Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Rigging the Game From the US Intelligence Community:

Guest input --

Rigging the Game

9 simple steps for rolling up whistleblowers in the Intelligence Community using the Patriot Act.

1. First Determine who it is you need to silence.

2. Find something, anything that you can label classified, even formerly unclassified information they may have talked about in any unclassified setting.

3. Now, use the Counterintelligence provisions of the “Patriot Act” to the fullest extent of this new found freedom to violate Americans' civil rights.

4. Meet with that person under the guise of a simple investigation.

5. DO NOT advise said person of their civil rights since they have none under the “Patriot Act”.

6. Collect data from all the different environments the guilty party had access to, like their e-mails and personal computers systems and use that to incriminate said individual.

7. Simply use whatever excuse to deny the guilty party access so they can't defend themselves and send them on their merry way.

8. Done.

9. NEXT!

Personally J. Edgar Hoover is now laughing since the Patriot Act allows his Agency to do something they can actually be good at. Don't think this is possible in America? Then wake up a smell the coffee.

Why is it that 17 Intelligence Agencies that spend 44+ billion dollars a year can't find two guys on this planet?

Maybe they don't want to, since “Terrorism” is the best game in town. The rest of you might want to read the whole Patriot Act and see where your rights went. Just remember “

Members of the Congress and Senate who really want to know more about what's really going on with

our Intelligence Agencies, contact this reporter and he can contact me. I will gladly testify before the House and/or the Senate about everything I have witnessed and reported over the past 10 years with zero results.

Eagles may soar but Weasels don't get sucked through jet engines”.