Thursday, August 07, 2014

London turns up propaganda effort ahead of Scottish independence referendum by Wayne Madsen

London turns up propaganda effort ahead of Scottish independence referendum

With just six weeks before Scottish voters head to the polls to vote on their country restoring its once cherished independence from the United Kingdom, British government authorities are turning up the heat on the pro-independence forces led by Scotland's ruling Scottish National Party and First Minister Alexander Salmond.

Not only has London ensured the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) toe an anti-independence editorial line but the American media dutifully got behind President Barack Obama's anti-independence statement while he was in Europe meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Obama said the United Kingdom should remain "united," clearly a tip of Obama's hat to London's "Better Together" campaign against a September 18 yes vote on Scottish independence. The British and American media are working together to paint Scottish independence as a fanciful pipe dream that is unrealistic on a number of fronts. However, an independent Scotland would be a left-leaning nation that would support true social democracy and justice for Palestine, all points enunciated by Salmond, and that prospect has the London bankers and the Zionist-owned and controlled media worried.

Rallying to the Scotland remaining in the UK cause have been Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright, both longtime maidens for the House of Rothschild and its multi-billionaire avatar in "progressive" politics, George Soros.

On August 5 there was a televised debate between Salmond and the chief of the "No" vote campaign, Scottish Labor Party member Alistair Dowling, a former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Secretary of State for Scotland who has the backing of the Tory Party of Cameron, the Labor Party of Ed Miliband, and the Liberal Democrats under deputy prime minister Nick Clegg. Just before the independence debate was broadcast, STV (the Scottish branch of the BBC) saw its website crash. After the debate, Britain's establishment and corporate media, which includes the BBC, panned Salmond's performance as poor against the erstwhile lackluster Dowling.

On June 5, Obama, who was in France marking the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, was asked by a BBC reporter about the Scottish independence vote. Former British diplomat Craig Murray wrote that the question was prepared in advance by Number 10 Downing Street and the BBC reporter was carrying out government instructions by asking the question -- a question for which Obama had been pre-briefed by Cameron.

The London government has enlisted the support of J.K Rowling, the author the Harry Potter series, to its anti-independence cause. She joins Eddie Izzard, a has-been transvestite comedian and actor, to lead the cause against Scottish independence. As reports of English organized pedophilia reach closer to Buckingham Palace and 10 Downing Street, having a transvestite as the leading spokesman against Scottish independence has not seen any bounce for the "No" vote in Scotland. To the contrary, support for independence, while still not a majority, has increased into the 40 percentile range from the mid-30s.

Ironically, according to our British intelligence sources, the greatest support for Scotland remaining a part of the United Kingdom comes from the Scottish elite class, which, through the years, has been rewarded with senior positions in Britain's civil service, including science, education, electrical power, medicine, medicine, the royal family, and, most importantly, intelligence. These Scots, who have become comfortable in their subservience to the UK state, fear the loss of special privileges if Scotland votes to break free of its English chains. Therefore, these anglophile Scots are doing everything possible to ensure that the "Yes" vote in the referendum fails.

Salmond has accused London of waging a "fear campaign" against Scottish independence. This campaign is enabled by the half of the members of the Secret Intelligence Service, MI-6, and the MI-5 Security Service, MI-5, who are Scottish. These Scottish members of Britain's intelligence and defense nomenklatura class will stop at nothing to ensure that a "No" vote on independence wins out next month. Our sources report that the outcome of the vote will be skewed against independence even if the yes vote appears to be heading for a majority. The method used by MI-6 and MI-5 against a yes vote will be similar to the hacking by the federal and state governments of voting machines and tabulating computers in the United States to ensure pre-determined outcomes.