Saturday, February 18, 2017

Russian prankster, posing as Ukraine PM, warns McCain of Russian release of POW brainwashing evidence - By The Wayne Madsen Report

Russian prankster, posing as Ukraine PM, warns McCain of Russian release of POW brainwashing evidence - By The Wayne Madsen Report
Russian "phony phone call" prankster, Vladimir Kuznetsov, who does by the name "Vovan," convinced Senate Armed Services Committee chairman John McCain (R-AZ) that he was Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. The recording of the prank call is found below.

McCain told the fake Groysman that he favored sending lethal weapons to Ukraine to fight against Vladimir Putin in eastern Ukraine. McCain also said he sent a letter to President Trump urging increased sanctions against Russia.

The most interesting aspect of the call is McCain's interest in the pranksters warning that Putin ordered the Russian secret service to reveal details of McCain's being "recruited" as a "collaborator" by Russian intelligence during his time as a prisoner-of-war of the North Vietnamese. McCain appears to be genuinely concerned about such a revelation and asks to prankster to keep him informed of further details. McCain asks the prankster to provide further information on the POW story to him through the Ukrainian ambassador in Washington.

At no time during the conversation, does McCain appear to question the veracity of the caller.

If the long-suppressed story about McCain's special treatment by Soviet intelligence is not true, McCain appears to be awfully interested in a "fake" story. The story about McCain first appeared in the Moscow Post on September 18, 2008. The English version of the story was reportedly taken down after pressure was exerted by American "authorities."

The following is a paid translation of the McCain article from Russian to English and is an exclusive to WMR:

So, as it turned out, McCain has worked for many years in the Soviet secret services, recruited during the Vietnamese captivity (in 1967). The KGB's Senator John McCain had the code name Jack Mouse.
"To him it was a special relationship" - Duet [Hanoi Hilton commandant] says, "the power he had more than other Americans."
"Russian advisers spent many days in conversations with him. What they agreed to do, I do not know. However, once he was specially summoned to my office, where he signed some papers. Soon McCain transferred to a hospital, where Soviet doctors worked. Since then, I have not seen him. "
After that, according to the official biography, this was followed five years later by the Vietnamese prisoner transfer, after which the future congressman was released, in 1973, the result of the Paris agreement.
It is believed that all those years McCain spent in Vietnam. However, as we find out from the The Moscow Post journalists that this story is not quite true.
A former KGB agent, Sergei Nikolaev (name for this article has been specially modified), now lives in a European country, where he moved after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
In the early '70s Nikolaev, he worked for intelligence at Voronezh.
There took place agent training of those not already identified by the West.
Nikolaev remember an American who came to him in winter 1968. He learned that it was McCain, when later often appeared on the TV screen.
"He's passed special training for operations in the United States during a possible war," says Nikolaev.
"He was taught the basics of subversion, disabling communication systems, paralyzing aerodrome operations. McCain had aliases. Therefore, according to the files we called him Jack Mouse. Our wags called him Mickey Mouse. "