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JFK assassination conspirator shows up on CIA Allende ouster order

JFK assassination conspirator shows up on CIA Allende ouster order

The CIA's point man for Western Hemisphere operations, David Atlee Philiips, CIA cover name "Maurice Bishop," is the originator of a formerly Secret CIA order to the agency's Santiago, Chile station to "contact the [Chilean] military and  let them know USG [U.S. Government] wants a military solution." The "military solution" referred to in the October 7, 1970 order, which was heavily redacted before its release in 2000, would eventually result in the September 11, 1973 coup against democratically-elected Socialist President Salvador Allende Gossens by Chile's military chief, General Augusto Pinochet.

Although CIA-financed media continue to maintain that Allende committed suicide with an AK-47 during the military assault on the presidential palace, it is clear that Allende was assassinated. And when it came to assassinations, Phillips was unmatched in the CIA. Phillips, who hailed from Fort Worth, Texas, was the agency's liaison to the Cuban exile guerrilla group Alpha 66. Accused "Marxist" defector to the USSR, Lee Harvey Oswald, attended at least one meeting of Alpha 66 at which Phillips was also present. Phillips was also allegedly Oswald's CIA control officer in Dallas prior to the November 22, 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. After the assassination, Phillips ensured that his young "apprentice" was silenced before he could reveal the extent of the conspiracy to murder the president.

Phillips was also assigned to the CIA station in Miami, JM/WAVE, which plotted to assassinate Cuban leader Fidel Castro. After he retired in 1975, Phillips was implicated in the 1976 terrorist car bombing on Sheridan Circle in Washington, DC that killed former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and his American colleague, Ronni Moffitt of the Institute for Policy Studies. CIA director George H. W. Bush was also implicated in the car bombing.
Many JFK assassination experts have identified the black-haired man standing behind the reporter holding the microphone up to alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald and the Dallas sheriff wearing the Stetson hat to be David Atlee Phillips.

Phillips's order to the CIA station in Santiago was to "use all available assets and stratagems including the rumor-mill to create at least some sort of coup climate." The memo instructs the CIA to attempt to provoke the left. The CIA Santiago station is ordered to give first priority to lay the groundwork for a military coup "between now and 24 October." The instructions state that "all other considerations are secondary . . . and (the station] should not let other activity [by it and its officers to] vitiate [spoil] this three-pronged task." The CIA station is ordered not to concern itself with the PDC [Christian Democratic Party], Frei [former Christian Democratic Party President Eduardo Frei Montalva, believed to have been medically assassinated by Pinochet's regime in 1982], Vital Center, and PN [National Party].

Atlee's final order is: "In sum, we want you to sponsor a military move which can take place, to the extent possible, in a climate of economic and political uncertainty." The "we" to which Atlee referred included then National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger.

The same CIA playbook of fomenting political turmoil and economic chaos prior to staging military coups were used in other Latin American countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Ecuador, Honduras, Panama, Guatemala, and is being used at this very moment in Venezuela.


Related note:

Due to the ground work and advance liaison with embassies in Washington required to examine the national archives of Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay for information relating to the role of Kissinger in the Chile coup and Operation CONDOR, WMR has had to delay our planned archival hunt to early 2014. WMR again thanks all those who contributed to our special research fund to carry out this important research opportunity.

WMR will also be present in Dallas for the Coalition on Presidential Assassinations (COPA) conference, which will be held during the 50th anniversary observances of President Kennedy's assassination.