Tuesday, March 04, 2014

NATO used Sochi female bombers story as a ruse operation for Ukraine

March 4-5, 2014 -- NATO used Sochi female bombers story as a ruse operation for Ukraine

Less than a day after the U.S. military offered military support to Russian security to bolster defenses against terrorist attacks at the Sochi Winter Olympics, the Russians announced that they were looking for three women with ties to Dagestan who were said to be planning terrorist suicide bombings in and around Sochi during the Winter Games. WMR has been informed by reliable West European intelligence sources that the story of the three Islamic women bombers, all said to be wearing veils and identified as Ruzanna Ibragimova, Zaira Aliyeva, and Dzhannet Tsakhayeva, was a ruse operation, to use NSA/British Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) terminology.

The suspected terrorist women were called "black widows" because it was said their husbands were killed in attacks by Russian security forces on Islamist guerrillas.

Western intelligence sources told us that NATO intelligence services, working with Saudi-funded militants in Libya, arranged for Libyan weapons of Russian origin to be smuggled into Ukraine. Some of these weapons, according to our sources, were used by neo-Nazi paramilitary groups in Kiev to fire on protesters in Maidan Square. Forensic analysis of the bullets showed that they were fired from Russian weapons. The global news media falsely claimed that Russian Spetsnaz special forces had snipers in buildings around Maidan Square and were shooting protesters. However, WMR's intelligence sources revealed to us that the weapons, while Russian made, were from Libyan arms caches captured by Al Qaeda affiliates from the ousted government of Muammar Qaddafi.

While Russian security forces were deployed away from the Ukrainian-Russian border to look for the three black widows, who were actually "bogeys" used to create a ruse operation coupled with a disruption operation, the focus by Russian and Ukrainian security in the region was on Sochi and the Olympics. The ruse was the three "black widow" suicide bombers and the disruption operation was aimed at disrupting security and customs controls on the Russian-Ukrainian border. The USS Taylor, a U.S. guided missile frigate, actually ran aground during its security screening of Black Sea waters off Sochi. Its commanding officer, Commander Dennis Volpe, was relieved of his command. However, it is not known whether Volpe or any other member of his crew or that of theUSS Mount Whitney, also providing maritime security, were aware of the smuggling of Libyan weapons by sea into Russia and subsequently across the border into Ukraine.

Western intelligence with Saudi help used Sochi suicide bombing story as a feint in order to smuggle Russian-made weapons from Libya into Ukraine for false flag operations.

The knowledge by Western intelligence of Russian-made Libyan weapons being sent to Ukrainian opposition forces for a potential false flag attack against Ukrainian forces in the event Russian troops move into eastern Ukraine to bolster their occupation of Crimea, the home of the Russian Black Sea Fleet had Russian President Vladimir Putin hopping mad. The knowledge that Western intelligence services were providing Russian-made arms from Libya to Ukrainian opposition forces may have been part of the reason Putin ordered a quick takeover of all airports and other significant facilities in Crimea, an autonomous republic of Ukraine with a majority Russian population.

The provision of "evidence" by the Ukrainian opposition government that Russian weapons were used to attack Ukrainian forces would, in the view of the world, solidify support for Kiev in its showdown with Russia. However, a Western-directed covert false flag operation aimed at a nuclear-armed power like Russia runs the risk of plunging the world into a nuclear conflict in which there will be no winners. In fact, Russia has shown relative restraint in the face of the CIA and other Western intelligence agencies being caught red-handed smuggling weapons from Libya into Ukraine and helping to execute a coup d'etat against a democratically-elected government.