Thursday, April 13, 2006

Unconfirmed US ambassador to the U.N. - John Bolton is Bush's " Joachim von Ribbentrop"

Unconfirmed US ambassador to the U.N. - John Bolton is Bush's "Ribbentrop" for the Iran war and the neo-con agenda. Joachim von Ribbentrop, hanged in Nuremburg for war crimes, was the diplomatic face of the Nazi German regime. John Bolton, former patron of New York City's now-defunct swingers' club, Plato Retreat, is the Bush administration's diplomatic face at the United Nations. The only difference between the two is that Ribbentrop was a successful diplomat, captivating equally British, French, and Soviet counterparts, according to the many Allied diplomats who interfaced with him in the years prior to the war. The same cannot be said of Bolton. Bolton has managed to alienate just about every UN ambassador and official.

Bolton's image at the UN: "Shock and guffaw"

It is clear that Bolton was sent to the UN by the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld neo-con clique to help stir things up with Iran and carry out the neo-cons' ultimate goal -- the destruction of the United Nations system -- a prized goal of the mustachioed GOP operative ever since he worked as a staffer for the right-wing racist North Carolina Senator Jesse Helms.

Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammed ElBaradei has been a particular target of Bolton's undiplomatic and uncouth wrath. At a time when Iran is attempting to establish diplomatic back channels to the Bush regime through mediators like ElBaradei and European diplomats, these efforts have been scuttled by the neo-cons surrounding Bolton. UN insiders report that during the lead up to the war in Iraq, senior Iraqi Baathist officials opposed to Saddam Hussein attempted to use diplomatic channels, including those at the UN, to negotiate with the Bush regime. However, the Bush regime was intent on launching a blitzkrieg attack on Iraq and disregarded the diplomatic overtures from Baghdad.

Complementing Bolton in hurling abuse at ElBaradei is the US ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Gregory Schulte, a confidante of Bolton, Dick Cheney, and Bolton's successor as Undersecretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Robert Joseph. In fact, for his neo-con compatriots and agents provocateur, Bolton has transformed the temporary US Mission to the UN at 140 East 45th Street in Manhattan into a virtual off-site neo-con operational activity. A number of Washington-based neo-cons work out of the mission, courtesy of the mission's travel and expense budget, to plan various neo-con operations to disrupt and weaken the organs of the international body and neutralize the UN in the Bush regime's march to war with Iran, the scrapping of the Israeli-Palestinian accords, and the isolation of Syria, Venezuela, North Korea, and other countries.

Bolton has tried to cover up the damage he has done at the UN by doing what Bush officials do best -- lie. When Bolton explained America's decision not to run for a seat on the new UN Human Rights Council, he said it was because the new body was not much better than the previous Human Rights Commission, which Bolton helped deep six. However, according to UN sources, Bolton decided not to seek a seat on the Council because it could not get the 96 votes needed to be elected. The United States is held in such low esteem by the UN membership (because of Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, renditioning, torture, secret CIA prisoner flights, opposition to the International Criminal Court, Human Rights Council, and the Kyoto Protocol, and disregard for international law), the world's "only remaining superpower" could not get 96 votes to be elected to the Human Rights Council.

Bolton's neo-con colleague at the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz, has similarly incurred the disdain of the international staff of that UN specialized agency. Surrounding himself with a coterie of neo-con advisers, Wolfowitz, as president of the institution, arrogantly runs the bank as a personal fiefdom, according to World Bank insiders.

One UN insider reports that under George W. Bush, the United States has now become a shunned pariah, one that is comfortable in being another "Israel," a UN member state that contemptuously flouts the decisions of the UN and international law. In fact, the United States can only count on the votes in the UN of Israel and three heavily-subsidized "Soviet Socialist Republic"-like ex-U.S. trusteeships in the Pacific -- Palau, Micronesia, and the Marshall Islands. During the Cold War, the USSR could always count on the pocket votes of two similar contrivances -- the Ukrainian and Byelorussian SSRs.

As Bolton and his neo-con co-conspirators contemplate the unthinkable, a tactical nuclear strike on Iran, it is sobering to look at two displays in the lobby at the rear of the General Assembly. One is the Statue of Saint Agnes, which was found face down in the ruins of Urakami Tenshudo Roman Catholic cathedral in Nagasaki following the U.S. atomic attack on the city on August 9, 1945. The back of the statue is charred and mottled, proof of the devastating effects of the A-blast on the church, which was located just a half a kilometer from ground zero.