Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mossad linked to hijacking of Arctic Sea

WMR's Finnish sources are reporting that there is increased speculation that the Russian-crewed, Maltese-flagged ship "Arctic Sea" that was en route from Finland to Algeria with a cargo of timber was hijacked by a group linked to the Israeli Mossad. There are two lines of thought on what prompted the hijacking of the ship in Swedish waters: either the vessel was actually transporting suspicious cargo along with the timber or the Israelis acted in a "false flag" operation designed to embarrass Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin over Russia's defense ties to Iran.

Circulating in the Russian and Ukrainian press is a story that the "Arctic Sea" was transporting X55 cruise missiles and S300 anti-aircraft rockets to Iran via Algeria.

The August 24 Finnish afternoon newspaper Iltalehti stated: "according to recent rumors which have become known to the public, Israel's Mossad may have been behind the capture of the 'Arctic Sea.' According to Russian and Ukrainian newspaper articles, the Russians tried to secretly ship missiles to Iran from Pietarsaari through Algeria. Israel may have received some intelligence about the shipment and they sent their agents to take action.

According to Russian newspapers, the crew of 'Arctic Sea' was aware of the fact that it was transporting 'unusual' cargo, but did not exactly know what it was. The eight men who captured the ship have been arrested and they will be interrogated in Moscow. Also, most of the crew members have arrived in Russia but they have not yet been able to meet their relatives. Mossad is one of the most effective intelligence services in the world and internationally it has become known for arresting Nazi criminals and the assassination of Arab terrorists."

Helsingin Sanomat on August 25 reported: "Russia does not 'reveal' the Arctic Sea mystery. Concerning the investigation of the capture of 'Arctic Sea,' very little information has been available from Russia, though Russian authorities have interrogated the crew and the captors for several days. The Russian fleet captured the 'Arctic Sea' last Monday (August 17th) and flew part of the crew and their captors to Moscow last Thursday, where they were moved to a prison awaiting trial in Lefortovo. Finnish criminal police have no information concerning why the crew was in custody or whether they are also suspect. A Russian prosecutor stated during the weekend that the crew has been moved to protective custody, because they required witness protection. Finnish criminal police investigators have not travelled to Russia to make their own determinations, but the situation may change. Finnish criminal police are interested in the 'Arctic Sea' ship, which Russia has reported to have been docked at the Black Sea port of Novorossiisk. "It is the place where the crime was committed," and it is of interest for that reason. In addition, "there is the cargo, the destination for which is Algeria, and the company here [in Helsinki] is of interest." Estonia has joined the international investigation group with Finland, Sweden and Malta. Finnish crimonal police think this will ease the information exchange, as the suspected capturers are Estonian citizens or residents of Estonia. Also, EU and EUROPOL are interested in the company. Concerning the investigation responsibilities, there is no agreement with Russia."

Previous reports that the hijackers are ethnic Russians from Russia, Estonia, Latvia and that three are "stateless" and one is of unknown nationality and that all are possibly linked to the Russian-Israeli Mafia, with one report from Russia linking Ukraine to the caper, fits a well-known pattern of joint Israeli criminal syndicate-Mossad operations intended to undermine Russia. Two Estonians of Russian descent have been named as part of the hijacking team: Yevgeni Mironov, an Estonian citizen and Igor Borisov, an Estonian legal resident. Russia has cracked down on dual Russian-Israeli criminal tycoons, many of whom now live in Israel and Britain with INTERPOL arrest warrants hanging over their heads. Mironov and another hijacker, Dmitry Bartenev, have past criminal records.

The attempt by the usual Russian-Israeli media suspects, mainly those that operate with funding from George Soros and Boris Berezovsky, to pin something sinister on Russia is normal procedure. There is also the secret marching orders for NATO's new Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen: as a Scandinavian, he is expected to use his influence to bring the Baltic Sea's two remaining non-NATO members into the organization. With France abandoning the Gaullist principle of a European defense organization independent of the United States, it is now expected that all Europe Union members, including Sweden and Finland, also become members of NATO, the organization that keeps the beak of the American eagle under Europe's tent.

Answering the shofar call, some papers in Europe are now reporting that the "Arctic Sea" took on a consignment of weapons for Iran or Syria in the Russian port of Kaliningrad and was able to sail to the Finnish port of Pietarsaari to take on a cargo of timber that cleverly hid the weapons. That, of course, would have involved the collusion of the Russo-Finnish operator Solchart Arkhangelsk Ltd. and the largest paper and pulp producer in Europe, Stora Enso Oy. The Arctic Sea was then boarded by "pirates" near the Swedish island of Oland where ship and boating traffic is heavy and sailed "undetected" all the way to the waters near the Cape Verde islands.

There was also a report that the "Arctic Sea's" captain told the Russian Navy interception team off Cape Verde that his ship was actually the North Korean vessel Chongdin 2, en route from Havana to Sierra Leone with palm timber, an unusual cargo for a country where palms are prevalent. However, North Korea verified that the Chongdin 2 was in Angola. However, the fact that the "Arctic Sea" was heading in the direction of Angola at the time it was intercepted may have been part of a plan to confuse the two vessels and embroil North Korea in a Mossad-planned ruse to link Russia, Algeria, Syria, Iran, and North Korea, what can be described as Tel Aviv's "Axis of Evil."

For Rasmussen, this is a God-send: Finland and Sweden are obvious holes in NATO's northern security and they should be brought into the fold. As for Russia, Israel and its exiled Russian mobster pals chalk up another embarrassment for their sworn enemy Putin. It is also noteworthy that after the "Arctic Sea" was found by the Russian Navy off Cape Verde, Israeli President Shimon Peres immediately flew to Sochi to tell Medvedev not to sell Iran the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system, which reportedly renders Israeli offensive measures and countermeasures useless.