Thursday, September 21, 2006

"V" for Neocon Vendetta

Special note on neocon viciousness in Washington, DC. This editor is being contacted by more and more U.S. government employees and members of the media who are reporting neocon viciousness at levels not seen here since their seizure of power in January 2001. All that can be said is that the neocon are not only vicious but vacuous, vain, vampire-like, vandalistic, vapid, vaporish, varicose, vaudevillian, vegetative, venal, vendetta-crazed, vengeful, venomous, ventral, ventricose, verminous, vertiginous, vesicant, vesicular, Vesuvian, vexatious, vicinal, victimizing, vigilantistic, vileness, villainous, violative, viperous, viral, visionless, vitriolic, vituperative, vociferous, void, volatile, vole-like, voluble, vomit-inducing, vulgar, and vulpine. [Thanks to "V" for the idea].