Thursday, June 08, 2006

Dear Veterans and their families, Depleted Uranium, DU Warning

Dear Veterans and their families,

There is a new element of concern in the health of veterans who had deployed to Iraq in the first Gulf War and to those returning from the present conflict.

Medical experts report that Depleted Uranium, DU, weapons used in 1991 and since 2003 have saturated that nation with microscopic toxic uranium dust like particles that are repeatedly carried into the air in the frequent sandstorms, and that breathing in, even small amounts is responsible for the increased rate of multiple types of cancer among our veterans as well as the suffering and dying people of Iraq.

They also report that this is the cause of a significant rise in veteran's children, being born with minor to major birth defects. I am listing two web sites. The first, a comprehensive report by Leuren Moret, an internationally known scientist and an expert
on radiation and public health.
The second, by Betty Mekdeci, the Executive Director of Birth Defect Research for Children.

This is a study of the children with a birth defect born to the average American family, compared to those born to a parent who had served in the 1991 Gulf War.

Please, remember, both of these articles report ONLY, on the consequences of the 1991 war. More information will be forthcoming from these two most important sources and you can learn more about Birth Defect Research for Children by going to Yahoo's

320 tons of DU weapons were reported to have been used in the Gulf War. Most estimates of the DU dropped during the sanctions of the 1990's and to the present time, average 2000 tons or more. Over 400,000 US troops have cycled in and out of Iraq, many, on their second or third tour of duty.

Medical experts tell us, it often takes 4 to 5 years for cancers to develop. Kindly study these two reports , and you will clearly see the grave probability, that these statistics are but the tip of the cancer, and birth defect ice burg, bearing down on us in the future.

With Peace to all, and the deep hope for a more humane world soon, rather than later.

Bud Deraps, Navy Veteran WW2, Member of Veterans for Peace.