Saturday, April 11, 2015

There's more nepotism in 2016 POTUS race than you may know

There's more nepotism in 2016 POTUS race than you may know
by Wayne Madsen
While a number of Democrats and Republicans grumble aloud about the 2016 presidential race turning out to be a replay of 1992's "Clinton versus Bush" campaign, which saw 2016 Democratic Party frontrunner Hillary Clinton's husband, Bill Clinton, defeat GOP frontrunner Jeb Bush's father, George H. W. Bush, for re-electionthere is nepotism within the Republican primary race. The prospect of another Bush v. Clinton election prompted former Maryland Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley, himself a contender for the Democratic nod, to remark: "The presidency of the United States is not some crown to be passed between two families."

But nepotism does not only affect the presidential race but also, possibly, the vice presidential stakes. As previously reported by WMR and recently re-investigated by additional sources in Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, on-and-off again GOP frontrunner, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, is a cousin of Jeb Bush.

Wisconsin insiders believe that the candidacies of Bush and Walker are designed to give the GOP faithful the false impression that there is a real contest within the Republican Party for the presidential nomination, when, in fact, Walker would settle for the vice presidential spot on a Bush ticket after giving Jeb Bush a spirited fight for the nomination. Such an outcome could ensure future control of the presidency and vice presidency, at least for one term, by members of the same extended family.
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker 
Cousins Scott Walker [left] and Jeb Bush [right] prepare to hoodwink GOP primary voters by pretending to run against one another for the nomination. Get ready for a Bush-Walker ticket ensuring the same extended family will control the White House for the next sixteen years

On May 4, 2012, WMR reported: "
A cousin of Wisconsin's unpopular Republican Governor Scott Walker, who is running in a rare recall election, has informed WMR that Walker is a member of the Bush-Walker family of former Presidents George H. W. Bush and George Walker Bush.
Governor Walker's cousin does not support his cousin's gubernatorial bid in Wisconsin."
Our report added that Walker's cousin reported that Scott Walker, like George Herbert Walker and George Walker Bush, is allegedly a descendant of George Herbert Walker, a wealthy banker originally from St. Louis. Walker eventually became the President of the W. A. Harriman & Co. in New York. Walker's daughter Dorothy married Prescott Bush. Dorothy and Prescott were the parents of George H. W. Bush.
Our original report stated, "George Walker owned a number of railroads, including the Missouri Pacific Railroad, that employed Scott Walker's relatives throughout the West, including Colorado.
In 2010, Scott Walker jokingly referred to George W. Bush as his 'cousin' because of their close political views. However, Scott Walker, who was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado,  is a descendant of the same Walker-Bush clan that sired both Presidents Bush."

Scott Walker's ancestor is said to have been George Herbert ("Bert") Walker, the St. Louis-born railroad and banking magnate. The promontory at the Bush family Kennebunkport, Maine estate, Walker Point, got its name from its original owner, Bert Walker, Jeb Bush's great grandfather.

Bert Walker's daughter Dorothy married the son of Ohio steel executive Samuel Prescott Bush, future Connecticut Republican senator and father of George H. W. Bush, Prescott Bush. The Ohio-based Samuel Bush made a small fortune selling steel from his Buckeye Steel Castings Company to Remington Arms, owned by John D. Rockefeller's first cousin, Percy Rockefeller. The Buckeye steel was used to make the barrels for the rifles used in World War I.

Before and after World War II, Prescott, who worked for Brown Brothers Harriman in New York, provided financial services for a number of German war industry firms, including Hamburg-American Line, Union Banking Corporation, Holland-American Trading Corporation and the Seamless Steel Equipment Corporation, Silesian-American Company, I.G. Farben, and Thyssen Industries.

Scott Walker's father, Llewellyn Walker, was a Baptist minister who moved from Colorado Springs to Iowa when Scott was 3-years old. The family ultimately moved to Wisconsin. Wikipedia, which excels at only providing partial biographies, conveniently states that two of Llewellyn Walker's grandparents were from Wales but makes no mention of his family ties to Bert Walker.

The railroad ties that bind: The Bush family-Scott Walker links via the Missouri Pacific Railroad, owned by Bert Walker and which employed Scott Walker's grandparents in Colorado.

There is also a family link between right-wing politician financiers Charles and David Koch and the Bushes. Dorothy ("Doro") Bush Koch, the sister of Jeb Bush, is married to Robert ("Bobby") Koch of the industrialist Koch family of Kansas. Although Bobby Koch worked for Democratic congressmen Tony Coelho and Richard Gephardt, he is now the head of the non-partisan Wine Institute, the lobbyists for the corporate wine industry.

Charles and David Koch, co-owners of Koch Industries, have given millions of dollars to Republican candidates, including Scott Walker and George W. and Jeb Bush. The founder of Koch Industries, Texas oil man Fred Koch, reportedly joined Prescott Bush in providing commercial assistance to Nazi Germany before and during World War II. Koch is said to have sold oil to Germany via Prussia's port of Königsberg, where a relative of his, Erich Koch, was Adolf Hitler's appointed local Prussian governor.

Fred Koch was also one of the founders of the Wisconsin-based far-right John Birch Society.

Scott Walker with younger brother David and parents Rev. Llew and Pat Walker.
Scott Walker's parents: Back row, left to right: Pat and Llewellyn Walker with Scott Walker and younger brother David. Llew Walker is a direct descendant of the Walker railroad family that provided the Bush clan with its initial wealth