Tuesday, September 28, 2010

American citizen executed by foreign soldiers. News at...IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN

No matter how shocking and outrageous you thought the Israeli assault and the murder of nine activists on the Mavi Marmara was, it was actually even worse, with at least six of the nine not just murdered, but executed, as revealed by the U.N. report that was recently issued.

Equally (?) outrageous is the almost total lack of coverage of the U.N. report in the U.S. corporate media. Actually I'm being generous; I don't think there's actually been any coverage. How's this for shocking - a search of The New York Times over the past 12 months shows exactly one regular news article in which the name "Furkan Dogan" appears - the article about his funeral. And the Washington Post was even worse; I couldn't find a single article by searching for that name.

By the way, there's a trial going on in Israel right now relating to the murder of yet another American citizen by the Israeli military - Rachel Corrie. Number of mentions of that trial in The New York Times? Zero. Number of mentions in the Washington Post? Also zero.