Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Judicial Watch nothing but a front for Neocon Richard Mellon Scaife

As noted by the blogger Xymphora -- upon reading a post on the
Smirking Chimp site -- Judicial Watch, the organization responsible
for filing a FOIA request and thus bringing us earlier this week the
eminently ignorable Pentagon crash video, is hooked up with Richard
Mellon Scaife, billionaire bankroller of fascist neocon outfits such
the American Enterprise Institute, the Hoover Institution, and the
Marxist turned neocon David Horowitz's various smear operations.

Judicial Watch was created to harass and snap at the heels of Bill
Clinton, a favorite pastime for the likes of Scaife and the lunatic
Republican fringe now in control of Congress. "Judicial Watch, which
recently released video supposedly showing a plane hitting the
Pentagon, is essentially a tool of Richard Mellon Scaife, who has
given 8.5 million dollars, at least, to support this organization.
Though officially a watchdog group, Judicial Watch got its start by
filing over 50 nuisance lawsuits against the Clintons," the post on
Smirking Chimp explains.

Regardless of the fact the latest video—so rapturously embraced by
the corporate media as evidence to put the "conspiracy theorists" out
to pasture -- is a less than worthless distraction, the connection
between Judicial Watch and Scaife, who is a documented CIA asset,
puts the whole affair in context.

"In 2002, Judicial Watch received $1.1 million from The Carthage
Foundation and a further $400,000 from The Sarah Scaife Foundation.
The year before the Scaife Foundation had given $1.35 million and
Carthage $500,000," reports SourceWatch. "In all, between 1997 and
2002, Judicial Watch received $7,069,500 (unadjusted for inflation)
in 19 grants from a handful of foundations.... The bulk of this
funding came from just three foundations ... the Sarah Scaife
Foundation, The Carthage Foundation and the John M. Olin Foundation,

Moreover, Judicial Watch, according to David Corn on his Klayman
Watch blog (Larry Klayman is a trade lawyer heading up Judicial
Watch), is connected to Richard Viguerie, "the direct-mail titan" of
the neocon movement. In short, Judicial Watch is nothing less than a
shill for neocons, who have a vested interest -- lest the truth
emerge and they be arrested and prosecuted for treason and murder—in
promoting the nine eleven fairy tale and discrediting researchers
interested in getting at the truth.

As noted here previously, Scaife is connected to the CIA. "In 1973,
he became the owner of Kern House Enterprises, a U.S.-registered
company," writes the Columbia Journalism Review. "Kern House ran
Forum World Features, a London-based news agency that supplied
feature material to a large number of papers around the world,
including at one time about thirty in the U.S. Scaife abruptly closed
down Forum in 1975, shortly before Time Out, a British weekly,
published a purported 1968 CIA memorandum, addressed to then-director
Richard Helms, which described Forum as a CIA-sponsored operation
providing 'a significant means to counter Communist propaganda.' The
Forum-CIA tie, which lasted into the seventies, has been confirmed by
various British and American publications over the years, and it was
confirmed independently by a source in connection with this article."

It now appears Scaife is providing "significant means" to counter and
minimize the nine eleven truth movement, an urgent task as increasing
numbers of Americans are beginning to question the official Brothers
Grimm version of events.

Of course, even without Judicial Watch's connection to Scaife, and
Scaife's connection to the CIA and the neocons, the Pentagon video,
probably better called the nose cone (or con) blob ruse, is an
obvious and entirely ineffectual attempt to derail the truth
movement. If anything, the latest video, released after nearly five
years, is simply more evidence the government is obfuscating the
truth and enlisting the likes of Scaife and his minions in an ill-
conceived effort to throw us off track.

Finally, if you doubt the government has fabricated bogus (and wholly
sloppy) evidence, simply compare the blob video still supposedly
showing the nose cone of Flight 77 with this photo of a real United
Airline plane. Question: what the heck happened to the paint stripe
on Flight 77 in the Pentagon video? I guess we are supposed to
believe that not only did Osama's cave-dwellers miraculously defy the
laws on physics on nine eleven, they also removed the paint from the
plane before crashing it into the Pentagon.