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Engineered bedlam: a fictional and real-life theme by Wayne Madsen

 Engineered bedlam: a fictional and real-life theme
by Wayne Madsen
From the newly-established Syrian and other Asian migrant camps in Europe to acts of terrorism throughout the world, there is but one small group of elitists who owe their loyalty to a single individual that benefits from global bedlam. While this is the theme of the last four James Bond movies, including the latest, "SPECTRE," the theme actually has a real-life counterpart.

WMR reported in 2010 that international Quantum hedge fund tycoon George Soros was so upset with the Bond movie, "Quantum of Solace" and its not-so-veiled references to "Quantum" as an all-powerful international villainous organization, he tried to buy, through front men, MGM and the Bond production company, EON Production of London, which films at the famed Pinewood Studios near Heathrow International Airport outside of London.

Soros's and his friend Leonard Blavatnik's ploy failed and in the latest Bond movie, "SPECTRE," the screen writers launch a full-blown blast at Soros.This is a spoiler alert. If you have not seen the film, you may not want to read on!

It turns out that all of 007's villains in the last four films all worked for the same uber-wealthy man, an individual who heads up Quantum and is known by one name, Franz Oberhauer, but was born under another, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. George Soros was born Gyorgy Schwartz and it is claimed that the name Soros is Esperanto for "to soar." Schwartz's father. Tivadar Schwartz, said he chose Soros as his family's last name so they could, as Hungarian Jews, easily blend into Nazi-occupied Hungary. Tivadar was a proponent of Esperanto as a global language.

It is unusual that MGM and EON survived Soros's hostile takeover bid. On April 26, 2010, WMR reported: "Blavatnik, a one-time Soviet Jewish refusenik who emigrated to the United States and a Soros ally -- is pressuring MGM to sell to him. Production has ceased on the Quantum sequel, given the working title of "Bond 23,"  even after a major script re-writing, said also be as a result of pressure from Soros." "Bond 23" turned out to be Skyfall and after the Soros-Blavatnik bid failed, Quantum again became Bond's chief nemesis.

Before Soros's MGM takeover bid collapsed, there was some suspicious activity involving MGM stock, activity that pointed to Soros's "stock-in-trade" -- shorting shares of stock. WMR reported: "MGM was bought by a group of investors in 2005 for $5 billion. They stood to take a financial bath because MGM was not expected to fetch more than $2 billion. Two of the MGM investors, Sony Corporation and Comcast, wrote off their investments as losses." These behind-the-scenes machinations drove down the value of MGM stock, making it vulnerable to a takeover by Soros and Blavatnik. However, in May 2010, the Soros deal went sour. The Quantum-fighting Bond, played by actor Daniel Craig, continued to battle against Quantum another day.

Soros is considered a major enemy by Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) so there should be no surprise that the agency would martial its fictional top agent Bond to battle the Soros doppelganger chief of Quantum. In 1992, Soros committed the sin of trying to short the British pound. An attack upon sterling in Britain is considered an attack on the Queen herself. From that time onward, MI-6 had Soros in its figurative sights. MI-6 has always held huge sway over Bond movie scripts and the last four were no different. In "SPECTRE," Bond is told that all of his last several enemies, including one Israeli Mossad veteran, all worked for Oberhauser/Blofeld, the real head of Quantum.

Bond also discovers that most of the world's terrorist attacks, coups, revolutions, and other upheavals are all the work of Quantum, which is trying to unite the world's intelligence agencies under the framework of "NINE EYES," which will actually be controlled by -- you guessed it -- Quantum. In real life, the National Security Agency (NSA) and its English-speaking allies are united under the FIVE EYES intelligence-sharing pact.

In "SPECTRE," one of the NINE EYES countries, South Africa, is the only one to vote against combining the nations' intelligence surveillance databases, thus preventing the plan moving forward. It changes its vote to "yes," after a huge terrorist bomb strikes Cape Town.

In "SPECTRE," a "cocky" Tony Blair-like character named Max Denbigh becomes "M's" [Ralph Fiennes] boss ("C") and makes a secret agreement with Quantum to close down the 007 program and MI-6 itself. M and Bond not only have to face off against Quantum but also the chief of British intelligence. The similarities between Denbigh and Blair may also be rooted in reality. The following is from WMR's 2010 report: "In 2007, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild hosted a swank and ritzy reception in London for outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie. Blair hob-nobbed with a select group of American and other billionaires hoping to land lucrative work after his success in steering Britain into a bloody occupation of Iraq as a favor for George W. Bush. Among the billionaires present were Blavatnik; Ron Burkle, the grocery chain magnate who gave Bill Clinton work after he left office; oilman Sid Bass, Lehman Brothers' manipulative CEO Richard Fuld -- who was busy setting up shadow Lehman business deals through Hudson Castle; fashion mogul Calvin Klein; billionaire cosmetic heirs Leonard and Ronald Lauder -- a few months later Ronald Lauder was elected president of the World Jewish Congress; and Mexican telecommunication billionaire Carlos Slim Helu." All would make excellent candidates for Blofeld's Quantum "round table" of international tycoons and brigands who periodically meet in secret to chart out the next catastrophes and financial mega-schemes.
The Bond script's lines about Quantum ultimately causing the world's destabilization could have very well been written by the actual head of MI-6.

More about Soros as the "Quantum of Chaos" can be read in WMR's new book by the same title: "Soros: Quantum of Chaos," available at the WMR bookstore.