Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Assassination of Nemtsov a classic CIA tactic by Wayne Madsen

Assassination of Nemtsov a classic CIA tactic
by Wayne Madsen
The recent gangland-style assassination of Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov, in the very shadow of the Kremlin, is a classic Central Intelligence Agency frame up operation designed to further pressure Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

The CIA, along with its friends in Mossad, recently attempted a similar frame-up in Argentina when Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman was found dead under suspicious circumstances. Nisman was investigating Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner and Foreign Minister Hector Timerman when he died, reportedly from a "suicide" in his Buenos Aires apartment. However, the "investigation" was hatched by the Mossad and CIA stations in Buenos Aires, as well as by their embeds inside the Argentine Intelligence Secretariat, in order to force Kirchner from office. The attempt failed and Argentine judge Daniel Rafecas dismissed the case based on its flimsiness.

The January 2014 gangland-style assassination of former Miss Venezuela Monica Spear and her ex-husband also appeared to the Venezuelan government as a foreign plot to pin the blame on President Nicolas Maduro. Her assassination was followed a month later by a sniper hit on Venezuelan beauty queen and fashion model Genesis Carmona during an anti-government demonstration in Valencia, not far from where Spear was killed. Police investigators said the shot that killed Carmona came from the ranks of opposition protesters. Beauty queens and actresses are very popular in Venezuela and the CIA's coup engineers have long targeted such individuals to create havoc in countries undergoing destabilization operations.

In the cases of the murders in Moscow, Buenos Aires, and near Caracas, they were followed almost instantaneously by critical messages from Obama administration senior officials about the requirement for "thorough investigations" by the governments and small street protests obviously coordinated by the respective CIA stations, operating through George Soros-funded NGOs, in central Moscow, Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, and Caracas. In the case of the Nemtsov protests, signs bearing the new globalist agitators' phrase "Je suis Boris" suddenly appeared on the streets.

The Nemtsov provocation killing came after a news crew from Kiev's Espresso TV revealed that the February 10 reported rocket shelling of a passenger bus near the town of Volnovakha in the Donetsk region of Ukraine near a Ukrainian military outpost was not carried out by Russian-speaking separatists but by a Ukrainian Special Security (SBU) detail. The news media, including Espresso, reported that a bus was hit by a GRAD rocket fired from a separatist position. Twelve people allegedly died in the attack.

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Bus bombed in Donetsk region on February 9 by a remotely-controlled mine. The Western media reported it as a GRAD rocket shelling by rebels the next day. Poroshenko used the false flag attack to gain sympathy in Paris.

An ex-employee of Espresso TV reported that the bus was destroyed the day before the alleged GRAD attack by a remotely-controlled bomb detonated by an SBU unit. The ex-employee stated in an email: "a. this wasn't shelling by Grad as Kiev claimed; b. the distance from the nearest disposition of the resistance was well out of the reach of weaponry they had; c. this had every trace of being distance controlled explosion of MOH-50 mine planted in advance." It is now apparent that the bus bombing was carried out by Ukraine to give its president, Petro Poroshenko, some sympathy "talking points" when he arrived in Paris for the memorial observance for the Paris terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdoand the Hyper Cacher market.

The video of the victims who survived the remotely-controlled detonation of the bus were interviewed by Espresso the day before the alleged GRAD rocket attack. The video disc of the interview was sent to anti-Kiev regime activists in Kharkov with the following message:

"To my friends in Kharkov, from A.S.

At long last I have an opportunity to say the truth, to which end I am sending to you these videos. Just imagine that we have been forced to shoot this video one day ahead of the explosion in Volnovakha! This is just horrible!

I can no longer take part in these fakes, I've had enough of this criminal government that lies and kills people! I want the people to know the truth!

We at Espresso TV, both the bosses and rank and file employees, are under permanent control of SBU (Security Service of Ukraine), who make us go against the truth, common sense and journalist ethics! This amount of lies is far to [sic] much! I don't want to assume responsibility for people dying. You really feel complicit in the murder!"
The victims interviewed in their hospital beds by Espresso all spoke Russian. At the end of the interview of one of the "victims" there is a surprise:

"W" (nodding, speaks Russian): "I was going home. I caught a bus, nearly missing it. We stopped on the check point and they started checking our documents. First I heard whistling sound of the shell in the air as when they shoot from GRAD, you know, and all around us started exploding - a shell exploded ahead of the bus. Another one next to the bus... We've been thrown by the blast wave, all the windows were smashed right away. I don't remember very well what happened next, everything is blurred, I only remember two soldiers thrown out of the bus. People lying in the aisle, so horrid, some wounded, others dead, may be, but no one even thought of checking it then, everyone was trying to get out. I hit my head so badly I couldn't even move. I thought I was finished. Then I remember someone take me by the hands and start taking me out of the bus and then threw me into some pit or trenches, I don't know. They shouted to me:"Don't move!", but it was hard for me to even wink. I ached all over. It was horrible, just horrible. Then there were more wounded people thrown into the trenches. There was a girl, I guess they couldn't save her, she was so heavily injured. She sat in front of me in the bus and was talking to someone all the time on the phone. I still have her before my eyes. I thought I could be in her place... God saved me, so now I pray and thank Him for my second birth, so to say. And they shot from the Dokuchaevsk direction. I know this area very well, now it's under terrorists' control. I don't know how one could think it was done by Ukrainian army because we were there and we saw where the shelling came from, and that was from the terrorists' side. We were on the Ukrainian army controlled territory, near the road check point, so these bastards shelled the civilians, their snipers hit the... I hate them, they shoot unarmed people, there were many young men in this bus, wounded and killed (wiping)
"M" (speaking Ukrainian, interrupting): "OK, great. Good for you, everything is fine, just fine."
"W" (changes to speaking Ukrainian: "I'm glad. Take this rubbish off my head, I really can't breathe with this on."

The standard question in such killings, cui bono, is germane. Putin and his advisers would have absolutely no sane reason to want Nemtsov assassinated in such a bold manner just as Putin had no reason to want other Russians who died suspiciously -- journalist Anna Politkovskaya,Forbes Moscow editor Paul Klebnikov, Alexander Litvinenko, and former Russian Prime Minister Yegor Gaidar -- to become martyrs for the neo-conservative and Atlanticist war against Russia. WMR reported on these efforts to destabilize Russia and all the murders pointed back to exiled Russian-Israeli oligarch Boris Berezovsky as the chief culprit. On March 23, 2013, Berezovsky himself fell victim to a suspicious death. Although Berezovsky is no longer on the scene, it is believed that exiled oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky has assumed control over Berezovsky's old network of gangsters and professional assassins who benefit as "artful dodgers" by possessing a multitude of passports, including those from Britain, Israel, and Ukraine.

It has long been established that the Russian government's opponents are composed of organized crime bosses who have no appreciation for the value of human life. That has been apparent in the killing of Nemtsov to score points for the Russian opposition. The apparent false flag attack on the commuter bus in Donestsk fits a pattern of lies and disinformation flooding the media from multiple neocon quarters.

Putin and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev have called Nemtsov's assassination an attempt to destabilize Russia. However, their words are being drowned out by the hyperbolic official statements from the likes of Poroshenko, Barack Obama, and David Cameron. Poroshenko is cynically using the killing to press, once again, for the immediate transfer of U.S. weapons to Ukrainian forces.