Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rape in the military

Too important to ignore….. Did you know………?

  • 25 % of women will be sexually assaulted on a college campus.
  • 12 % of women will be raped while in college.
  • 28-66 % of women in the military REPORT sexual assault *
  • 27 % of women are REPORTED raped in the military

Sexual assault remains a pervasive problem for women in the military, including those currently deployed overseas. The military's hierarchy is ill-equipped and unwilling to deal fairly with rape complaints.

AND what are they doing about it currently……………?

According to the Department of Defense's own statistics 74-85% of soldiers convicted of rape or sexual assault leave the military with honorable discharges (meaning the rape conviction does not appear on their record!). Only 2-3% of soldiers accused of rape are ever court marshaled. And only 5-6% of soldiers accused of domestic abused are ever court marshaled. In fact several multiple homicides have recently taken place on military bases that have not even been criminally prosecuted!

Department of Defense's definition of Morale Booster, for male soldiers:


Take as needed, dispose when finished and continue serving with 'honor'

Please remember………… Many suffer in silent shame. Never forget.

**Statistics taken from various sources including studies done by the Department of Veterans Affair (VA).