Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Human vampire Paul Wolfowitz and the current rebellion in East Timor

May 24, 2006 -- The current rebellion in East Timor, where significant off-shore oil reserves have been discovered, threatens to weaken that nation's independence, which came at a tremendously bloody cost. One major opponent of East Timor is World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz, a human vampire that would like to retaliate against the new nation for its successful independence fight against Wolfowitz's chums in Indonesia, the nation where he served as US ambassador and where he helped coordinate US military assistance for Indonesian counter-insurgency troops who massacred over 100,000 Timorese. Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, and Australia have pledged to send troops to put down the rebellion, which has all the markings of a "made in Washington and Houston" destabilization effort to get at Timor's oil.

Just after Australia Prime Minister John Howard's trip to see Bush in Washington: a major rebellion occurs in oil-rich East Timor. Cause and effect? Bet on it.