Sunday, June 04, 2006

The neo-con machinations of Australian-U.S.-inspired rebellion in East Timor utilizing Opus Dei

June 4, 2006 -- More on neo-con machinations in East Timor. Australian sources report that the Australian-U.S.-inspired rebellion in East Timor was partly intended to force secular Muslim Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri from office. Information received by WMR indicates that rebel leader Major Alfredo Reinado, in addition to being supported by Australian and U.S. oil interests and Australian and U.S. intelligence operatives, is supported by anti-Muslim Roman Catholic elements that include members of the proto-fascist Catholic secretive organization Opus Dei. The Bush administration is using Opus Dei in destabilization efforts in Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Brazil. The Iberian roots of the organization and the adherence of many Spanish and Portuguese Catholics to the sect make it an ideal vehicle for stirring up problems in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking nations. East Timor is a former Portuguese colony. Opus Dei is very strong in the Liberal Party of Australia, one of the two conservative parties that make up John Howard's coalition.

Australian sources also report that the same Australian covert operatives who stirred up the rebellion in East Timor were also involved in fomenting deadly rebellions in the Solomon Islands. Next in the Australian plans are the islands of Papua New Guinea, including volatile Bougainville, Vanuatu, and Indonesian-occupied West Papua. There is a neo-con/neo-colonialist plan to virtually re-colonize the small island nations of the Pacific under the Australian flag.