open letter, he did not respond to WMR's request for an interview on the current case in which four of Epstein's victims are suing the U.S. government claiming that the NPA violated their rights under the Crime Victims' Rights Act. The victims, who are now adults, claim that the federal government's NPA with Epstein violated the 2004 CVRA. The government argues that because Epstein was never charged with a federal crime, the victims have no rights under the CVRA. In their request to Marra to unseal the NPA, the attorneys for the Jane Does, said that the federal government and Epstein colluded "to avoid a firestorm of public controversy that would have erupted if the sweetheart plea deal with a politically-connected billionaire had been revealed."

The NPA was signed on behalf of Acosta by A. Marie Villafana, the then-Assistant U.S. Attorney for Southern Florida who is now the U.S. Attorney under Attorney General Eric Holder. The plea deal with Epstein was concluded after the U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami and the FBI investigated Epstein separately from the investigation conducted by the Palm Beach County Police Department and the Florida Attorney's Office.  The deal cut between Acosta and Villafana and the state of Florida, which was then under the governorship of then-Republican Governor Charlie Crist and Republican Attorney-General Bill McCollum stated that the federal government would defer to Florida the prosecution of Epstein. Acosta has gone on to become the dean of the law school of Florida International University in Miami.

The NPA also stipulated that a list of individuals who the U.S. Attorney's Office in Miami and the FBI has identified as victims of Epstein's sexual abuse and trafficking would be provided to Epstein's attorneys who included Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz. Jane Doe 3, identified as Virginia Roberts, has claimed that Dershowitz has sex with her while she was a minor. Dershowitz has vigorously denied the allegations and he has cited a "conspiracy" against him by anti-Semites who are getting even for his longtime support for Israel. Unsubstantiated conspiracy theories by Dershowitz aside, the fact remains that the NPA immunized all of Epstein's co-conspirators, who allegedly include Dershowitz, former President Bill Clinton, and Prince Andrew of Britain from future federal prosecution. The NPA states: ". . . the United States also agrees that it will not institute any criminal charges against any potential co-conspirators of Epstein, including but not limited to Sarah Kellen, Adriana Ross, Lesley Goff, or Nadia Marcinkova." The NPA also suspended the federal Grand Jury investigation against Epstein and held ion abeyance all federal Grand Jury subpoenas in the case against Epstein. These subpoenas presumably included those directed to witnesses in the case, individuals that likely include Dershowitz, Clinton, and Andrew.

Flight manifests of Epstein's Gulfstream jet and Boeing 727 indicate that Epstein's passengers were often a mix of underage sex traffic victims and some of the world's most powerful politicians and businessmen. These include Clinton, Dershowitz, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, Chicago Pritzker family chieftain and Hyatt Hotels executive chairman Thomas Pritzker (the first cousin of U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker), and failed Palm Beach mayoral candidate Gerry Goldsmith.

Epstein's Gulfstream II-B (N909JE) has, along with his Boeing 727, been spotted at Paris's Le Borguet Airport in frequent occasions. Epstein's Sikorsky S-76B helicopter has been seen flying between Palm Beach International and Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport. Epstein's Cessna 172-XP has flown to and from Double Eagle II Airport outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Epstein's Boeing 727-31 on ground at Prague's Vaclav Havel International Airport in May 2004. Tail number N908JE. It's the same plane that Bill Clinton flew on.

Also appearing on the flight manifests are the names of some of the alleged victims of Epstein's sex trafficking: Virginia Roberts, Cindy Lopez,   Other passengers are only listed by their first names: Colleen, Tatianna, Margarita, Carolina, Lisa, Margaret, Dana, Julie, and Jessica. Epstein's two major pimps are also frequent flyers on Epstein's "Pederast Airlines" -- Ghislaine Maxwell, the daughter of the late publishing tycoon and Mossad asset Robert Maxwell, and Sarah Kellen (now Sarah Kensington), the girlfriend of NASCAR driver Brian Vickers.

Alan Dershowitz's name appears on Epstein flight manifests on flights from Bedford, Massachusetts to Teterboro Airport, New Jersey (Feb. 5, 2004) and Pierre Trudeau International in Montreal (Nov. 17, 2005). "AD" appears to be Alan Dershowitz on a Nov. 17, 2005 flight from Teterboro to Palm Beach International Airport along with"JE" (Jeffrey Epstein) and "SE" (Sarah Kellen) and another flight from Bedford to Teterboro with Epstein ("JE"), Tatianna, and an "AM."

Larry Summers's name appears on a Sep. 14, 2005 flight with Epstein from Bedford, Massachusetts to Westchester County Airport, New York.

Bill Clinton flew on Epstein's Boeing 727 from Miami to Westchester, New York on February 9, 2002 with Epstein, four Secret Service agents (has the recent prosecution of Secret Service agents for liaising with prostitutes been an attempt to intimidate them if they ever decide to speak out about Clinton on Epstein's flights?), "2 males" (unidentified), "1 female" (unidentified), Ghislaine Maxwell, Sarah Kellen, and a "BP."

It is noteworthy that Charlie Crist, who became a Democrat after leaving the Republican Party and becoming an independent, received the enthusiastic backing of Bill Clinton in Crist's failed bid to oust GOP Governor Rick Scott last year. It now appears that Clinton may have owed Crist more than a political favor as details begin to emerge of the Crist administration's deal with Acosta in Miami to immunize Clinton from any future prosecutions in the Epstein case. Although the NPA with Epstein was agreed upon during the Crist and McCollum tenure, Epstein's 2005 arrest for having sex with a 15-year old and the onset of his attorneys' back-and-forth with the government occurred during the Jeb Bush administration and his Attorney General Crist. The U.S. Attorney General from 2005, when Epstein was first charged with having sex with an underage minor, to October 2007, when the plea deal was signed with Epstein, was Alberto Gonzales, President George W. Bush's former chief counsel. The Epstein case, therefore, tarnishes both the Clintons and the Bushes.

Up to 40 women have been identified as being the victims of sexual abuse by Epstein. Court records indicate the number may be higher with one reference to a Jane Doe 103.

Epstein's 97-page address book, called the "Holy Grail," contains the personal phone numbers and email addresses for some of the world's most rich and famous, which, in addition to Clinton, includes Prince Andrew, John Kerry, Donald Trump (also a resident of Palm Beach), Tony Blair and his chief spokesman Alastair Campbell, Ehud Barak, Michael Bloomberg, Richard Branson, George Mitchell, Henry Kissinger, Andrew Cuomo, Itzhak Perlman, Dustin Hoffman, Tea party financier David Koch, former newspaper tycoon and convicted felon Conrad Black and his extreme pro-Israel wife Barbara Black, Andrew's former girlfriend and porn actress Koo Stark, and Mick Jagger. Epstein is a member of the Council of Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Prince Andrew used the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland as a platform where he denied allegations that he was involved in Epstein's underage sex ring. Virginia Roberts  (Jane Doe 3) alleges that she had sex with Andrew when she was still a minor.

'Met three times': Prince Andrew with 17-year-old Virginia Roberts, centre, and Ghislaine Maxwell in 2001
Andrew [far left] with 17-year old Virginia Roberts (Jane Doe 3) [center] and Ghislaine Maxwell [right] in 2001.
WMR also obtained from federal court records unsealed on January 21 a partially-released transcript of an April 7, 2011 telephone conversation between attorneys Brad Edwards, who is representing Roberts and other Jane Does, and Jack Scarola, who was representing Edwards. In the conversation, Roberts recounts that Epstein was presented with two 12-year old girls from France as a "birthday gift." The two girls were said to be from poor families in France. Roberts recalled how Epstein sent her when she was 19 to Thailand to learn Thai-style massages. However, in Thailand, Roberts said she met an Australian kick boxer, fell in love with and married him, and moved to Australia. Before that Epstein asked Roberts to bear his child and sign it over to him and Maxwell. Epstein offered Roberts a mansion and a monthly allowance if she agreed to the terms. Roberts opted instead to move to Australia with her husband. 

Epstein Non-Prosecution Agreement with Bush-era Justice Department with connivance of Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum:

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The victims of Epstein's sex slave ring may never see justice or adequate compensation. Attorneys for the victims, who are scattered from West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, appear as interested in grabbing hefty contingency fees in the event of successful suits against Epstein as much as Epstein's well-paid attorneys are interested in limiting Epstein's financial drain.

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NSA and Israel targeted Lebanese leaders by Wayne Madsen

NSA and Israel targeted Lebanese leaders
by Wayne Madsen
For years the Israeli SIGINT National Unit (ISNU), also known as Unit 8200, which is a Third Party partner of the U.S. National Security Agency, has maintained a massive communications surveillance operation against Lebanon. Of particular interest to ISNU is the highly-advanced fiber optics network installed by Lebanese Hezbollah for its own operations. WMR has learned that in some cases, the Lebanese government has used the Hezbollah network because is affords more security against Israeli eavesdropping than official Lebanese government networks.

The latest release of classified NSA documents provided by Edward Snowden reveal that NSA's Information Technology Directorate (ITD) has maintained a surveillance operation against Lebanese communications since at least 2007. Although the latest released information does not specifically state that Israel receives intercepted signals intelligence gathered by ITD and NSA Georgia from Lebanon, a previously-released NSA-ISNU memorandum of understanding (MOU) states that ISNU is provided "raw SIGINT data (i..e., signals intelligence information that has not been reviewed for foreign intelligence purposes or minimized)."

In January 2007, NSA Georgia at Fort Gordon, Georgia maintained surveillance of Lebanon's leadership, including the "Ministry of Interior, Parliament Members, and Presidential Palace." Also targeted were the former commander of the Common Border Force. Lebanon is the only country in the world with an agency called the "Common Border Force." The presidents of Lebanon at the time of the surveillance were Emile Lahoud and acting president Fouad Siniora, who was previously prime minister. The Interior Ministers was Hassan Sabeh. The prime minister until 2005 was Najib Mikati.

 Fouad Sinora.jpg Hassan Sabeh
Targeted by NSA acting in concert with Israel: President Emile Lahoud [left], Prime Minister and President Fouad Siniora [center], and Interior Minister Hassan Sabeh [right].
According to the United Nations, the Lebanese Common Border Force was "established by the Lebanese Council of Ministers on 28 July 2007, within the context of a pilot project led by Germany along Lebanon's northern border with the Syrian Arab Republic. Responsible for the surveillance and control of Lebanon's northern border with the Syrian Arab Republic to ensure that the passage of all goods is restricted to legal crossing points only, preventing the smuggling of weapons, ammunition and prohibited material through the establishment of permanent and mobile observation points. The Common Border Force brings together elements from the four principal security agencies responsible for border management and security, namely the Lebanese Armed Forces, the Internal Security Forces, General Security and Customs."

Other Lebanese military officers monitored by NSA Georgia were a colonel in the Information Technology (IT) Directorate, a general in the Medical Command, a general whose affiliation was unknown, an instructor colonel in the Army Staff and Command College, and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Defense Ministry.

Incredibly, NSA Georgia gave high priority to downloading from the Lebanese Defense Ministry a document on the Lebanese Armed Forces review of personnel issues regarding retirement, communications, and health care.

The most recent release of documents from NSA also includes one describing how GSM cellular equipment bound for the "Syrian Telecommunications Establishment (STE)" GSM network were implanted with a "beacon implanted through supply-chain interdiction." The beacon, once in place, "called back" to the "NSA covert infrastructure." The call back enabled NSA to "further exploit the device and survey the network." This black bag work was carried out under the auspices of NSA's "Tailored Access Operations" or TAO.

TAO oversees an operation where shipments of computer network devices (servers, routers, etc.) are intercepted. Next, they are redirected to a secret location where TAO/Access Operations (NSA AO-S426), with the support of Remote Operations Center (S321), enable the installation of beacon implants directly into NSA's targets' electronic devices. Hard-target networks around the world provide pre-positioned access points for NSA eavesdropping.

On June 20, 2008, WMR reported: "A cable-based telecommunications system installed by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, the Bekaa Valley, and Beirut was so elaborate, the Israelis could neither destroy it nor eavesdrop on it during Israel's 2006 war against Lebanon, according to an Egyptian intelligence source. It is being reported that the sophisticated Hezbollah system is now being extended to northern Lebanon. In addition to the Israelis, the US National Security Agency (NSA) is having trouble conducting surveillance on the Hezbollah system.

Is NSA doing Israel's dirty work in the Middle East?
. . . It is also believed that the January 2008 car bombing of Lebanese Internal Security Force Information Branch officer, Captain Wissam Eid, a noted communications engineer, may have been linked in some way to the Hezbollah communications network. Although the bombing was blamed on Hezbollah, Syria, Hezbollah's ally, was among the first to condemn Eid's assassination."

NSA, according to the Snowden release, managed to intercept communications on the Hezbollah cable communications system by bugging it with implanted Cisco routers and other devices.

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There are limits to inciteful speech by Wayne Madsen

There are limits to inciteful speech by Wayne Madsen

As unlikely a pair as Pope Francis I and Charlie Hebdo founder have weighed in on the flagrant incitement of believers of a major religion with the intent of causing violence. On his way to the Philippines, the Pope said, "You cannot provoke. You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others." He also said that if someone insulted his mother, he "could expect a punch" in return.

The founder and former editor of Charlie Hebdo, Henri Roussel, voiced his misgivings about one of his successors as editor, Stephane Charbonnier, among the satirical newspaper's staff gunned down by two Islamist radicals seeking revenge for the paper's cartoon portrayals of the Prophet Mohammed. Roussel blamed Charbonnier for needlessly dragging his staff to their deaths, pointing out that the late editor, known as "Charb" played a dangerous "game of one-upmanship" in provoking radical Muslims to act. Roussel said that after the paper's offices were firebombed in 2011 after it published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed considered by Muslims to be blasphemous.

Roussel criticized the most recent management of Charlie Hebdo. He accused Charbonnier's predecessor as editor, Philippe Val, of turning the paper into a "Zionist and Islamophobic organ," especially after Val fired longtime cartoonist Maurice Sine for publishing a cartoon of the marriage of former President Nicolas Sarkozy' son to a Jewish electronic chain heiress. Val considered that cartoon to be anti-Semitic, but, as Roussel pointed out, the paper's management had no problem repeatedly mocking and insulting Islam. Roussel pointed out that after "Charb" published an offensive Mohammed cartoon in 2011 and the paper's offices were firebombed, he proceeded to do the same thing again in 2012. Roussel said Charbonnier "shouldn’t have done it."

The peak inside the inner workings of Charlie Hebdo is reminiscent of the activities of the neo-conservative-influenced and financed protest groups FEMEN, Pussy Riot, and Voina, which have received international publicity over their inciteful and lewd protests at Roman Catholic and Orthodox Christian cathedrals, as well as Islamic mosques. There is no record of these protesters committing any actions against Jewish synagogues in any of the countries where they have protested against Christianity and Islam. 

These facts certainly point to the actions of Charlie Hebdo, FEMEN, Pussy Riot, and Voina being directed by well-organized and money-flush Zionist interests. The corporate news media have been full of stories on the sale of over five million copies of the "survivors' edition" of Charlie Hebdo and how French police have been rounding up those who have been charged with inciting "anti-Semitic" speech. At the same time, the Pope, Muslim clerics, and informed observers like Roussel have been slammed hard by the corporate, and largely Zionist-owned media, for their views on what can only be termed as "anti-Gentilic" speech. It certainly appears that the Pope and France's four top imams had Charlie Hebdo's actions in mind when they issued a joint statement condemning the Paris attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher Jewish market but urging the media to restrain itself from publishing content disrespectful of religious faiths.

The Charlie Hebdo "survivors' edition" can be downloaded by clicking here. Apparently, the surviving staff saw fit to disregard the wishes of their former editor and founder, the Pope, and France's four chief imams. After examining this much-heralded issue, it is clear that Charlie Hebdo's modus operandi is to provide a single stock caricature of a bearded Jewish man in a one cartoon while devoting the remainder of its pages to bashing Islam and Christianity. A single caricature does not constitute a license to incite. 

Anti-Christian and Islam "comedian" Bill Maher recently said the following in comparing Christianity and Islam, "one is herpes and one is cancer." Not everyone in Hollywood thinks Maher is funny and actor Ben Affleck called Maher on his Islamophobia. The Zionists, using their Talmud as their inspirational guide, want to convince the world that it is perfectly okay to mock, ridicule, blaspheme, and incite Muslims and Christians but to utter one word of condemnation of Jewish practices, including the ritual genital mutilation of infant boys, is "anti-Semitic." Monsieur Roussel, Pope Francis, the French imams, and others, including this website, see the hypocrisy being carried out. President Obama was right to miss out on the navel-gazing "march," that is, the photo-op, of world leaders in Paris. The only march the world needs is one to expose the hypocrisy of the world's elites because once again, they have perpetrated a cruel hoax on the civilized people and nations of the world.

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Kiev was hotbed of neo-Nazism even during Soviet times by Wayne Madsen

Kiev was hotbed of neo-Nazism even during Soviet times
by Wayne Madsen

The CIA archives contain an obscure newspaper article from the New York Herald Tribune, dated September 14, 1964 that points out that neo-Nazism and anti-Semitism ran rampant in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev even during the time of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. This fact makes the current love affair between neoconservative Zionists like Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, and incoming Central Intelligence Agency director David Cohen and the neo-Nazi imbued government of Ukraine all the more perplexing.

Senator John McCain, the new chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, is flanked by neo-Nazi Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnbok [right] and gives his very best "Heil Hitler" salute to protesters at Maidan Square in Kiev last year.

The neo-Nazism of the Ukrainian government was recently on full display when Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, known affectionately as "Yats" by Nuland, described the Soviet Red Army's move into Nazi Germany not as a "liberation" but as an "invasion." Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko recently awarded one of Ukraine's top medals to Belarusian 
Serhiy Korotkykh, a member of the far-right Russian National Unity party and founding member of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Society (NSS) in Russia. Korotokykh has recently been engaged in a pogrom of ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine as a member of the Azov Battalion, the Ukrainian neo-Nazi paramilitary unit financed and armed by Ukrainian-Israeli Zionist billionaire tycoon Ihor Kolomoisky.

The head of the Azov Battalion is Andriy Biletsky, a neo-Nazi activist who has switched his allegiance between the two main neo-Nazi parties, Svoboda and Right Sector. The alliance between Zionists like Kolomoisky and neo-Nazis like Biletsky must be viewed in the context of Ukrainian history where even Ukrainian Communist leaders during the Soviet Union expressed neo-Nazi sympathies in direct challenges to Moscow's wishes.

The Herald Tribune article describes the Ideological Commission of the Soviet Communist Party and Communist Party General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev as being furious over the 1963 publication by the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences of an anti-Semitic publication, complete with Nazi-like caricatures, titled "Judaism Without Embellishment." That publication was followed in 1964 by another book published by the State Publishing House of the Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic in Kishniev titled "Contemporary Judaism and Zionism," which expressed similar Nazi-like views to the Ukrainian book but without the Nazi cartoons.
Nikita Khrushchev [left], like Vladimir Putin, had to deal with neo-Nazis in Kiev.

Today, the ideological sons and daughters of the crypto-Nazis who proclaimed they were Ukrainian Communists are in power in Kiev. Their major support comes from neoconservatives like Nuland, Pyatt, and B'nai B'rith. In 1964, the latter organization rented a room in the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York where B'nai B'rith president Label A. Katz condemned the Nazi-like policies of the Ukrainian Communist Party which his successors actively support today in pro-Western Ukraine.

It is not the Russian government that should stand accused before the international court of public opinion but the neo-Nazis of Kiev and their Zionist Jewish enablers in New York and Washington, DC.

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THE ROVING EYE - Who profits from killing Charlie? By Pepe Escobar

Who profits from killing Charlie?
By Pepe Escobar

Putin did it. Sorry, he didn't. In the end, it was not Russia "aggression" that attacked the heart of Europe. It was a pro-style jihadi commando. Cui bono? 

Careful planning and preparation; Kalashnikovs; rocket-propelled grenade launcher; balaclavas; sand-colored ammunition vest stuffed with spare magazines; army boots; piece of cake escape in a black Citroen. And the icing on the lethal cake; faultless Paris-based logistical support to pull that off. A former top French military commander, Frederic Gallois, has stressed the perfect application of "urban guerrilla technique" (where are those notorious Western counter-terrorism "experts" when one needs them?)

They might have spoken perfect French; others said it was broken French. Anyway, what matters is that they uttered the magic word; "We're al-Qaeda." Better yet; they told a man in the street, "Tell the media that this is al-Qaeda in Yemen", which means, in American terror terminology, al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP), which had Charlie Hebdo's editor/cartoonist Stephane Charbonnier ("Charb") on a hit list duly promoted by AQAP's glossy magazine Inspire. Accusation: "Insulting the Prophet Mohammed."

And just to make sure everyone had the perpetrators implanted on their brain, the killers also said, "Allahu Akbar"; "We have killed Charlie Hebdo"; and "We have avenged the Prophet."

Case closed? Well, it took only a few hours for French police to identify the (usual?) suspects; French-Algerian brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi. The third man - the driver of the black Citroen, 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad - then turned himself in with an ironclad alibi. So the third man remains a cipher.

They all wore balaclavas. The Kouachi brothers have not been captured. But the police seem to know very well who they are. Because they found an abandoned ID in the black Citroen (oh, the troubles of being a command in a rush ...) How come they didn't know anything before the carnage?

Right on cue, Cherif Kouachi's bio was splattered all over. He was on a global watch list. Along with six others, he was sentenced in May 2008 to 3 years in prison for "terrorism"; in fact unloading a dozen young Frenchmen via madrassas in Egypt and Syria to none other than Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the killed-by-an-American-missile former head of Al-Qaeda in Iraq and the spiritual father of Daesh/ISIS/ISIL.

Also right on clue, a full narrative was ready for mass consumption. The key point; French police privileges the hypothesis of "Islamic terrorism". According to their "experts", this could be an attack "ordered from abroad and executed by jihadis coming back from Syria that have escaped us", or it could be "suburban idiots that radicalized themselves and concocted this military attack in the name of al-Qaeda."

Scrap option two, please; this was a pro job. And staying with option one, this points right at - what else - blowback. Yes, they could be Daesh/ISIS/ISIL mercenaries trained by NATO (crucially, France included) in Turkey and/or Jordan. But it might get even false-flag nastier. They could also be former or current French special forces.

Blast Islam, will travel 
Predictably, Islamofascism peddlers are already having a field day/week/month/year. For simpletons/trolls/hordes exhibiting an IQ worthy of sub-zoology, when in doubt, demonize Islam. It's so convenient to forget that untold millions from Pakistan's tribal areas to street markets across Iraq continue to feel pain devastating their hearts and lives as they are expendable victims of the jihadi mindset - or "Kalashnikov culture", as it is known in Pakistan - profiting the "West", directly or indirectly, for decades now. Think ritual droning of Pakistani, Yemeni, Syrian, Iraqi or Libyan civilians. Think Sadr City witnessing carnages over 10 times worse than Paris.

What French President Francois Hollande defined as "an act of exceptional barbarism" - and it is - does not apply when the "West", France in the front line, from King Sarko to General Hollande himself, weaponizes, trains and remote-controls assorted mercenaries/beheaders from Libya to Syria. Oh yeah; killing civilians in Tripoli or Aleppo is perfectly all right. But don't do that in Paris.

So this, in the heart of Europe, is what blowback feels like. This is what people feel in the Waziristans when a wedding party is incinerated by a Hellfire missile. In parallel, it's absolutely impossible that the oh so sophisticated Western intel network had not seen blowback coming - and was impotent to prevent it (how come the scapegoats du jour, the Kouachi brothers, were not in the gallows?)

Of course the ultra-elaborate Western counter-terrorism expert network - so proficient at strip-teasing us all at every airport - saw it coming; but in shadow warland, portmanteau "al-Qaeda" and its myriad declinations, including "renegade" Daesh/ISIS/ISIL, are used as much as a mercenary army as a convenient domestic threat "against our freedoms".

Who profits? 
US Think Tankland, also predictably, is busy spinning the drama of an "intra-Muslim" split which provides jihadis a lot of geopolitical space to exploit - all this sucking the Western world into a Muslim civil war. This is absolutely ridiculous. The Empire of Chaos, already during the 70s, was busy cultivating jihadi/Kalashnikov culture to fight anything from the USSR to nationalist movements all across the Global South. Divide and Rule has always been used to fan the flames "intra-Islam", from the Clinton administration getting cozy with the Taliban to the Cheney regime - helped by Persian Gulf vassals - advancing the sectarian Sunni/Shi'ite schism.

Cui bono, then, with killing Charlie? Only those whose agenda is to demonize Islam. Not even a bunch of brainwashed fanatics would pull off the Charlie carnage to show people who accuse them of being barbarians that they are, in fact, barbarians. French intel at least has concluded that this is no underwear bomber stunt. This is a pro job. That happens to take place just a few days after France recognizes Palestinian statehood. And just a few days after General Hollande demanded the lifting of sanctions against the Russian "threat".

The Masters of the Universe who pull the real levers of the Empire of Chaos are freaking out with the systemic chaos in the racket they so far had the illusion of controlling. Make no mistake - the Empire of Chaos will do what it can to exploit the post-Charlie environment - be it blowback or false flag.

The Obama administration is already mobilizing the UN Security Council. The FBI is "helping" with the French investigation. And as an Italian analyst memorably put it, jihadis don't attack a vulture hedge fund; they attack a satirical rag. This is not religion; this is hardcore geopolitics. Reminds me of David Bowie: "This is not rock'n roll. This is suicide."

The Obama administration is already mobilized to offer "protection" - Mob-style - to a Western Europe that is just, only just, starting to be diffident of the pre-fabricated Russian "threat". And just as it happens, when the Empire of Chaos mostly needs it, evil "terra" once again rears its ugly head.

And yes, I am Charlie. Not only because they made us laugh; but because they were sacrificial lambs in a much nastier, gruesome, never-ending shadowplay.

Pepe Escobar's latest book is Empire of Chaos. Follow him onFacebook. He may be reached at