Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Abraham Licoln Brigade Archives

Dear ALBA community,.
October 2011 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the International Brigades. To properly honor the brave men and women who fought to save the Spanish Republic, programs of appreciation and remembrance will take place around the world.
Please join us this fall!
ALBA’s mission is to keep alive the legacy of the veterans of the Lincoln Brigade — its commitment to internationalism and social justice.
We are accomplishing this together. THANK YOU for your support.
¡No pasarán!
Sebastiaan Faber, Chair
Marina Garde, Managing Director


October 5- December 17 - New York
The Spanish Civil War Photographs of Agustí Centelles (The French Suitcase.)
Opening night: WEDNESDAY, October 5, 6:15 p.m.
53 Washington Square South, NY

October 9 - Chicago
Featuring Jamie O'Reilly & Michael Smith

November 3-5 - New York
ALBA's Film Festival.  Impugning Impunity: A Human Rights Documentary Film Series
More information here
November 30 - New York
Symposium on Agustí Centelles

With Sebastiaan Faber, James. D. Fernández, Susie Linfield,  Jordana MeNdelson, and Juan Salas
King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center

December 9 - New York
75th Anniversary of the International Brigades - ALBA's Benefit Party
La Nacional, 239 West 14th Street (upper floor)
A night of music, sharing, and dancing in the best spirit of the 30s

Decenber 10 - Chicago Area
Pasiones: Songs of the Spanish Civil War
FOLKSTAGE on WFMT 98.7, live radio