Tuesday, May 10, 2011

British spy was assassinated by Mossad team

WMR's well-placed British sources report that Gareth Williams, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) employee who was seconded to the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) and whose badly decomposed body was found stuffed into a sports bag in an MI-6 safe house in the Pimlico neighborhood of London on August 23, 2010, was a victim of a professional Mossad hit team.

The London Metropolitan Police and FBI are continuing to investigate Williams's death as "suspicious and unexplained." Williams's body was discovered in the security-protected MI-6 flat on Alderney Street, not far from MI-6 headquarters. The MI-6 safe house was protected by a fingerprint recognition and retinal scan access system, according to our sources. The safe house was registered to a labyrinth of MI-6 front companies to hide the identity of the actual owners of the residence. The safe house flat's owner was registered in the British Virgin Islands to a company called New Rodina, which was not listed in registered companies in the United Kingdom. The legal representative for New Rodina was a London law firm called Park Nelson, which has ceased to exist. WMR has learned that the safe house's actual owner was incorporated in the Dominican Republic.

Williams had worked for MI-6 on secondment from GCHQ for a year and he had recently visited the National Security Agency (NSA) before his body was discovered.

Immediately after Williams's body was discovered there were leaks to the British media that suggested that Williams died from a "sex game" that had gone wrong. Williams's body was embalmed before a full autopsy could be performed that would helped answer some of the questions raised by Williams's parents, who live in Wales. Leaks to the media of bizarre sexual activities that result in the "accidental" deaths of high-level intelligence and political murder victims represents a classic British intelligence ploy that is intended to ward off demands for full investigations by the next-of-kin.

Williams was a mathematics child prodigy who earned his first college degree in mathematics at age 17. He was one of GCHQ's top experts in encryption.

WMR has learned from our British intelligence sources that Williams was brought to MI-6 from GCHQ in Cheltenham to participate in a major investigation of Israeli Mossad penetration of GCHQ's and MI-6's encrypted communications networks, including those of GCHQ that process signals intelligence (SIGINT) intercepts of communications. Williams visited NSA a number of times to help the American SIGINT agency conduct an investigation of the extent to which Mossad was able to penetrate NSA systems via  interfaces, such as the Zircon instant messaging network, with GCHQ networks.

A "Mediterranean looking" young man and woman, believed to be between 20 and 30 years of age, are suspects in Williams's death, now believed by British police to have been due to poisoning. "Mediterranean" is a politically-correct code phrase used by British police to describe the Israeli Mossad hit team. The FBI uses a similar code phrase, "Middle Eastern-looking," to describe Israeli spies in the United States. The Mossad duo was last seen entering the MI-6 residence where Williams lived in July 2010.

Some British intelligence officials are privately fuming over the cover-up of the details of Williams's murder and Israel's involvement in it. They have promised to exact severe revenge on Israel in a "quiet manner" but one that will leave Tel Aviv under no doubt that it is in retaliation for Mossad's murder of one of Britain's ace intelligence officers.

As for NSA, the penetration of GCHQ by Mossad has endangered America's own encrypted signals intelligence and cyber-warfare networks with the possibility that Israel has had or continues to have access to America's most delicate classified information.