Monday, November 14, 2016

George Soros hit with triple whammy By Wayne Madsen Report

 George Soros hit with triple whammy By Wayne Madsen Report
No sooner had global hedge fund tycoon and international troublemaker George Soros picked himself off the floor following Donald Trump's shock presidential election victory in the United States, he was staggered by two more presidential election routs in countries where he made huge investments in the defeated candidates.

In Bulgaria, a Trump-like political newcomer, Rumen Radev of the Socialist Party, defeated the Soros-backed and pro-EU and NATO presidential candidate Tsetska Tsacheva in a 59 to 36 percent final tally. Prime Minister Boyko Borissov of the GERB party immediately tendered his government's resignation. Although Soros and the Obama administration favored the GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria) candidate, Borissov demonstrated some independence by rejecting a Romanian proposal for NATO to establish a permanent Black Sea fleet to confront Russia. Radev promised during the campaign to seek closer ties with Russia, Bulgaria's historical ally and cultural twin. Radev opposes European Union sanctions on Russia, joining Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in favoring the dropping of the coercive economic measures by Brussels. In his acceptance speech in Sofia, Radev praised Trump's victory in the United States. During the campaign, Radev said Bulgaria would not become "Europe's migrant ghetto," rejecting EU quotas for its members to accept Muslim refugees from Syria, Iraq, and other war-torn countries.

There was more bad news for Soros in Moldova, which lies between Romania and Ukraine. The Socialist Party’s Igor Dodon defeated Maia Sandu of the Soros-backed Action and Solidarity party by 52 to 48 percent of the vote in Moldova's first direct popular election of its president. Moldova has been the scene of a number of Soros-financed color revolutions aimed at transforming the nation into a vassal of the EU and NATO and forcing the re-incorporation of the breakaway northern region of Transnistria, a republic where half the population is composed on ethnic Russians and which hosts a Russian military unit, the Operational Group of Russian Forces in Moldova, formerly the Soviet 14th Guards Army.

Dodon promised to scrap Moldova's trade agreement with the EU and join the Russian-backed Eurasian Economic Union, a counterweight to the EU. Dodon said his first foreign trip will be to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Dodon appeared to be heading on a collision course with Moldova's anti-Russian and pro-EU prime minister,
Pavel Filip, who achieved power with Soros financial backing.
Soros-backed loser in Moldova, Maia Sandu [left]. And you're right, she does bear a resemblance to another Soros-backed loser, Huma Abedin [right]. Maybe the Soros factory should be retooled for blonds, instead.

Europe's Atlanticist and CIA-influenced organizations, ranging from the German Marshall Fund to the London School of Economics' European Politics and Policy website, are bemoaning Russia's success this past week and the stunning losses for NATO, the EU, and the machinations of Soros.

Austrian Freedom Party presidential candidate Norbert Hofer, who will face a Soros-backed pro-EU Green Party candidate in the Austria's December 4 election, has hailed Trump's victory as foretelling a better American relationship with Moscow. Hofer is expected to win and add his voice to the anti-EU and anti-migrant political surge now sweeping Europe in the wake of the United Kingdom's successful Brexit vote to leave the EU. December 4 is also the day Italians will vote in a referendum to change the Italian constitution to curb the powers of regional governments. Polls show the referendum going down to defeat. A "no" vote will also spell the end of the Democratic Party government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, who counted Barack Obama among his friends and who endorsed the candidacy of Hillary Clinton. The anti-EU Five Star Movement is gaining in opinion polls in Italy.

The embryonic Trump administration has signaled its support for the anti-EU and pro-Russian French National Front leader Marine Le Pen in next May's presidential election. A victory for the National Front would all but spell the end of the European Union and a, perhaps, fatal crippling of NATO. Another defeat for the EU, NATO, and Soros is the impending coalition government in Estonia that will include the pro-Russian Center Party. Estonia has served as a major base for Soros operatives who have engaged in anti-Russian provocations in Ukraine, Finland, and Belarus.

Excerpted from hacked Democratic National Committee donor list

The former U.S. ambassador to Finland, Bruce Oreck, a more than million dollar contributor to Obama and the Democrats and who has chosen to remain in Helsinki, posted the following on Facebook on election night: "Oh Fuck . . . Sitting here in DC in total, absolute shock. Looks like Trump will win, the Republicans will hold control of the House, the Senate and therefore also Supreme Court appointments. There are no words." There actually are two words for the Obama potty-mouthed diplomat and son of vaccum cleaner manufacturer David Oreck, "You suck!"