Friday, May 08, 2009

Was Clan Bush involved in looting of other Federal Reserve Banks?

There is additional information to report on the Treasury Note that is secured by $250 billion in gold (2500 metric tons) at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. After the sudden resignation of New York Federal Reserve Bank Chairman Stephen Friedman, a one-time top economic adviser to President George W. Bush and someone who apparently profited from the government's bailout of Goldman Sachs while he served as both Chairman of the New York Fed and as a board member for Goldman Sachs, the entire Federal Reserve Bank system appears to be involved in a massive ploy to loot the United States of its gold and cash reserves.

On May 5, 2009, WMR reported: "According to WMR's sources, the FBI and London police are working together on a case that involved a $250 billion U.S. Treasury Note seized by the FBI from a London safety deposit box company, London Safe Deposit Company, Ltd. The box was reportedly placed at the London firm by self-described 20-year CIA veteran Robert Booth Nichols, who reportedly died in Geneva, Switzerland on February 14, 2009.

A heart attack was believed to have been the cause of death but there was a blow to Nichols's head. A 'friend' of Nichols, a New York stockbroker who was reportedly helping Booth move a large sum of cash, bonds and gold in Geneva, arranged for a quick cremation of Nichols's body and the U.S. embassy in Bern was notified.

The T-Note is reportedly secured by 2500 metric tons of gold at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta."

The scheme involving the Atlanta Fed T-Note, according to court papers filed in the U.S. Court for the Southern District of New York, involves the jailed former chairman of the collapsed Bayou hedge fund, Samuel Israel III, and a first cousin of George W. Bush, former Fox News political adviser John P. Ellis.

The Treasury Note in question is not the only one in existence that is involved with the massive money movement operation out of the United States. Sources tell WMR that there are two additional Treasury Notes, each for an equal amount of money in gold reserves as the note secure by 2500 metric tons of gold at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. They are Treasury Notes drawn on 2500 metric tons at the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago and 2500 metric tons of gold at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Together, the gold in question is worth $750 billion in U.S. gold reserves, ironically about equal to the sum of money allocated by the administration for the bailout of Wall Street and the banks.

There is additional information and documents on the attempted $250 billion U.S. Federal Reserve heist found at this blog. The current malfeasance found within the Federal Reserve system can be traced back to the administration of George H. W. Bush.