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SPECIAL REPORT. Aprés Paris: False flag in Copenhagen? bt Wayne Madsen

SPECIAL REPORT. Aprés Paris: False flag in Copenhagen?

After having shot up a free speech debate at Copenhagen's Krudttonden Cultural Center that was chaired by Swedish Prophet Mohammed cartoonist Lars Vilks, and killing a Danish film director, an unnamed man said to look like an Arab was tracked down by police, using CCTV footage, to Copenhagen's heavily-Middle Eastern NØrrebro distict. The unnamed 22-year old gunman, said to have been involved in a criminal gang, was then reported to have been killed in a shootout with police, however, not before the gunman made what has become an almost predictable stop at Copenhagen's main synagogue where he shot and killed a Jewish security guard named Dan Uzan, a dual Israeli-Danish citizen. 

Still, without initially disclosing the identity of the killer, police were able to conclusively state that the man was a "lone wolf" who was responsible for the attacks on the cultural center and the synagogue. The Copenhagen attacks began to take on the same air of "false flag" stench as did the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and the Hyper Cacher kosher market in Paris. Some Danish news reports stated that the gunman had been hired from the ranks of a Danish skinhead motorcycle gang to commit the murders, a wrinkle that would dispel any notion of a "lone wolf" attack.

Those charged with carrying out the attacks on Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher, the Franco-Algerian brothers Kouachi and Franco-Senegalese-Malian Amedy Coulibaly, it turned out, were well-known to French police and intelligence as was Mohammed Merah, charged in the 2012 slayings of French soldiers in Montauban and three children and their teacher at the Ozar Hatorah Jewish day school in Toulouse. And sure enough, Danish police and intelligence files did turn up the name of the alleged Copenhagen shooter, one Omar Alhamid Alhussein, a Danish national and criminal with a violent record who was released from a Danish prison just two weeks prior to the twin attacks. 

Echoing the "glittering generality" rhetoric of French President Francois Hollande in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt called the aftermath of the Copenhagen attacks “a fight for freedom against a dark ideology." Thorning-Schmidt is the daughter-in-law of former British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock and a promoter of European federalism. 

There was no surprise that French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, who is as staunchly pro-Israeli as Prime Minister Manuel Valls, whose wife is an ardent Zionist, flew off to Copenhagen after the twin attacks to show solidarity with the Danish people. Immediately, Danish police said the Copenhagen attacks were linked to the Charlie Hebdo slayings. A new meme, similar to "Je suis Charlie" (I am Charlie), spread aorund the Internet: "We are all Danish tonight." The predictable signage with such trite mottos followed in short order on the web.

The head of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service, the Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (PET), Jens Madsen, said, without giving the alleged terrorist's name, that the dead assailant was "inspired by Islamic radicalism." The script, as previously written in similar cases in Paris, Montauban, and Toulouse, appears to have been previously written. As with the alleged French terrorists, Alhussein's radicalization in prison was passed on to PET by Michael Gjorup, the head of Denmark's prison and probation service. Madsen verified that Alhussein had "been on the radar" of the PET prior to the attack. Veering away somewhat from the "lone wolf" theory, the Danish authorities decided to arrest two initially unnamed men who were said to have been accomplices of Alhussein.

But few recall that it was Cazeneuve who was reportedly under investigation by 45-year old French Police Commissioner Helric Fredou, the second in command of the French Judicial Police in Limoges, for links with Jeanette Bougrab, the so-called girlfriend of slain Charlie Hebdoeditor Stephane Charbonnier or "Charb." Bougrab claimed to have been Charb's girlfriend and even insinuated that he fathered her daughter. However, other French news reports claim that Charb was gay and that Bougrab made up her relationship out of whole cloth. Fredou is said to have committed suicide at the height of his investigation of a link between Bougrab and Cazeneuve. And, according to French news reports, Fredou had Cazeneuve under suspicion since the police commissioner's days as Cherbourg police commissioner. Cazeneuve has been mayor of the town of Cherbourg-Octeville since 2001 and it was during his time as police commissioner that Fredou first became aware of Cazeneuve's links with Mossad and his relationship with Bougrab and her cabal of anti-Muslim and Zionist provocateurs.

Fredou is said to have shot himself in the head after becoming despondent after meeting the family of one of victims of the French attacks. However, Fredou's family and friends discounted reports that Fredou was depressed. Furthermore, they pointed out that he had cracked open a major lead in the terrorist attacks a move that placed him at loggerheads with Cazeneuve and Israeli Prime Minster Binyamin Netanyahu, who intended, as his display of arrogance in Paris indicated, to make as much political hay out of the Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher attacks as possible. After the Copenhagen attacks, Netanyahu called on all European Jews to emigrate to Israel. He made the same call after the Paris attacks. 

In addition to the suspicions around Fredou's alleged, but unlikely "suicide," came word from a Dutch on-line publication Quote that Charlie Hebdo, in addition to the French newspaper Libération, was purchased byÉdouard Baron de Rothschild shortly before the attacks. Charlie Hebdo, while publishing blasphemous cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, Jesus, and Pope Francis, took a decidedly cautious road in criticizing Judaism or important figures of world Jewry. In fact, in 2009, Charlie Hebdocartoonist Maurice Siné was fired for publishing a cartoon in the satirical magazine for making fun of Jean Sarkozy, the son of Nicolas Sarkozy, for "marrying up" when he wed Jessica Sebaoun-Darty, the Jewish heiress of the large consumer electronics company, Darty Group. Siné was accused of "inciting racial hatred" but Siné had the last laugh when a French court in 2010 awarded him €40,000 from Charlie Hebdo's coffers for wrongful termination.

Michael Emsalem, the CEO of Hyper Cacher, conveniently sold his shares of stock in Hyper Cacher the day before Coulibaly allegedly stormed the market and shot several hostages after a standoff with police. Emsalem announced plans to move to Manhattan's Upper East Side, where his wife and daughters had already been living before the attack on the Paris market. Emsalem and his family have applied for U.S. green cards as a result of purported rampant "anti-Semitism" in France. Emsalem's dumping of his firm's stock was reminiscent of Wall Street insiders placing put options on American and United Airlines a day before the 9/11 attack. 

For Denmark, the recent attacks smelled of the same psychological operations that were employed by PET's previous chief, Jakob Scharf, a Danish Jew who never missed an opportunity of linking Danish terror events to global "jihadism." In January 2011, Scharf, who has close connections to Israel, led a joint Danish PET-Swedish SAPO security service law enforcement team in self-congratulating themselves for rounding up a group of five alleged Islamist terrorists who were charged with planning to attack the Copenhagen offices of the newspaper Jyllands-Posten in a Mumbai-like attack planned for the same month. Scharf stated, "It is our assessment that this is a militant Islamist group and they have links to international terrorist networks," adding that the group could have been linked to David Headley, an American charged with aiding in the Mumbai attacks. Scharf conveniently left out the fact that Headley was covertly working for the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) at the time of the Mumbai attacks and may, himself, have been a false flag terrorist operative working for U.S. intelligence.

The Mossad's Danish "PET" partner-in-crime for false flag attacks
Jyllands-Posten sparked outrage among Muslims worldwide when it published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed considered blasphemous by Muslims. The newspaper's cultural editor, Flemming Rose, who approved the publication of the cartoons, was identified as being linked to various neocon and Israel Lobby operatives in Washington, including the propagandists at the neocon American Enterprise Institute. While Scharf, who has moved Denmark's PET closer to Mossad more than his predecessors have done, talks of international Islamist conspiracies to carry out terrorism, he is silent on the international conspiracy by Israeli propagandists to incite violence by publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed. The neocon Mohammed cartoon operation, which incited violence that resulted in deaths from riots staged in cities in the Muslim world, never registered on Scharf's "criminal conspiracy meter" since he is part and parcel of it. Rose's columns have been welcomed by the neocon and Israel Lobby-owned and operated Wall Street Journal.
Scharf's operation against the alleged terrorists, lauded by the Obama administration, began to fall apart shortly after it started. One of the five charged, Abdullah Muhammed Salman, an Iraqi immigrant, was released after his arrest due to lack of evidence. He said that he merely rented an apartment to three of the accused in the plot and was unaware of their "plans."

Scharf's fingerprints were on past fale flag events in Denmark while he headed the PET

Scharf resigned as the head of the PET in December 2013 amid charges that he spied on the then-leader of the right-wing People's Party and Member of Parliament Pia Kjærsgaard. A number of Scharf's staff resigned after they said they lost confidence in his leadership abilities. However, Scharf has remained as National Police Commissioner in an unpaid leave status since his departure as the head of the PET. In a complaint, five PET employees said Scharf abused his position as head of Danish "homeland security" by ordering agents to access Kjærgarrd's private calendar to prevent her from visiting the "independent" Copenhagen hippie/anarchist commune of Christiana ub her capacity as a member of the parliamentaryJudicial Commission. Was Scharf concerned that the anti-immigration leader might have discovered that Scharf was using Christiana to recruit all sorts of ne'er-do-wells for his Al Qaeda false flag operations?

Scharf's Al Qaeda "Ugly Duckling"
One such ne-er-do-well reportedly recruited by Schard was Al Qaeda infiltrator Morten Storm. The blond-haired Storm convinced Al Qaeda that he was a fellow jihadist. However, Storm said he was recruited by Scharf to send the PET, as well as the CIA, plans of Al Qaeda's next moves. Storm, in a book, said he helped the CIA target several al Qaeda leaders for assassination, including the American Islamist leader Anwar a-Awlaki, killed in a CIA drone strike in Yemen in September 2011. Given the close relationship between PEWT and Mossad, made stronger under Scharf's tenure, Storm was also accused of working for the Mossad as a triple agent. Storm did admit that he also acted as an agent for Britain's MI5. Storm appeared on CBS News's 60 Minutes to hype his "exploits" as the "Danish James Bond" who successfully infiltrated Al Qaeda. Scharf was secretly patting himself on the back for the success of the operation that put him on the intelligence "A-list" in Langley.

Scharf denied having recruited Storm or having any relationship with him. However, Scharf's predecessor as the head of the PET, Hans JØrgen Bonnichsen corroborated Scharf's role in Storm's book, "Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al Qaeda and the CIA."

Al Qaeda's Danish "Ugly Duckling" Morten Storm. Left as an Al Qaeda jihadist. Right as celebrity spy.

The newspaper that helped hype Storm's "exploits" was none other thanJyllands-Posten, the same Zionist-connected paper that spurred on the first Prophet Mohammed cartoon violence. The newspaper wasted no time in cashing in on the Copenhagen shootings in stating, "Unfortunately, it is difficult to claim surprise at the attacks in Copenhagen . . . [the attack] was not a question of if, but when." The neoconservatives relish in their self-fulfilled prophecies.

The Three "Jakobs" of Copenhagen

Meanwhile, Scharf has started a private security firm, Certa Intelligence and Security A/S with his partner Jakob Dreyer. Scharf's status as a National Police Commissioner within the Ministry of Justice continues until January 2016, which gives him continued access to police business, including the investigation of the attack on the freedom of speech conference and the Copenhagen synagogue. Scharf's special status also allows him to recruit for Certa from his former PET agents. A third board member of Certa's board is Jakob Shank-Pedersen. Scharf says that Certa's main mission is to convince countries around the world that the Islamist radical threat is real. Schard recently said in an interview, "We are also more exposed than before because of the militant Islamist environments that have allies and sympathizers in all countries." It is the same scare tactics that have successfully been used by former U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani to drum up business for their post-9/11 security businesses. The recent attacks in Copenhagen should certainly increase business for Certa.

While the Danish police, along with INTERPOL and the FBI, are looking for Muslims and "Arab-looking" terrorists running around Denmark, perhaps they should be paying closer attention to the recent activities of the "Three Jakobs of Copenhagen."

While there is definitely "something rotten in the state of Denmark," to quote Marcellus in Shakespeare's "Hamlet," it is not the cheese or the halal butcher shop but something that was thrown from the top rung of "Jakobs' ladder." But this ladder is not the fabled staircase to heaven but an express elevator to the top floor of Mossad headquarters.