Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Venezuelan Uranium: Psyops at Work (Niger Yellowcake BSA anyone?)

The Washington Times reports that PUBLIC DETAILS ARE VAGUE, but a recent deal between Iran and Venezuela provides for the exploitation of Venezuela's strategic minerals, prompting OPPOSITION FIGURES and the LOCAL PRESS to warn that President Hugo Chavez's government COULD be planning to provide Tehran with uranium for its nuclear program. Hmmm--lots of credibility here...


Niger yellowcake redux. Joseph Wilson exposed Bush's fabrication of Saddam's supposed effort to buy uranium from Niger. In retaliation, Wilson's wife Valerie Pflame gets outed as a CIA agent, and Dick Cheney's assistant got indicted for lying about it. By now everybody should know about the Niger yellowcake lies and how the administration goes about propogating disinformation.

But now a variation magically appears just as the administration ramps up its effort to demonize Iran and Venezuela. Soon the ever credible Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld will be citing press reports about an ominous Chavez-Iran connection. And the ever gullible American public won't notice that the fabricators are at work once again, the same lie has been reincarnated, and they'll probably get spooked by it all once again.