Thursday, May 21, 2009

FBI "set up" four charged with planned "terrorist" attacks in New York

The FBI appears to have embarked on conducting a series of entrapment-oriented terrorist "sting operations" directed against Muslims and African Americans in the United States. Based on successful convictions of Muslim and black men in Miami and New Jersey, the "Liberty City 7" and "Fort Dix 5" plots, respectively, which saw men convicted in terrorist "stings" crafted by FBI agents, four men in New York have been charged with planning to attack targets in Riverdale in The Bronx and Newburgh, New York.

One of the alleged targets was the Riverdale Temple synagogue in Riverdale. New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the four planned to "commit jihad." The quartet was also charged with planning to shoot down National Guard planes with surface-to-air Stinger missiles. One of the men charged was of Afghan origin. The corporate media is playing the incident up as a "serious" terrorist attempt when, in fact, it was completely staged by the FBI.

WMR has learned from an FBI source that the four men were not investigated by the FBI for a plot that was already underway but were enticed by FBI agents to participate in a plot completely hatched and facilitated by the bureau. The FBI even provided phony bombs that were placed in a black SUV that was parked outside of Riverdale Temple and an adjacent Jewish community center. New York Police smashed the windows of the SUV in a staged event and handcuffed the four men.

Earlier this month, five men in Miami, including a Haitian national, were convicted of working with "Al Qaeda" to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago. The conviction followed two mis-trials. One of the "Riverdale 4" is also reportedly a Haitian national. The Fort Dix 5, who included three ethnic Albanian brothers, a Turk, and a Jordanian, were convicted last December of planning to attack with assault weapons U.S. military personnel at Fort Dix in New Jersey. The operation against the five began when the Jewish clerk of a Mount Laurel, New Jersey Circuit City store notified police that one of the Albanian brothers dropped off a videotape for conversion to a DVD. The tape showed men firing paint ball guns in the Poconos. The clerk was aspiring for a law enforcement career with the FBI.