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Data Theft Chart - PERSONAL DATA THEFTS 2005-2009

Data Theft Chart

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Target DateNumber of persons affectedType of dataMethod
University of FloridaFeb. 200997,200SSNs, DOBsHacking
Rio Grande Food ProjectFeb. 200936,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Federal Aviation AdministrationFeb. 200945,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus OHFeb. 200923SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Parkland Health and Hospital System, TXFeb. 20099,300SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Kaiser PermanenteFeb. 200929,500med data, DOBsPhysical theft
Royal Liverpool University Hospital UKFeb. 2009354NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Baystate Medical Center Pediatrics, Springfield MAFeb. 2009unknownmedicalPhysical theft
Georgia State Board of Pardons and ParolesFeb. 2009unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
British CouncilJan. 20092,000NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University NHS Trust (UK)Jan. 20095,000NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Heartland Payment SystemsJan. 2009unknownCredit card nos.Hacking
Monster.comJan. 2006unknownDOBsHacking
Southwest Oregon Community CollegeJan. 2009200SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Univ. of Oregon Youth Transition ProgramJan. 20092,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Blue Ridge Community Action (NC)Jan. 2009300SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Continental AirlinesJan. 2009230SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
H.M. Prison Preston (UK)Jan. 20096,360NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Merrill LynchDec. 2008unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
RBS WorldPayDec. 20081,500,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
Lakes Region General Hospital, NHDec. 20081,500med dataPhysical theft
Pulte Homes, Las VegasDec. 200815,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Oak Tree Health Center (UK)Dec. 20088,000NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
The Bar Council (UK)Dec. 20083,000NINs, financial dataPhysical theft
Oregon Health & Science Univ.Dec. 2008890Med data, DOBPhysical theft
Hewlett-PackardDec. 2008"several thousands"SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Bill Dube Ford/Toyota, Dover MADec. 200810,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Ohio University-ChillicotheDec. 200838SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)Dec. 200816,857 (Katrna evacuees)SSNs, DOBsLeak
NSMC-Salem Hospital (MA)Dec. 200850SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
C-W Group (Vancouver)Dec. 20083,200,000SINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Dept. of Homeland SecurityDec. 20083,000SSNs, DOBs"Data loss"
US Army, Nuremberg, GermanyDec. 20086,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
StarbucksNov. 200897,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Maryland Dept. of EnvironmentNov. 2008>1,300SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Jackson-Madison Co. School System (TN)Nov. 2008200SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Trapeze Group (UK) Ltd.Nov. 20087,500children contact dataPhysical theft
Christus Health CareNov. 2008"thousands"SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Harvard Law schoolNov. 200821,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
No. Carolina Div. of Aging and Adult ServicesNov. 200885,045SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Baylor Health Care SystemNov. 2008100,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Arizona Dept. of Economic SecurityNov. 200840,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Bank of IrelandNov. 2008894financial dataPhysical theft
Naval Computer and Telecommunications Stations Naples, ItalyNov. 2008unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Medical Mutual of OhioOct. 200836,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
KRM ManagementOct. 20085,700SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
City of Goodyear, ArizonaOct. 2008570SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
UK Armed ForcesOct. 20081,700,000NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Network Rail, Vodafone, BSkyB, British Transport PoliceOct. 2008100,000NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of North DakotaOct 200884,554SSNs, DOBs, financial dataPhysical theft
West Virginia Dept. of AdministrationOct 2008535SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
T MobileOct 200817,000,000personal dataPhysical theft
Royal Air Force (UK)Sep 200850,000Service nos., DOBsPhyscal theft
Tennessee State Univ.Sep 20089,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Winchester GP (UK)Sep 200815,000NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Univ. of PittsburghSep 2008unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
GS Caltex (Korea)Sep 200811,100,000SSNs, DOBsLeak
National Offender Management Service (UK)Sep 20085,000NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Reynoldsburg, Ohio School DistrictAug 20084,259SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Kansas State Univ.

Aug 2008

86SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
UK Home OfficeAug 2008"tens of thousands" of criminalsNINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Kingston Tax Service (WA)Aug 2008unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Charter CommunicationsAug 2008>9,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Dept. of Social and Family Affairs (Ireland)Aug 2008380,000financial dataPhysical theft
Harris County (TX) Hospital DistrictAug 20081,200SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Arapahoe Community CollegeAug 200815,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Countrywide Financial Corp.Aug 20082,000,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Stepping Hill Hospital, UKAug 20081, 581NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Ohio Dept. of Jobs and Family ServicesJul 20082,600SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Anheuser-BuschJul 2008unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Hillsborough Community CollegeJul 20082,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Tinley Park, ILJul 200820,400SSNsPhysical theft
Minnesota Veteran's HomeJul 2008336SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Falkirk and District Royal Infirmary (Scotland)Jul 200889medical dataPhysical theft
Bristol Myers-SquibbJul 2008unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Missouri National GuardJul 20002,000SSNs, DOBsUnknown
Ft. Lewis Army BaseJul 2008900SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Yan Chai Hospital (Hong Kong)Jul 20083,000ID card nos., DOBsPhysical theft
Associated Newspapers (Daily Mail) (UK)Jul 2008"thousands"personal, financial dataPhysical theft
Texas Dept. of Public SafetyJun 2008826SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
CNET NetworksJun 20086,500SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Virgin Media (UK)Jun 20083,000financial dataPhysical theft
Castlecroft Medical Practice (UK)Jun 200811,000NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Dickson County (TN) Board of EducationJun 2008850SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of Utah Hospitals and ClinicsJun 20082,200,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
East Tennessee State UniversityJun 20086,200SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Stanford UniversityJun 200872,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Canadian Canola Growers AssociationJun 200832,000SINs, DOBsPhysical theft
AT&TJun 2008unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Medisure, UKJun 2008"thousands"NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Conncticut Dept. of aborJun 20082,100SSNs, DOBs"Lost"
Walter Reed Army Medical CenterJun 20081,000SSNs, DOBsLeak
State StreetMay 200845,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
HealthSpring (Tenn.)May 20089,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
BNY Mellon Shareowner ServicesMay 20084,500,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Univ. of Florida College of MedicineMay 20081,900SSNs, DOBsLoss
Greil Memorial Psychiatric HospitalMay 2008"hundreds"SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Spring Independent School District, TexasMay 20088,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
BB&T InsuranceMay 2008unknown


Physical theft
First Calgary SavingsMay 2008"hundreds"Personal dataPhysical theft
PfizerMay 200813,000Salary info, Employee ID Nos.Physical theft
Coos County, OregonMay 2008500SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank (HK)May 2008159,000financial dataPhysical theft
SAICMay 20081,376SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Iredell County, NCApr 2008468SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Boots Dental Plan (UK)Apr 200834,000financial dataPhysical theft
General Internal Medicine, Lancaster, PAApr 200812,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Chrysler Financial, Windsor ONTApr 2008unknownFinancial dataPhysical theft
College Invest/Colorado Dept. of Higher EducationApr 2008200,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Bank of IrelandApr 200810,000Financial, medical dataPhysical theft
Central Collection Bureau, IndianaApr 2008700,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
University of Miami, FLApr. 200847,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Connecticut State University systemApr. 20083,400SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
University of VirginiaApr 20088,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical CenterApr 200840,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
PfizerApr 2008800credit card dataPhysical theft
Antioch UniversityMar 200870,000SSNs, DobsHacking
Bank of New York Mellon Shareowners ServiceMar 20083,500SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
National Institutes of HealthMar 20082,500Dobs, medical dataPhysical theft
Agilent TechnologiesMar 200851,000Dobs, SSNsPhysical theft
Rhode Island Dept. of AdministrationMar 20081,400Dobs, SSNsPhysical theft
University Health Care of UtahMar 20084,800Dobs, SSNsPhysical theft
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Western New YorkMar 200840,000Dobs, SSNsPhysical theft
Nevada Dept. of Public SafetyMar 2008109Dobs, SSNsPhysical theft
Madeley Health Clinic, Telford, UKMar 2008>200Dobs, medical treatmentPhysical theft
Newfoundland Eastern School DistrictFeb 200828,000Medicare numbers

Physical theft

Russells Hall Hospital (UK)Feb 20085,123Medical dataPhysical theft
Lifeblood blood center, Memphis Feb 2008321,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Modesto (CA) City SchoolsFeb 200815,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Jefferson Co. Public Schools (CO)Feb 20082,900Student ID Nos, DobsPhysical theft
Memorial Hospital, South Bend, In.Feb 20084,300SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Diocese of ProvidenceFeb 20085,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Univ. of Minnesota Reproductive Medicine CenterJan 20083,100Medical dataPhysical theft
South Carolina Dept. of Health and Environmental ControlJan 2008400SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJJan 2008300,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Wake Co. (NC) Emergency Medical ServicesJan 2008850SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Georgetown UniversityJan 200838,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
T. Rowe PriceJan 200835,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Marine Corps Community Services, JapanJan 20084,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Fallon Community Health Services (MA)Jan 200829,800SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Penn State Univ.Jan 2008677SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
UK Ministry of DefenseJan 2008600,000NINs, passport, medical dataPhysical theft
GE Money/Iron MountainJan 2008>150,000, possibly 650,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Tennessee Tech Univ.Jan 2008990SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Kraft FoodsJan 200820,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Oldham (UK) NHS Primary Care TrustJan 2008148NINs, Dobs, medical dataPhysical theft
University of AkronJan 2008800SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Dorothy Haines Elementary School, GeorgiaJan 2008unknownSSNs, DobsPhysical theft
New Mexico State Univ.Jan 2008unknownSSNs, DobsPhysical theft
US Air ForceDec 200710,501SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Staten Island University HospitalDec 200788,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Florida Dept. of Children and FamiliesDec 2007unknownSSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Health Net, ConnecticutDec 20075,000SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Utah Workers Compensation FundDec 20072,800SSNs, DobsPhysical theft
Davidson County TN Election CommissionDec 2007337,000SSNsPhysical theft
Minnesota Dept. of Commerce, Promissor Corp.Dec 2007219 state licenseesSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Skipton Financial Services, UKDec 200714,000NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Dormitory Authority of State of New YorkDec 2007800SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Pennsylvania Dept. of AgingDec 200721,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
HM Revenue and Customs, Cardiff, WalesDec 20076,500NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Royal Bolton Hospital, UKDec 2007350NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
West Penn Allegheny Health System, PADec 200742,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Deloitte & ToucheDec 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Iowa Dept. of Natural ResourcesDec 20077,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Sutter Lakeside Hospital, CADec 200745,000SSNs, DOBs, medical dataPhysical theft
TriCare EuropeDec 2007>4700SSNs, DOBsHacking
Citizen's Advice, Northern IrelandDec 200760,000NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Oak Ridge National LaboratoryDec 200712,000 lab visitors, 1990-2004SSNs, DOBsHacking
Memorial Blood Centers, MinneapolisDec 2007268,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Prescription Advantage, MassachusettsNov 2007150,000SSNs, DOBsunknown
Forrester Research, MassachusettsNov 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
TelSell, NetherlandsNov 200730,000Visa/MC infoPhysical theft
Roudebush Veterans Medical Center, IndianapolisNov 200712,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, AlbertaNov 2007270 childrenmedical dataPhysical theft
State of Nevada Personnel OfficeNov 2007"hundreds"SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
H.M. Revenue & Customs (UK)Nov 200725,000,000NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
Battelle & Battelle LLC, OhioNov 2007>600SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Veterans Affairs Dept.Nov 2007185,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Service CanadaNov 20071,600SINs, DOBsPhysical theft
A. J. Falciani Realty Co. (NJ)Nov 2007500-1000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Commerce Bank, Cherry Hill, NJNov 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Carolinas Medical Center-North EastNov 200728,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Butte Community BankNov 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
HM Revenue and CustomsNov 200715,000NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
City University of New YorkOct 200720,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Hartford Financial Services GroupOct 2007230,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of Nevada, RenoOct 200716,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
US Postal Service, OahuOct 20073,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of AkronOct 20071,200SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Dixie State CollegeOct 200711,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
West Virginia Public Employees Insurance AgencyOct 2007200,000SSNs, DOBsPhysiclal theft
University of CincinnatiOct 20077,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Louisiana Office of Student Financial AssistanceOct 2007virtually all Louisiana college applicants over oast 9 yearsSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Home DepotOct 200710,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
AdministaffOct 2007159,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Transportation Security AdministrationOct 20073,930 HAZMAT driversSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
King Co., Washington Transportation Dept.Oct 20071,400SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
SemtechOct 2007690SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Carnegie Mellon UniversityOct 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of IowaOct 2007187SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Her Majesty's Customs (UK)Oct 2007400financial dataPhysical theft
Kartenhaus, Hamburg, GermanyOct 200766,000credit card nos.Physical theft
Athens (GA) Regional Health ServiceOct 20071,441SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Massachusetts Div. of Public LicensureOct 2007450,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Gap Inc.Sep 2007800,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
ABN Amro Mortgage Co.Sep 20075,000SSNs, DOBsData leak
City of Columbus, OhioSep 20073,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of Michigan Nursing SchoolSep 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
St. Edmundsbury Borough Council (UK)Sep 20071,380NINs, DOBsPhysical theft
TD AmeriTradeSep 20073,600,000"personal data"Hacking
TennCare/Americhoice Inc.Sep 200767,000SSNs, DOBs

Physical theft

Pennsylvania Department of Public WelfareSep 2007300,000+SSNs, DOBs

Physical theft

McKessonSep 2007"thousands"SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Pfizer, Inc.Aug 200734,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Johns Hopkins HospitalAug 2075,783SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, OntarioAug 20073,300DOBs, medical dataPhysical theft
Maryland Department of the EnvironmentAug 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
AT&TAug 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Connecticut Department of Revenue ServicesAug 2007100,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
American Ex-Prisoners of WarAug 200735,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Loomis Chaffee SchoolAug 2007"several hundreds"SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
New York City Financial Information Services AgencyAug 2007280,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
West Virginia Board of Barbers and CosmetologistsAug 20074,387SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Foothill-De Anza CollegeAug 20073,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Monster.com and USAJobs.govAug 20071,446,000personal dataHacking
Toshiba General Hospital (Japan)Aug 200751,156DOBs, personal and medical dataPhysical theft
Idaho National GuardAug 20073,400SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
PfizerAug 2007950SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Providence Alaska Medical CenterAug 2007250SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Legacy Health Clinic, OregonAug 2007747SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Tele2 (Norway)Aug 200760,000National Personal Identity Numbers, DOBsPhysical theft
Loyola UniversityAug 20075,800SSNs, DOBs

Discarded hard drive

Yale UniversityAug 200710,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Alabama Medicaid/EDSAug 2007498SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Merrill LynchAug 200730,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
First Reponse Finance (UK)Aug 2007"thousands"personal dataPhysical theft
VerisignAug 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Kellogg Community Federal Credit Union (Mich.)Aug 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Capital Health (Edmonton, Alberta)Aug 200720,000Health Card Numbers, DOBsPhysical theft
E. OnJul 20073,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of ToledoJul 20071,800SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Yuba County Child Support ServicesJul 200770,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
City of Virginia BeachJul 20072,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
American Education ServicesJul 20075,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
AflacJul 2007152,000 Japanese customersPolicy nos. DOBsPhysical theft
St. Vincent Hospital, IndianapolisJul 200751,000SSNs, DOBsData leak
Cricket CommunicationsJul 2007300Credit card nos.Physical theft
Western UnionJul 200720,000Credit card nos.Hacking
Disney Movie ClubJul 2007unknownCredit card nos.Physical theft
Cuyahoga CountyJul 20073,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Resona Bank, JapanJul 2007980,000Account nos.Physical theft
SecuritasJul 2007100,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Highland UniversityJul 2007420SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Fidelity National Information ServicesJul 20072,300,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Harrison County (NV) Schools

Jun 2007

unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Bowling Green State UniversityJun 2007199SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Ohio Bureau of Worker's CompensationJun 2007439SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Texas First BankJun 20074,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
American AirlinesJun 2007300 pilots, other employeesSSNs, DOBsData leak
Tokyo University HospitalJun 2007120DOBs, medical dayaPhysical theft
Texas A&M Corpus Christi

Jun 2007

8,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
State of OhioJun 2007over 1,000,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Coastal Community Credit UnionJun 2007120,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Eden Project (Cornwall, UK)Jun 2007500DOBs, National Insurance Nos.Physical theft
Grand Valley State UniversityJun 20073,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
PfizerJun 200717,000DOBs, SSNsHacking
Concordia HospitalJun 20073,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Bank of ScotlandMay 200762,000Mortgage acct. nos., DOBsPhysical theft
Fresno CountyMay 200710,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
North Carolina Department of TransportationMay 200725,000DOBs, SSNsHacking

Target DateNumber of persons affectedType of dataMethod
University of Colorado's College of Arts and Sciences' Academic Advising CenterMay 200744,998SSNs, DOBsHacking
Yuma (AZ) School DistrictMay 200791SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officers Standards and EducationMay 2007229,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Northwestern UniversityMay 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Lucent/AlcatelMay 2007200,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
IBMMay 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Birmingham Veterans Medical CenterMay 2007unknownSSNs, DOBs, Unique Physician ID Nos. (UPINs)Physical theft
UCI Medical Center, CAMay 2007300SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Highland Hospital, Rochester, NYMay 200713,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Texas Health and Human Services CommissionMay 20079,000,000DOBs, SSNsTwo week "loss"
University of MissouriMay 200722,396DOBs, SSNsHacking
US Transportation Security AdministrationMay 2007100,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Marks and Spencer (UK)May 200720,000DOBs, NINsPhysical theft
Royal Cornwall Trusts National Health Service (UK)May 20075,000DOBs, National Insurance Numbers (NINs)Physical theft
Louisiana State UniversityApr. 2007750DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
New Zealand Inland Revenue DepartmentApr. 2007unknown on 106 missing computersfinancial dataPhysical theft
Maryland Dept. of Natural ResourcesApr. 20071,400DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
J. P. Morgan ChaseApr. 200747,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
University of New MexicoApr. 20073,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Caterpillar, Inc.Apr. 2007unknownDOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Neiman MarcusApr. 2007160,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Baltimore County Dept. of HealthApr. 20076,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Census BureauApr. 200730,000SSNsLeak
Ohio State UniversityApr. 200717,500DOBs, SSNsHacking
Univ. of California, San FranciscoApr. 20073,000DOBs, SSNs, cancer patient dataPhysical theft
Bank of AmericaApr. 2007unknownDOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
New Horizons Community Credit Union, COApr. 20079,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
ChildNet, Broward County FL child welfare servicesApr. 200712,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Georgia Dept. of Community Health/Affiliated Computer Services, Inc.Apr. 20072,900,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Chicago Public SchoolsApr. 200740,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Florists' Mutual Insurance Company (Hortica)Apr. 2007unknownDOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
DCH Health SystemsApr. 20076,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Internal Revenue ServiceApr. 2007480DOBs, SSNs, tax dataPhysical theft
University of California, San FranciscoApr. 200746,000DOBs, SSNsHacking
University of Montana - WesternMar. 2007500DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Naval Station San DiegoMar. 2007unknownDOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
Los Angeles County Child Support ServicesMar. 2007243,000DOBs, SSNsPhysical theft
National Health System (UK)Mar. 200711,500DOBs, addresses of childrenPhysical theft
Halifax Bank (UK)Mar. 200713,000Mortgage, financial dataPhysical theft
US Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)Fort Monroe, VAMar. 200716,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Group Health Cooperative Health Care System, Washington stateMar. 200731,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Swedish Urology Group, SeattleMar. 2007hundredsSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Tax Service Plus, Santa Rosa, CAMar. 20074,000SSNs, DOBs, tax infoPhysical theft
Ohio State AuditorMar. 20072,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Empire Blue CrossMar. 200775,000SSNs, DOBs, medical dataPhysical theft
California National Guard, San Diego Naval BaseFeb. 20071,300SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Metropolitan State College of DenverFeb. 2007988SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Hospital for Sick Children, Ontario, CanadaFeb. 2007unknownmedical dataPhysical theft
Tokyo University of ScienceFeb. 20078800Personal dataPhysical theft
Gulf Coast Medical CenterFeb. 20079900SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Japan Post OfficeFeb. 2007290,000Financial dataPhysical theft
Worcester County Council, UKFeb. 200719,000National insurance, bank dataPhysical theft
SpeedmarkFeb. 200735,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Seton Hospitals, AustinFeb. 20077800SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Iowa Department of EducationFeb. 2007160,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
Kaiser PermanenteFeb. 200722,000SSNs, DOBs, medical dataPhysical theft
State of IndianaFeb. 20075600Credit card numbersHacking
Radford University, Family Access to Medical Insurance Security (FAMIS)Feb. 20072400SSNs, DOBsHacking
St. Mary's Hospital, Leonardtown, MDFeb. 2007130,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Johns Hopkins UniversityFeb. 200752,000*

These did not include past/present employees of Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, which works closely with the NSA, CIA, and other US intelligence agencies

SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
New York State Department of LaborFeb. 2007527SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Wisconsin Legislative Human Resources OfficeFeb. 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
CTS Tax ServiceFeb. 2007800SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Massachusetts Dept. of Industrial AccidentsJan. 20071,200SSNs, DOBsHacking
University of MissouriJan. 20071,220SSns, DOBsHacking
Dept. of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Birmingham, ALJan. 200748,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Massachusetts National Guard, LowellJan. 2007unknownpersonal data on recruitsPhysical theft
Vermont Department of Human ServicesJan. 200770,000SSNs, DOBs, bank account numbersHacking
Salina Regional Health CenterJan. 20071,100SSNs, DOBs, medical dataPhysical theft
Eastern Illinois UniversityJan. 20071,400SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Anthem Blue Cross Blue ShieldJan. 200750,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Vanguard UniversityJan. 2007over 5,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Rutgers University-NewarkJan. 2007200SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
XeroxJan. 2007297SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Chicago Board of ElectionsJan. 20071,300,000SSNsMissing CDs
Greenville County (NC) School DistrictJan. 2007"thousands"SSNs, DOBsTemporarily "missing"
Internal Revenue Service - Kansas CityJan. 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
KB HomesJan. 20072,700SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce - Talvest FundJan. 2007470,000Personal financial dataPhysical theft
MoneyGram InternationalJan. 200779,000Bank account nos.Hacking
Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District, CAJan. 2007500Credit card nos.Physical theft
University of New MexicoJan. 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of Notre DameJan. 2007unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Selma, North Carolina Fire DepartmentJan. 2007volunteer firemenSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
North Carolina Department of RevenueDec. 200630,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
TJX, Corp. (T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, etc.)Dec. 200645.7 millioncredit card dataHacking
Academic Magnet High School, Charleston, SCDec. 2006hundredspersonal dataPhysical theft
Key BankDec. 20069,300SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Deaconess Hospital, INDec. 2006128SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Towers PerrinDec, 2006tens of thousandsSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Bank of AmericaDec. 2006unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
US State DepartmentDec. 2006700Passport application dataPhysical theft
Santa Clara County, CADec. 20062,500SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
City of Wickliffe, OHDec. 2006125SSNs, DOBsHacking
Geisinger Health SystemsDec. 200625,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Aetna/Concentra Preferred SystemsDec. 2006130,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
St. Vrain Valley School District, CODec. 2006600Medicaid NumbersPhysical theft
University of Colorado, BoulderDec. 200617,500SSNs, DOBsHacking
BoeingDec. 2006382,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
UCLADec. 2006800,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
Independent Living Funds (UK)Dec. 200619,000NINs, DOBs, bank dataPhysical theft
Premier BankDec. 20061,800account dataPhysical theft
West Virginia Air National GuardDec. 2006unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Nassau Community CollegeDec. 200621,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of IdahoNo.v 2006300,800SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Pennsylvania Dept. of TransportationNov. 200611,384SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Academic Magnet High School, Charleston, SCNov. 2006hundredspersonal dataPhysical theft
Cal State, Los AngelesNov. 20062,534SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Scotland Yard/Logica CMGNov. 200615,000National Insurance, DOBsPhysical theft
Indiana Dept. of Health, Breast and Cervical Cancer ProgramNov. 20067,500SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Kaiser Permanente ColoradoNov. 200638,000Medical ID Nos., DOBsPhysical theft
Connors State CollegeNov. 200622,500SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Los Alamos National Lab/KSL ServicesNov. 20061000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Calgary Health RegionNov. 20061000 childrenPersonal and medical dataPhysical theft
Butte County, CaliforniaNov. 2006n/aelectronic voting machinePhysical theft
StarbucksNov. 200660,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Villanova UniversityNov. 20061243DOBs, driver's license numbersPhysical theft
Greater Media, BostonNov. 2006unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Muskogee Veterans HospitalNov. 20061400SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Manhattan Veterans Medical CenterOct. 2006"hundreds"SSNs, DOBs, medical dataPhysical theft
US Army Cadet CommandOct. 20064600SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Hancock Askew & Co.Oct, 2006unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
GymboreeOct. 200620,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Children's Hospital, Akron, OHOct. 2006200,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
Colorado Dept. of Human Services/Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS)Oct. 2006unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Ontario Science CenterOct. 2006unknownPersonal and credit card infoPhysical theft
Dept. of Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration/Portland International AirportOct. 2006500SSNs, DOBs"Lost"
St. Francis Hospital/Advanced Receivable StrategyOct. 2006260,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Allina Hospitals and ClinicsOct. 200614,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
T-MobileOct. 200643,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Germanton Elementary SchoolOct. 2006unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Capistrano School District, CAOct. 2006unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Cleveland Air Route Traffic Control CenterOct. 2006400SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Troy Athens High School, MIOct. 2006unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
US Marine Corps Base Camp PendletonOct. 20062400SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Willamette Educational Service District Office, OROct. 20064500high school student personal dataPhysical theft
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Security Badging OfficeOct. 20066,939SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Brock University, CanadaOct. 200670,000credit card, bank acct. numbersHacking
Adams State CollegeSep. 2006184SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Univ. of Texas, ArlingtonSep. 20062500SSNs, gradesPhysical theft
North Carolina Dept. of Motor VehiclesSep. 200616,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Dept. of Homeland Security: FEMA and Coast GuardSep. 2006unknownpost-Katrina/Rita dataPhysical theft
American Family InsuranceSep. 2006more than 2,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Mercy Medical Center, Merced County CASep. 2006295SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Univ. of Texas, San AntonioSep. 200664,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
Law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, San FranciscoSep. 2006500SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Michigan Dept. of Community HealthSep. 20064000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
DePaul Medical Center, Norfolk, VASep. 2006over 100SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Purdue UniversitySep. 20062400SSNs, DOBsHacking
Erlanger Hospital (TN)Sep. 20064150SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Nagasaki University HospitalSep. 20069,000DOBs, diagnoses of hematology patientsPhysical theft
General ElectricSep. 2006"thousands"SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Univ. of Colorado, BoulderSep. 20061,372SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
St. Francis County Court House, ARSep. 2006unknownjudicial informationPhysical theft
US Commerce Dept./Census BureauSep. 2006possibly hundreds of millionspersonal informationPhysical theft
Linden Lab/Second LifeSep. 2006650,000personal informationHacking
BMO Bank of MontrealSep. 2006900financial informationPhysical theft
Florida National GuardSep. 2006100SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Nationwide Retirement SolutionsSep. 200638,443SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Wells Fargo Health PlanAug. 2006unknownSSNs, prescription dataPhysical theft
LabCorp Monroe NJ Patient Service CenterAug. 2006unknownSSNs,Physical theft
AT&TAug. 200619,000Credit card numbers, other financial dataHacking
PortTixAug. 20062,000Credit card informationHacking
University of MinnesotaAug. 200613,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Department of Education/Affiliated Computer Systems (ACS)Aug. 200621,000SSNs, DOBs, financial dayaLeak
Sovereign BankAug. 2006"thousands""Personal" informationPhysical theft
Dominion ResourcesAug. 2006unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration/DOTAug, 2006193 motor carrier driversCommercial driver's license numbers, DOBsPhysical theft
AFLACAug. 2006162SSNs, DOBs, police informationPhysical theft
PSA Health CareAug. 200651,000SSNs, DOBs, health informationPhysical theft
Troy William Beaumont HospitalAug. 200628,473SSNs, DOBs, medical informationPhysical theft
HCA, Inc.Aug. 2006"thousands"SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
California Dept. of Mental HealthAug. 20069,468SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
ChevronAug. 200629,000SSNs, DOBs, financial dataPhysical theft
Sonoma-WilliamsAug. 20061,200SSNs, DOBs, financial dataPhysical theft
Kaiser PermanenteAug. 2006160,000DOBs, Medical record numbersPhysical theft
Unisys/Dept. of Veterans AffairsAug. 200638,000SSNs, DOBs, medical informationPhysical theft
U.S. Department of TransportationJul 2006133,000 transportation workers, including pilotsSSNs, DOBs, addressesPhysical theft
US BankJul 2006unknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Dollar TreeJul 20061000ATM PINsHacking
Belhaven CollegeJul 2006300SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Sentinel InsuranceJul 2006112,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
U.S. NavyJun-Jul 200631,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Cingular WirelessJuly 2006UnknownCorporate dataPhysical theft
Naval Safety CenterJuly 2006over 100,000SSNs, DOBsLeak
Automated Data Processing (ADP)July 2006hundreds of thousandsfinancial dataLeak
Bisys Group, Inc.July 200661,000 hedge fund investorsSSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
U.S. Department of AgricultureJuly 2006350 employeesSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of TennesseeJuly 200636,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
Northwestern UniversityJuly 200617,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
National Association of Securities DealersJuly 200676 NASD investigators plus securities dealers under investigationInvestigation dataPhysical theft
Moraine Park Technical College, WIJuly 20061,500SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of IowaJuly 2006280SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Montana Pubic Health and Human Services Dept.July 2006UnknownSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Armstrong World IndustriesJuly 200612,000SSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
New York Dept. of Homeless ServicesJuly 20068,400SSNs, DOBsLeak
CS StarsJuly 2006540,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
NelnetJuly 2006188,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Madrona Medical GroupJune 20066,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
City of Hattiesburg, MississippiJune 200623,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Vassar Brothers Medical CenterJune 2006257,800SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Compass HealthJune 2006unknownSSNs, DOBs, other personal dataPhysical theft
Dept. of Veterans Affairs, MinneapolisJune 2006 (reported)

(occurred in 2005)

60SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Western Illinois UniversityJune 2006180,000SSNs, credit card dataHacking
Cape Fear Health SystemJune 200624,350SSNs, medical dataPhysical theft
University of Michigan Credit UnionJune 20065,000SSNs, financial data on paper filesPhysical theft
Nebraska Treasurer's OfficeJune 2006300,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
Minnesota Department of RevenueJune 20062,400 taxpayers/48,000 businessesSSNs, other personal dataPhysical theft
Allstate, Huntsville, ALJune 2006UnknownInsurance infoPhysical theft
Department of the NavyJune 200628,000SSNs, DOBsLeak
Department of AgricultureJune 200626,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
San Francisco State UniversityJune 20063,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
ING BankJune 200613,000SSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
University of Alabama - BirminghamJune 20069,800SSNs, medical dataPhysical theft
VISA USAJune 2006possibly millionsfinancial dataLeak
Federal Trade CommissionJune 20061,100 FTC employeesSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Denver Election CommissionJune 2006150,000Voter's recordsPhysical theft
Oregon Dept. of RevenueJune 20062,200 Tax recordsTrojan horse
Union Pacific RailroadJune 200630,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
KDDI Telco, JapanJune 20064,000,000Phone numbers, DOBsLeaked
Minnesota State AuditorJune 2006493 state employeesSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
New York State Controller's OfficeJune 20061,300 state employeesSSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
Humana Medicare ProgramJune 2006 17,000SSNs, DOBs,Medical info Poss. compromise
Hanford Nuclear Reservation June 20064,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Royal Ahold (Giant, Tops, Stop & Shop supermarkets) June 2006Unknown numberSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Buckeye Community Health Plan (Ohio) June 200672,000SSNs, medical dataPhysical theft
Internal Revenue Service June 2006291 IRS employeesSSNs, fingerprints, DOBsPhysical theft
CUSO Mortgage Co.May 20061,695SSNs, DOBs, financial dataHacking
Old Mutual Capital, Inc.May 20066500 shareholdersSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
YMCA Rhode Island May 200665,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
EquifaxMay 20062,500SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of Delaware May 20061,076SSNs, DOBsHacking
Sacred Heart University May 2006unknownSSNs, DOBsHacking
Mercantile Potomac Bank May 200648,000SSNs, account dataPhysical theft
Florida International University May 2006thousandsSSNs, DOBsHacking
American Red Cross, TexasMay 2006unknownDOBs, medical informationPhysical theft
University of KentuckyMay 20066,500SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Miami University of Ohio May 2006851SSNs, DOBsLoss of hardware
American Institute of CPAs May 2006 330,000SSNs, DOBsLoss of hardware
Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp. May 20061,300,000SSNs, DOBsLoss of hardware
University of Ohio Hudson Health Center May 200660,000SSNs, medical dataHacking
Humana Medicare Program May 2006250 Medicare applicantsPaper applicationsPhysical theft
Wells Fargo Bank May 2006unknownSSNs, account dataPhysical theft
Dept. of Veterans Affairs May 200628,700,000SSNs, medical informationPhysical theft
Columbus Bank & Trust May 20062,000Credit card dataPhysical theft
Department of Transportation IG Office MiamiApr 2006unknowncase filesPhysical theft
BoeingApr. 20063,600SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of Ohio Apr 2006137,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
Purdue Engineering School Apr 20061,351SSNs, DOBsHacking
Department of Defense Apr 200614,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
Aetna Apr 200638,000SSNs, other dataPhysical theft
Morgan Stanley, Clydesdale Bank (UK), Master Card Apr 20062,000Credit card data Hacking
University of Texas McCombs Business SchoolApr 2006197,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
Fraser Health Authority, Br. ColumbiaApr 2006 thousandsSINs, DOBsPhysical theft
University of Alaska Fairbanks Apr 200638,941 SSNs, DOBsHacking
Ohio Secretary of State Apr 20067,700,000voters SSNs"Leak" on CDs
Iron Mountain, Inc. Apr 200617,000 Long Island Railroad employees and retirees, Bronx VA Hospital SSNs, other dataPhysical theft
American Red Cross Mar 20068,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
American International Group (AIG)/Medical Excess LLC Mar 2006930,000SSNs, medical informationPhysical theft
U.S. Marine Corps Mar 2006207,000 SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Georgia Technology Authority Mar 2006570,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
Vermont State Colleges Mar 200614,000SSNs, credit dataPhysical theft
Verizon Mar 2006significant numberSSNs, other dataPhysical theft
Hewlett-Packard/Fidelity Investments Mar 2006196,000SSNs, other dataPhysical theft
Ernst & Young Mar 2006thousands of records on IBM employeesSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Medco Health Solutions Mar 20064600SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Hotels.com Feb 2006243,000Credit card informationPhysical theft
Choice Point Feb 2006150,000Subscriber dataLeak
Georgetown University Feb 200641,000 elderly DC residentsSSNs, DOBsHacking
Metropolitan College (Denver) Feb 200693,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Olympic Funding Chicago Feb. 2006unknownSSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
Ernst & Young Feb. 2006unknownSSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
Deloitte & Touche Feb. 20069,000 McAfee employeesSSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
PriceWaterhouseCoopers Feb. 20064,000SSNs, health dataPhysical theft
Mount St. Mary's Hospital (NY) Feb. 2006unknownSSNs, health dataPhysical theft
US Department of Agriculture Feb. 2006350,000 SSNs, DOBsLeak
Providence Home Services Jan. 2006365,000SSNs, medical dataPhysical theft
State of HawaiiJan. 200640,000 state employees plus family membersSSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Ameriprise Financial, Inc. Jan. 2006226,000SSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
People's Bank Jan. 200690,000SSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
Atlantis Resorts (Bahamas) Jan. 200655,000SSNs, credit dataPhysical theft
California National Guard Jan. 2006hundreds of GuardsmenSSNs, other dataPhysical theft
University of Washington Medical Ctr.Jan. 20061,600SSNs, medical dataPhysical theft
Marriott Dec. 2005206,000SSNs, credit dataPhysical theft
Ford Motors Dec. 200570,000 SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
LaSalle Bank/ABN Amro MortgageDec.20052,000,000 SSNs, financial dataLost/recovered
First Trust Bank Dec.2005thousandsSSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
ING BankDec. 20058,500SSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
TransUnion Nov. 2005 3,623credit dataPhysical theft
BoeingNov. 2005161,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Safeway Nov. 20051,400SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Keck School of Medicine (USC) Nov. 200550,000 SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Univ. of Tennessee Medical Center Oct. 20053,800SSNs, medical dataPhysical theft
Wilcox Memorial Hospital Oct. 2005130,000SSNs, DOBs Physical theft
National Nuclear Safety Administration Sep 20051,500 SSNs, DOBsHacking
Children's Health Council (Palo Alto) Sep. 20056,000SSNs, medical dataPhysical theft
North Fork Bank Sep. 2005 9,000SSNs, financial data Physical theft
Kent State University Sep. 2005100,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
J. P Morgan Chase Aug.2005unknownSSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
Arizona Biodyne (Blue Cross/Blue Shield) Jul 200557,000SSNs, medical dataPhysical theft
City National Bank (LA) Jul 2005unknownSSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Jun 20056,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
American Red Cross, TexasJun 2005unknownDOBs, medical informationPhysical theft
Motorola Jun 2005unknownfinancial, call data Physical theft
U.S. Department of Justice/Omega Travel Jun 200580,000travel, credit dataPhysical theft
Cleveland State University Jun 200544,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
California Dept. of Health Services May 200521,600SSNs, medical dataPhysical theft
Colorado State Health Department May 20051,600 familiesSSNs, medical dataPhysical theft
Lexis-Nexis May 2005310,000Phone recordsHacking
Bank of America, Wachovia, Commerce Bancorp, PNC Bank NAMay 2005676,000Bank account information Hacking
Valdosta State May 200540,000SSNs, DOBsHacking
MCI April 200516,500SSNs, employment dataPhysical theft
Georgia Southern Univ. April 2005thousandsSSNs, credit cardHacking
San Jose Medical Group April 2005185,000SSNs, medical dataPhysical theft
Iron Mountain, Inc. Mar 2005600,000 Time Warner employeesSSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
University of California, Berkeley Mar 2005100,000SSNs, DOBsPhysical theft
Ameritrade Feb. 2005200,000SSNs, financial dataPhysical theft
Bank of America Feb. 20051,200,000 Federal employeesSSNs, credit dataPhysical theft
Australian High Tech Crime CenterFeb. 20053,500financial data, law enforcement dataLoss