Friday, June 16, 2006

Bush crime cartel: Jeb & George W. Bush, voter fraud

WMR is extremely upset tonight to report that one of our close colleagues, Florida panhandle- and Alabama-based John Caylor, the editor of Insider Magazine (perma-linked from WMR), was arrested yesterday afternoon by deputies in Panama City, Florida while attempting to retrieve public documents from the Bay County court clerk's office. John was the source of the crime scene photos of the late Florida Department of Transportation investigator Ray Lemme, who was "suicided" in Valdosta, Georgia after obtaining evidence of a link between the Jeb & George W. Bush, voter fraud, gambling money laundering through the Florida turnpike toll system, and contract and electronic voting malfeasance involving current Florida Rep. Tom Feeney. John has been a bane to the Bush cartel for years. Last year, Caylor uncovered evidence of a shady Walton County, Florida real estate deal cut by Karl Rove and real estate developers who donated large sums of money to George W. and Jeb Bush.

Caylor was arrested for non-violently resisting an officer and disorderly conduct and held for seven hours under bright lights in a concrete cell. John, a heart patient, was shackled and forced to stand the entire time while several corrections officers attempted to get John to hit them. John reported that his detention amounted to "torture" under international and U.S. law. Caylor resisted the attempts by guards to have him hit them. More importantly, he was denied his nitro glycerin prescription pills needed for his heart condition. Caylor is investigating a one-time CIA contract sharpshooter who may have murdered a number of Bush family political enemies in Florida and elsewhere over the years. He was attempting to retrieve old court documents related to the case when he was arrested. Caylor also described his treatment in jail as "Guantanamo like."

John Caylor has been after the Bushes for years, yesterday it was payback time.

He was released at 2:30 a.m. this morning and was denied a phone call during his incarceration (which is permitted for 72 hours under Florida law). He was originally told by county clerk officials that Florida's "sunshine law" on public access to documents did not apply to the documents he was trying to obtain. After stating that refusal to let him have the requested documents was illegal, Caylor was told the documents would be made available to him after they were reviewed by clerk officials. Caylor knew that was a ruse and the critical documents would simply disappear. After protesting that decision by the clerk officials, Caylor was arrested. Caylor reports tonight that the entire government structure in Bay County (executive and courts) is run by Bush loyalists who will do anything to protect Bush and what Caylor has dubbed the "Dixie Mafia" -- a group of ne'er-do-wells and roughnecks that goes back to the days of the Bay of Pigs, the illegal CIA war in Angola, Iran-Contra, and now, the Iraq War rip-off.

John will undoubtedly rack up some legal expenses to defend himself from the trumped up charges brought against him. Although WMR appreciates our readers generous financial support, has a contribution button if you'd like to help John. There may be a time when WMR will require legal assistance also, but right now John, who is on disability, is badly in need of it (either monetary or pro bono legal assistance).

Postscript: News from our Texas sources also reports disturbing developments and an attempt to silence an individual who is investigating Bush family criminal dealings. One development involves the possible poisoning of a critical source. The word from Houston is that the Bush-Cheney regime is currently "on the move." What that move entails is a major focus of WMR at the present time. In the intelligence world, incidents like that which occurred to John Caylor and the news from Houston are known as "Indications and Warnings." Right now, the I&W looks extremely troubling.

One final note to the Bush crime cartel: You can't silence the media by jailing and roughing up one journalist. There are thousands of non-corporate and independent journalists around the country and the world who will continue to ferret out your criminal deeds and see you brought to final justice. That's not a threat but a promise.

John Caylor, editor of and WMR colleague, is due to appear before Bay County Court this morning on trumped up charges stemming from his arrest on June 14 after he tried to obtain public documents from the Bay County Court. In addition to investigating a contract CIA assassin, Caylor was also investigating the beating deaths of inmates carried out in Jeb Bush's infamous Florida prison "boot camps." This morning, Caylor reports that the Miami Herald is interested in his case. It's a sad commentary on the state of American "journalism" that an American journalist is jailed and tortured for doing his job and we and the Herald are the only news media outlets that are interested in the story. Read Caylor's motion for recusal of judge to be filed this morning in Bay County Court.

Speaking of America's slide towards total fascism, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 yesterday in a case in which they affirmed the right of police to bash down your door without first announcing themselves. The swing vote was Bush's recent fascist appointment, Federalist Society goon, Sammy "the Snake" Alito. Thanks to all the wonderful Democrats who voted to confirm this Nazi to his lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Remember them: Ben Nelson (NE), Kent Conrad (ND), Tim Johnson (SD), and Robert Byrd (WV). (Byrd, who, the older he gets, the more he returns to his Ku Klux Klan roots).