Monday, April 24, 2006

CIA shit gets deeper...

April 24, 2006 -- WMR has received information from a veteran member of the U.S. Intelligence Community that fired CIA Inspector General (IG) officer, 61-year old veteran CIA employee Mary O. McCarthy, was the result of a White House-launched political vendetta designed to ferret out pro-Democrats in the CIA. The source also revealed that McCarthy, who was fired rather than being permitted to resign, is almost certain to write a tell-all book that will reveal even more misconduct and illegal activity, in addition to secret prisons and rendition flights, on the part of the Bush administration and CIA director Porter Goss. These may include CIA drug smuggling activities to support off-the-books operations and targeted assassinations. McCarthy, as an IG officer, would have known about all CIA misdeeds reported through her office.

Inside sources report that McCarthy must have ran afoul of the Bush administration early on. After serving as a National Intelligence Officer and liaison to the White House National Security Council, it was clear that McCarthy was purposely kept out of clandestine operations, science and technology operations, and analysis. Instead of being assigned to writing CIA histories or arranging for special guest visits, where she could have been kept under surveillance by security, McCarthy was placed within the IG. However, if retaliation against McCarthy was the goal of the White House, assigning McCarthy to the IG turned out to be the worst thing the Bush team could have done. There, McCarthy was able to amass complaints about abuse and other activities from scores of CIA agents -- information that was later leaked to the media. There is still no confirmation that McCarthy was the leaker, however, the fact that she had already been reassigned from mainstream CIA operations and supposedly failed a polygraph, made her a convenient target for the Bush administration.

Politicizing the CIA for Bush -- professionals counter-attack with leaks and stories linking Bush, Sr. and Goss to past drug smuggling.

An intelligence professional who knows McCarthy reports that she discovered sensational illegal activities by the CIA and was stymied by the Inspector General senior management. McCarthy is said by a colleague to be a devout Catholic who must have bent the rules only out of religious impulses and a high degree of frustration.

The intelligence community source also confirmed past CIA activities in drug smuggling, which have now been resumed by Porter Goss. Three CIA proprietary airlines that flew in Laos during the Indochina war flew heroin from the Golden Triangle in Burma to South Vietnamese and American intermediaries for street distribution to U.S. troops in South Vietnam. The CIA proprietary airlines involved were Air America, Byrd and Sons, and Continental Air Services, Inc. (CASI). CASI, based in Vientiane, Laos, flew the most lucrative aircraft for hauling large amounts of heroin -- ironically, the Swiss-built Pilatus "Porter" -- which could haul large amounts of drugs, 15 armed men, and land uphill on remote airstrips in Laos.

Porter Goss was a clandestine CIA officer in Latin America during the height of the CIA's illegal drug smuggling activities. The current leaks of information about renewed CIA drug smuggling activities are clearly an attempt by some CIA professionals to link Goss to past illegal activities.