Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pariah regimes form "Axis of Outcasts"

As a follow-up to WMR's report on September 1, 2009, about links between Myanmar's military junta, methamphetamine ("ice") production in Myanmar by Israeli intelligence-connected criminal syndicates, and gun factories in the Wa region along the Chinese border, our Asian sources have reported more details about Israeli intelligence cooperation with the Myanmar junta.

On September 1, WMR reported: "Israeli criminal gangs operating methamphetamine labs in northern Burma (Myanmar), under the protection of a sizable Israeli security and intelligence presence in the country, infiltrated the United Nations poppy eradication program, which seeks to convince ethnic Wa and Kokang's in the "Golden Triangle" region famous for opium production to change to other legal crops and turn in their weapons, mostly Chinese-made AK-47s, for cash." The Mossad became irritated when it was discovered that Iranian agents were buying the AK-47s from the tribal groups and shipping them to Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

WMR has learned that a former Mossad intelligence operative, with the last name of Aron, which may be short for Aronowitz, serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in Myanmar's Tatmadaw military intelligence service. In return for the Israeli intelligence alliance with the Myanmar junta, the Burmese generals receive Israeli intelligence on U.S. and Indian arms development and policies toward the Burmese regime. Israel benefits from the relationship by being allowed to set up "pharmaceutical" laboratories in Myanmar for the export of illegal drugs from the country. When the Israelis discovered that Iranian Revolutionary Guard agents were buying guns from the Wa right under their noses, they wanted revenge. The Myanmar junta then ordered a military offensive against the Wa and Kokang, driving many refugees and guerrillas across the border into China, thus destabilizing China's southern border when it is already facing insurrections in Xinjiang and Tibet.

However, the Israelis also discovered a North Korean angle to the gun factory in the Wa. It is suspected that the Wa were using North Korean advisers to manufacture AK-47 assault rifles.

North Korea, which, like Myanmar, is considered a pariah nation, also has maintained close links to the Mossad. When it was discovered that North Korea was selling missile technology to Iran, Israel countered the Iranian move by offering Pyongyang its own military technology, including security fence technology for its borders with South Korea and China, and investment capital from wealthy Jewish interests in Israel and abroad.

Israel is no stranger to cutting deals with pariah governments. It maintained very close military, economic, nuclear, and intelligence links with the apartheid government of South Africa and intelligence and security links with military dictatorships in Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Nicaragua (the Anastasio Somoza regime), and other Latin American countries. Israel, through its connections in white minority-ruled Rhodesia, also maintained intelligence contacts with Rhodesia's intelligence and security services.

When practically every country in the world has broken relations with and cut off assistance to the Honduran military junta that ousted President Manuel Zelaya, Israel has agreed to act as the representative of the regime of Honduran junta leader Roberto Micheletti. After the Honduran junta severed diplomatic relations with Argentina, Israel agreed to represent the junta through the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires. The Honduran junta announced that Israel had been the only country to recognize it after the coup, however, Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said the Honduran statement was "unfounded."

Private Israeli security contractors were also reportedly very active in Honduras in advance of the coup against Zelaya. Israeli mercenaries and torture advisers had been active in Honduras on behalf of "death squads" formed while John Negroponte was U.S. ambassador in Tegucigalpa. An Israeli unit that arrived in Honduras in 1988, headed by the notorious Yair Klain, also taught Honduran death squads how to carry out terrorist bombings and kidnappings.

The neocons are fond of citing their "Axis of Evil" of Iran, North Korea, and whatever other nation they find irritating to their designs. However, there does exist an "Axis of Outcasts" - a bloc that links Israel with the unsavory regimes ruling Myanmar, North Korea, and now, Honduras.