Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Bomb-making terrorists are being trained on U.S. soil -- by the CIA

Bomb-making terrorists are being trained on U.S. soil -- by the CIA
by Wayne Madsen
The FBI claimed another "success" in the war against terrorism when it arrested two female roommates in Queens, New York. 
Noelle Velentzas, 28, and Asia Siddiqui, 31, for attempting to construct crude bombs using propane tanks. The pair were said to have watched videos on YouTube produced by the Islamic State. The FBI's "success" story, however, appears to be yet another entrapment of two hapless individuals who managed to fit a "profile" established by the FBI for those likely to fall for a sting operation.

Once again, as with a number of such cases, the two women had an FBI undercover "handler" who coached them on procuring 
fertilizer, propane, copper wires, potassium gluconate, table salt, a pressure cooker, and "jihadist" literature until the FBI could launch its sting arrest.

While the FBI has arrested a number of individuals in similar "coached" operations, including the "Liberty City Seven" in Miami, the Times Square "fizzle" bomber, and the "Lackawanna Six" in Buffalo, the Central Intelligence Agency, either directly, or through proxies like the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and U.S. Special Operations Command, has trained on U.S. soil irregular foreign forces, including mercenaries, to construct bombs and deploy them in terrorist attacks.

Currently such training takes place at the super-secret CIA "bomb school" at Harvey Point, North Carolina. As reported by WMR on March 4, 2011, Harvey Point has been used to train terrorists in bomb making and other tactics for decades. Among those terrorists trained at Harvey Point have been those within the ranks of 
the Kosovo Liberation Army; anti-Castro commandos of Brigade 2506 and Alpha 66; Afghan mujaheddin guerrillas, some of whom later joined Al Qaeda; Lebanese Phalangist paramilitary forces; anti-Qaddafi Libyan guerrillas; Chechen Islamist guerrillas, El Salvadorean death squads under the command ofMajor Roberto d'Aubuisson; some of whom now fight for the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq; and the infamous Honduran death squadMovimiento Anti-Communista Hondureno (MACHO). The terrorists were trained at Harvey Point in the use of sophisticated fuses, timers, and explosives, as well as remote-control devices for triggering mines and bombs.

Before Harvey Point became the CIA's favorite terrorist training school, the agency relied on a secret "counterinsurgency school" near Los Fresnos, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley. The school was operated under the aegis of the U.S. Border Patrol, but funded with CIA money through Langley's favorite government financial laundry, USAID.
At Los Fresnos, CIA instructors trained terrorists in tactics and weapons. The school offered such courses as the nondescript four week-long "Technical Investigations Course" but also more telling courses with the names:

  • Terrorist Concepts
  • Terrorist Devices
  • Fabrication and Functioning of Devices
  • Improvised Triggering Devices (today called Improvised Explosive Devices or "IEDs")
  • Incendiaries
  • Assassination Weapons: A discussion of various weapons which may be used by the assassin
  • Bomb Making
Senator James Abourezk (D-SD) exposed the terrorist training at Los Fresnos in 1973. USAID officials admitted in testimony that the Los Fresnos school did not train personnel in bomb disposal but in actual bomb making. One USAID official testified that "The thrust of the instruction ... introduces trainees to commercially available materials and home laboratory techniques . . . in the manufacture of explosives and incendiaries.... Different types of explosive devices and 'booby-traps' and their construction and use by terrorists are demonstrated." Trainees were schooled on the use of terrorist devices when they were sent back home by their CIA handlers. Most of the students came from Colombia, Guatemala, Uruguay, Thailand, El Salvador, and Panama. The results of the CIA training was later seen in horrific terrorist attacks carried out in Nicaragua, Lebanon, Kosovo, Honduras, Cuba, Venezuela, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, Palestine, Somalia, and today, in Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria. 

One of the most infamous graduates of Los Fresnos was Major Alexander Hernandez, who commanded the blood thirsty 3-16 Battalion death squad in Honduras.

The old CIA "terrorist bomb making" school at Los Fresnos, Texas

The FBI does not need to entrap and sting "useful idiots" like the two women from Queens in order to grab terrorists. The CIA headquarters entrance in Langley is well-marked along the George Washington Parkway, a 15-minute car ride from FBI headquarters in Washington. If the FBI is truly interested in bringing terrorists to justice, it can start by arresting CIA director John Brennan and then work its way down the ranks of the active agents and retirees and contractors.