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Intro by Henk Ruyssenaars - Foreign correspondent

FPF - Amsterdam - Sept. 27th - 2006 - In the excellent essay below by Manuel Valenzuela he writes about the horror of the 'overlords'. Fitting his article as a hand in a glove, The Netherlands, a.k.a. Holland, can be taken as a dreadful example. Internationally Holland is #6 on the list of richest countries in the world: for the robbing elite that is. Possible is this only, because for ages the 'overcrooks' from the Dutch-Anglo oil multinational SHELL and the 'international banks' run the so called 'government' as well as the country with it's 16 million inhabitants.

The Netherlands is small and thus easy to control, and from the 1st of October the absolute last bit of privacy starts disappearing, taken by the 'overlords' when they start issuing compulsory ID cards which also are driving licenses, but with build in RFID signals. The carriers then can be traced and the validity stopped everywhere. By remote control too. Work, home, banks, travel, hospitals etc.: everywhere. Holland is used as a testing ground for the US and the rest of the colonies - which are next for this electronic Apartheid - needed to control the electronically enslaved people: their sources of income and profit. []

The undressing of the social fabric - like in the US, England etc. - and the sick profit greed by the 'managers' of Holland, result in the fact that every year ONE percent more Dutch end up on or under the poverty line, according to the official figures. Those are 'government-figures' so it's probably worse. The Euro currency was introduced in Holland with force - without ever asking the population, like in most European Union countries - making life, according to a reliable investigation, at least forty-nine-dot-one percent (49.1%) more expensive. The banks and their criminal collaborators netted billions in blood money, which they call profit. It is only through hair raising brainwashing the by this nefarious mafia also owned commercialized major media - press and RTV-channels - that so many millions like in other countries can be kept ignorant.


A good example of how to attack the brainwash industry was given in Germany in 1968, when the publishing house of Axel Springer loudly kept defending the war in Vietnam, and the 'might makes right' policy of the multinationals, to use the american war machine to kill millions of people in South East Asia, and threaten millions of others. With the US's moral less multinationals like DOW etc. making big profits by producing huge amounts of napalm, Agent Orange and other banned and inhuman weapons to kill. Like now again.

At that time - thanks to efforts to rebuild German-Jewish relations and his continuing $millions support of Israel - Axel Springer was made the dictator over 39% of the daily newspapers, 82% of the supra-regional newspapers, 90% of the sunday newspapers and 48% of the radio and tv journals. The disgusting propaganda rag - BILD Zeitung (BZ) - was printed in four million copies daily, permanently and brutally advocating to jail and otherwise punish the 'red rabble' and 'anti American terrorists' which wanted information and facts, instead of propaganda.

The German students, and other people using their brain, got fed up with the lies and tried to burn down the Springer buildings, understanding where the evil was. Not in the compliant military or in collaborating police headquarters: but the country drenching evil was to be found spouting from the so called 'Springer mentality editors' and 'journalists' which were stealing the people's voices, all the time brainwashing them with their lies. The powerless made people only saw one way out, and rightfully tried to exorcise the devils. It is possible that they even used SHELL oil for their Molotov cocktails... - Url.:

But in Holland the shameless SHELL and other 'overlords' slyly take care of what still many Dutch believe is their 'right to vote and choose their own personal'. They in many cases still think anno 2006 that with eighty-four percent electronically, and of course 'government' rigged, 'voting' - they 'choose' their parliamentarians c.q. government. But, looking at the 'government': it's taken care of by neocon 'Speaker of the House' Frans Weissglas, and oil multinational SHELL delivers as usual the Prime ministers as well as the smoke screen called 'opposition'. Valenzuela is right. What a hoax!


And, speaking of con jobs: maybe I've lived to many decades abroad, away from Holland and therefor see it different, but another very expensive hoax in Holland is a strange bunch which - as long as we can remember - is running around, arrogantly and illogically claiming that they - nota bene by birth - are something 'special'. Against better judgement saying they are 'royal.' - And with the vile help of daily brainwashing (A wedding! A new baby!) they are trying to keep this - the people's intelligence insulting medieval myth - alive. An elderly woman, a SHELL fan and shareholder named Beatrix, upped with a lot - and without asking the taxpayers - the Euro-millions costs for this group with three 'daughters in law' of which the media said the 3 girls were now to be called 'princesses'. Like in the fairy tales. Well: the eldest 'princess' sold cancer - PR for tobacco - in Brussels.

The other eager beaver - Mabel - fornicated with UN diplomat Sacirbey who tried to embezzle $millions from the UN. But, having the wrong multinational friends, he ended up in jail. Than she fornicated for years with the biggest drugs dealer in Holland, sharing 'Bed & Breakfast' on his boat de 'Neeltje Jacoba'. The Dutch secret service AIVD (tax paid) has tons of evidence, but the people - who pay - are not allowed to see it: those from the royal myth say it's 'secret'. But the 'Preacher' - (de Dominee) - as this #1 drugs baron was called, died of an acute lead poisoning. He was gunned down on an Amsterdam street by the drugs trade competition. Than she got hold of an empty headed member of that strange claiming clan, a bloke by the myth believers called 'prince', and married him.

Number three, Maxima, is the one the myth propagandists will declare 'the new queen' of this gang since she married one of them - a beer guzzling guy nicknamed 'Prince Pils'. Maxima Zorreguieta was fostered by a 'maximum' war criminal father in Argentina, Jorge, who was a minister in the genocidal Videla government which murdered at least 30.000 human beings. They were tortured (legal in the US) - 'interrogated' and often thrown alive out of high flying helicopters. From that height the water is hard as concrete. They killed hundreds of young parents, to steal the babies which were given to other murderers in the military. Maxima knows about all this, but like 99% of the spineless media she keeps silent. Videla and others were arrested for this, Zorreguieta not yet. The creatures that do this are all like the multinationals and their media minions: they have no shame and lack all human decency.

But, back to the wrecking power of the 'oil barons' and their bankers which Valenzuela describes: The Dutch so called Labor Party (PvdA - Partij van de Arbeid) - is supposed to defend the human rights of the working people, but the kingpins of this gang have mostly been trained and developed as some Manchurian candidates by SHELL. In the year 2000 SHELL put Wouter Bos in the Dutch parliament, one of their stooges, who for 10 years had been trained, educated and developed by them. Because when Bos finished his study - economics, what else? - in 1988 at the Free University of Amsterdam, he immediately started to work for SHELL, as a 'Management Consultant'.

In 1990 he was named 'Policy Advisor' of Shell Netherlands, was later placed in Hongkong and of course in London for some time. Than it was decided to put him in parliament and make him - November 2002 - 'Political leader' of the Dutch Labour Party, PvdA. Which for the past decades has been a totally fake 'party'. Many call it the Party of Poverty - 'Partij v/d Armoede' in Dutch - and with good reason. The multinationals and the backing banks are bleeding Holland. Anemia of the mind is the result too. - Wouter Bos - SHELL training - Official c.v. - Url.:

The SHELL multinational - which globally is abhorred for it's 'Kill & Drill' tactics, like exterminating the Ogoni people in Nigeria, for many years used one of their worst political crooks to further wreck the Dutch unions too. The so called 'fighter for socialism' Wim Kok was made 'union boss' and later Prime (Crime) minister of SHELL's fiefdom The Netherlands, and after his gigantic let down, selling out and betraying all Dutch workers who saw their income dwindle with wages getting lower and lower, this disgusting Judas and collaborator Wim Kok was awarded by SHELL and other multinationals too.


* Member of the Supervisory Board of Royal Dutch Shell (oil company)
* Member of the Supervisory Board of ING Group (international financial services)
* Member of the Supervisory Board of TNT (international postal company with Dutch origin)
* Member of the Supervisory Board of KLM (airline)
* Member of the Strategic Advisory Panel of The European Business Awards

The conclusion is quite clear. The essay by Manuel Valenzuela perfectly shows the rot above, and the nearly indescribable inhumanity and crimes of the group that 'holds the gold and the power' in many countries and societies commits, and why all 'Wim Koks' and other war criminals everywhere must be stopped and jailed. This scum of the earth, this mafia of 'Übermenschen/overlords' - is killing us if we don't 'neutralize' them. The least we should try is to stop the responsible propaganda parrots which make the wars possible, and get all 'sell outs' like Kok and other war criminals in Court. - Url.:


Into Pyramid’s Shadow: At War with Ourselves

Manuel Valenzuela


As natural as the end of summer giving way to cooler temperatures and the changing colors of the trees, the vast machinations of the military-energy industrial complex has yet again begun to spin in preparation for the upcoming midterm elections, using the myriad number of tools at its disposal to manipulate the electorate into once more voting against its own interests, into voting for the interests of the elite few. Knowing the absolute ignorance, gullibility and lack of critical thinking of the American masses, those in power are able, once more, in what has become all too familiar throughout the annals of history, to skew the decision, mentality and vote of large segments of the population by simply reaching to the primitive instincts of human nature and manipulating emotions, psychology and the instinct of survival prevalent in every living organism.

To the corporatists and elites steering the nation, this exercise is like taking candy from a baby, for having a citizenry devoid of reason, logic and common sense has its privileges. Unaware that their lives are in firm control by the elite, not knowing the level of manipulation they are subjected to, ignorant to their incessant brainwashing practically from birth, the American masses are like sheep being herded from pasture to slaughter, unable to understand the control over their lives, unwilling to confront the malignancy that festers in their midst, and subservient to the wolves disguised as shepherds that lead them up the ramp of mirages into the corral of complete manipulation.


Indeed, the energy/petroleum industry, already morbidly obese with record breaking revenues, with each conglomerate literally making tens of billions of dollars in profits in multiple fiscal years, all at the expense of the average American consumer, has seemingly made the decision to sacrifice one fiscal quarter, or three months of revenues, choosing to break even instead of raking in billions in profits. This decision, of course, is to help ensure that the vital mid-term elections are decided in the direction most favorable to the industry. It has been the corporatist Republican Party, after all, that has in the last six years enabled the industry to lay claim to unimaginable levels of profit, power and control, both over the citizenry and the course of the nation.

Those at the helm of these oil multinationals have become our overlords, in the process making the government, now more than ever before, their instrument of domination. It was at their behest, their demand, that Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded and occupied, that the nation’s institutions have been infiltrated by the industry’s executives and lawyers, that the nation’s tax laws were rewritten so as to exclude the elite and appease the corporate world, that America’s environmental laws and regulations have been gutted, and the reason the American consumer has for six years been fleeced at the gas pump, with ever increasing prices becoming the new normal, so much so that if the price of gas drops fifty cents, as it is today, we think it wonderful, even though today’s discounted prices are much higher than those two years ago."

[end quote] - Manuel Valenzuela is an excellent observer and writer, and the rest can be read here at Url.: