Thursday, September 16, 2010

Dick Gregory moderator for New York 9/11 seminar panel

Longtime comedian and peace activist Dick Gregory moderated the "How the World Changed after 9/11 seminar panel in New York at which this editor spoke on September 12.

Gregory is beginning a liquid fast until 2012 until questions about 9/11 are answered by the government.

On a lighter note, this editor stayed in New York a block from the Riverdale condominium where television host Ed Sullivan once lived. I mentioned that tidbit to Gregory knowing that he appeared on Sullivan's variety show a number of times. Gregory mentioned that he was a guest on the very last Ed Sullivan show in 1971. Gregory said that Sullivan, aware of Gregory's anti-war stance, was scared to death what Gregory might say on the show. Gregory's description of Sullivan was a bit more colorful than described here.

Gregory said that he will be 80 in 2012 and that the fast concerned his friends who asked him, "what does your doctor think about going on a fast?" Gregory responded, "my doctor's been dead for 30 years."

Dick Gregory (left) and Wayne Madsen speaking (right)