Saturday, April 01, 2006

Condi Rice insults the Iraqi people

Three years after the war, with tens of thousands of Iraqi deaths on her hands and the knowledge her lies helped destroy Iraq, Condi Rice has admitted making mistakes in Iraq:

"I know we've made tactical errors - thousands of them, I'm sure," Ms Rice said in a session of questions after her speech, organised by BBC Radio 4's Today programme and Chatham House international affairs institution.

Yes, Rice, those thousands of mistakes are why thousands of Iraqis lie buried in makeshift graves, why thousands of other Iraqis lie unburied in the wasteland, and why thousands have been found bound and executed.

Those thousands of mistakes are also why we have death squads which your military trained (was this one of the mistakes?) roaming the countryside picking off who they consider to be threat - Sunni, Shia, Turkmen, Christian, no matter.

Those thousands of mistakes are also why Iran rules Iraq, why the 3afitallah Khoemini rules Iraq ... in spirit of course (he dialled up from Hell and only Georgie of Crawford, TX would take the call).

Those thousands of mistakes are also why women in Iraq are today more repressed than ever, why school children are threatened if they go to school, why their teachers are killed, why leading academics are eradicated, why the country's scientists have been executed, why Iraq's doctors have fled.

Those thousands of mistakes are also why very little has been reconstructed (please, I know am being much too kind here), why Iraq's oil industry is on the verge of collapse, why Iraq has no army, why kidnapping is the most booming economic option.

Let me explain the thousands of mistakes a bit more carefully.

Mistake: Believing anything the US government said about Iraq
Mistake: Believing the invasion of Iraq was for liberty and freedom of the Iraqi people.
Mistake: Believing the invasion of Iraq was to protect the liberty and freedom of the American people.
Mistake: Believing the US government ever had any semblance of intelligence when dealing with Iraq.
Mistake: Believing that the Iraqi people would not rise up and fight the tyranny of the imperialist mercenaries come to wreak havoc in our country.
Mistake: Believing that the Resistance is foreign-bred. Damn the foreigners.

Mistake: Believing the US military is not racist.
Mistake: Believing the US military has not engaged in widespread atrocities, violations of the Geneva conventions and crimes against humanity.
Mistake: Believing the US military will try its personnel for crimes and equivocally sentence them.
Mistake: Believing the US military will not cover up its crimes.
Mistake: Believing the US military does not engage in My Lai in Iraq each and every day.
Mistake: Believing Iraq is better off today.
Mistake: Believing Iraq has a representative government.
Mistake: Believing that Iraq's elections (a farce in no greater words) is a sign of blossoming democracy.

C'mon, Condi, be man enough and list the mistakes.

The tide is turning. Americans today are waking up to the fiasco, Vietnam, quagmire - name it what you will - that Iraq has become.

They have realized - after Katrina and the fraudulent tax cut, declining state of health care, "No kid left behind" brainwashing - that they have been swindled.

Expect to see some seriously desperate measures in the day ahead from the pro-war crowd. Soon, we will hear the anti-Christ is in Iraq and he has to be smoked out.