Wednesday, August 13, 2014

US, Israel wreaking havoc in world: Professor William Cook

US, Israel wreaking havoc in world: Professor William Cook

Press TV has conducted an interview with William Cook, professor with University of La Verne from Los Angeles, about Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki saying that Israel’s war crimes in Gaza will be proven after investigations by a commission appointed by the United Nations Human Rights Council.
Cook: Well first thing they have to do of course is to convince the UN Human Rights Council that they have a right to present as a member, they are after all a member state of the Arab League and they are recognized as a nation internationally. So the question is can they get to the actual active committee in the UN that can pursue the actions that they would like to take place?
The difficulty of course is that Israel fears that very action which is why it feared having Hamas signed an agreement with Fatah. They do not wish to have any interference with the impunity that they have been able to acquire over almost fifty some years now through the US veto and that makes it easy for them simply to avoid any kind of international law or have to confront their actions against the International Criminal Court.

So I think that with the introduction by Hamas and Fatah as Palestinian member state to the UN this could produce outstanding results and if you would want me to continue on that I have frankly listening to what [President] Rouhani has said about the Gaza situation and his point of bringing the Non-Aligned Nations to agree to submit on behalf of Gaza, the action that there is criminal activity taking place there but this would be further opening where the world body then not the United States by a single “no” would be able to control events, or at least push the events into the world lap so that the people of the world who are in the streets defending Gaza would have a say in this and the US would be brought along with Israel and whatever they wish to hope to get from bringing Hamas before the International Criminal Court for actions on whether or not they have disobeyed, defied the United Nations charters and rules of regulation in the international legal scene.

Press TV: And of course we know that the United States is giving its full-fledged support for Israel in these offensives and many offensives indeed. Just how much Israel has become a liability for the United States?

Cook: You cannot calculate how much the liability this has become and I would offer to you for example the most recent vote by the Senate of the United States and the House of Representatives of the United States on support of Israel’s invasion of Gaza and it was one hundred percent in both legislative bodies.

They are purportedly deliberative bodies that question and raise issues on the primary concerns of American security but what we have learned as a result of going into Iraq and going into Afghanistan is that the benefits to the United States are negative. They are not positive and the world sees us in complicity with Israel as two rogue nations that are causing havoc in the world.