Sunday, September 25, 2011

A depressed president Obama hooked on Google "vanity searches"

WMR has learned from government sources with close contacts inside the White House that media reports that The New York Times is developing a story on President Obama suffering from clinical depression are correct and that Obama is fixated on how the media, including certain web sites, view his presidency.

WMR has previously reported on Obama's narcissistic personality and how it has adversely affected his leadership capabilities as president. Obama's day usually begins by his conducting "vanity searches" on Google to see how he is being treated by both the main stream media and political blogs. When he encounters negative articles, Obama flies of the handle in a rage punctuated by the use of foul language, according to sources close to the White House. Obama is reportedly totally obsessed with how the media is covering him.

Obama's three major interlocutors between his administration and Democratic Party officials and the Congress -- chief of staff Bill Daley, First Lady Michelle Obama, and political adviser Valerie Jarrett -- have concluded the best current course of action is to keep Obama in the environment he handles best: the campaign trail where he is the focus of adulation by swooning crowds.

WMR has been told by informed sources that when he first read our accounts of his background with the CIA, including his employment with Business International Corporation, and the CIA histories of his mother and grandparents, Obama flew into a rage -- the possible source for three independent reports that indicated that the White House wanted this editor "dead."

Privately, some White House officials have expressed fear to Democratic Party officials and elected Democratic office holders around the nation that Obama is on the verge of a mental breakdown. The White House officials believe that only by putting Obama in front of adoring crowds in a carefully-orchestrated campaign mode can they buy time for the administration. However, the White House sources have expressed grave doubts about Obama's ability to maintain his composure when faced with growing criticism. Their worst fear is that Obama will suffer from a public breakdown, sealing the end of his re-election chances and dooming the down-ticket electoral prospects for the Democratic Party in 2012 and beyond.

When faced with impeachment during his final months in office, Richard Nixon, who also suffered from depression and was drinking heavily and taking anti-depressants, opted to resign from office in August 1974. Nixon's predecessor, Lyndon Johnson, depressed over the failure of his Vietnam War strategy, opted to forego his re-election campaign in March 1968.

Observers of White House politics have pointed to Daley using the term "I" when he is discussing the administration's policies, an indication that Daley is increasingly calling the shots on major policy issues in the White House. However, Daley's increased profile has resulted in growing friction between him and Jarrett and the First Lady.

Obama is known to search the Internet for stories about himself before he receives the President's Daily Brief from top intelligence officials. Woe be it to any intelligence briefer who reports on information obtained from open sources. Obama, who, in many cases has already read such accounts, will let loose with a barrage of abusive epithets, yelling, at times, "I already know that you stupid motherfucker!"

Ron Suskind's new book, "Confidence Men," which mainly concerns the dysfunctional nature of the Obama White House, has resulted in a full-court press being directed by the White House and its spin doctors against the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist.

When asked whether one or more over-zealous White House aides may have taken Obama's rage at this editor for the reports about the CIA backgrounds of Obama and his family as a  reason to convey a personal threat, the answer was that, given the current nature of the White House staff, such a scenario was more than likely. We have also been told that Obama was well-aware of this editor's recent foray into Indonesia in search of details about his and his family's time in that country.