Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Thailand is viewed as China's Ukraine by Obama Cold Warriors

Thailand is viewed as China's Ukraine by Obama Cold Warriors

The neo-conservatives who continue to permeate the Obama administration in the persons of the foul-mouthed and ill-tempered Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland, National Security Adviser Susan Rice, and U.S. ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, along with second- and third-tier functionaries, have decided on all-out covert warfare with the nations of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). This information has been passed to WMR by intelligence assets in the field in some of the most remote parts of the Asian land mass.

The neo-cons have decided to launch a three-pronged attack on countries that have stood up to American hegemony. The U.S. support for the rioters in Ukraine is an attempt to not only tarnish Russia's image during the Sochi Winter Olympiad but to eventually move the rioting to the gates of the Kremlin itself. The almost simultaneous outbreak of violence spurred on by Colombian-based paramilitary forces financed by the CIA in Venezuela is an attempt to not only bring down the government of Venezuelan socialist president Nicolas Maduro but to reverse the trend of Latin American nations to elect progressive populist governments opposed to U.S. hegemony and global bankers' dictates.

By bringing Ukraine under NATO's and the EU's umbrella, the Western empire of capitalism is betting that the downfall of the Viktor Yanukovych government in Kyiv will result in the ouster of President Vladimir Putin's government in Moscow.

The pro-royalist revolt against the government of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra is not only aimed at dislodging from power an influential and wealthy Thai-Chinese family, the Shinawatras, but sending a message to China that a firmly pro-U.S. Thailand will serve the same function on China's southern border as Ukraine will serve on Russia's. The patron of the Shinawatra family is Seng Sae Khu, a Hakka Chinese immigrant to Thailand, whose son changed the family name to Shinawatra. Seng Sae Khu's descendants, including exiled former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, the brother of the current prime minister, and former commander of the Thai army Chaiyasit Shinawatra, have incurred the wrath of nationalistic right-wing Thais who see China, not America, as a threat to the country.

The CIA, using the same playbook it used after its 1965 coup d'etat against President Sukarno of Indonesia in 1965 -- an anti-Communist and anti-Chinese pogrom that resulted in one million deaths -- is trying to stoke anti-Chinese and anti-Shinawatra sentiment in Thailand through mass street protests aimed at toppling the Yingluck government.

In Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand, George Soros's Open Society Institute provocateurs and agitators have been working overtime distributing signage, placards, banners, and other propaganda made-to-order for television, news photography, Twitter, and Facebook consumption.

One thing that the events in Ukraine, Venezuela, and Thailand have in common is that rightist forces financed and encouraged by Washington and the Zionist-controlled corporate media are trying to overthrow three governments that were democratically-elected in free and fair elections.

In Thailand, so-called pro-Royalist "Yellow Shirts" have taken to the streets with the demand that Yingluck and her mostly rural-based "Red Shirt" supporters be not only run out of power but face a pogrom similar to that visited upon ethnic Chinese Indonesians and Indonesian Communists after the 1965 coup. In the case of Indonesia, the CIA meant to send a strong message to China that the decision of Sukarno and his Communist supporters to withdraw Indonesia from the World Bank, reject U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) money, and leave the United Nations would have consequences. The bloody consequences were visited upon Indonesia with help from Barack Obama's Indonesian Army Lieutenant Colonel step father, Lolo Soetoro, and his USAID- and CIA-employed mother, Ann Soetoro.

Today, Obama has given the green light to CIA operatives throughout Thailand to unseat the Shinawatras from power as a message to Beijing that the United States is reclaiming its long tutelage over Thailand. WMR's sources along the Thai-Burmese and Thai-Laotian border report and increase in small arms shipments from covert U.S. arms caches in Thailand and Cambodia to the southern Chinese province of Yunnan. The CIA and neocon planners within the Obama administration see Yunnan as the "ground zero" for a major operation against the government of the People's Republic of China using disenchanted non-Han Chinese minorities who will be bolstered by an outbreak of anti-Han violence by Taliban-armed Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang province and Indian- and Japanese-armed Tibetan rebels that will spring into action along the Tibetan-Indian and Tibetan-Nepali border.

One of the major reasons the CIA has decided to launch a coup against the Shinawatras is Yingluck's government's thumbs up to a 120-miles per hour rail line that will link Yunnan province with Laos, Thailand, Malaya, and Singapore. Such a rail link will extend Chinese influence over Southeast Asia and put an end to American influence over the region.

Artist's conception of the Yunnan-to-Singapore rail line that has the CIA and neocons going into fits.

The freezing out of the Maoists from the government of Nepal was part of the CIA's strategy of re-opening Nepal to traditional CIA activity targeting Tibet.

The stirring of women in Kazakhstan to reject the government's ban on the public display of lacy underwear is a "Pussy Riot"-like attempt to widen popular disenchantment with the government of Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The neocon dream of establishing American and Zionist hegemony over the Eurasian land mass, as well as all of Latin America, including Cuba, is now underway with the flames leaping from burned out cars and buildings in Kyiv, Caracas, and Bangkok.

Only by treating the neocons in the same manner as they treat their opponents, by total and unmerciful annihilation, can the world even begin to think about returning to normalcy.