Thursday, April 27, 2006

In Nezahualcoyotl, Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos Announces that May 1 Labor March “Will Meet In Front of the U.S. Embassy” in Mexico City

Subcomandante Marcos and the Other Campaign caravan are getting
closer to the concrete jungle of Mexico City, the center of the
country's political power and home to a quarter of its citizens. On
Wednesday, Marcos made a startling announcement from the Mexico City
suburb of Nezahualcoyotl. Al Giordano reports:

"Zapatista Subcomandante Marcos was received this afternoon by
thousands of urban workers from the rough-and-tumble metropolis of
Nezahualcoyotl that borders Mexico City. Street vendors, factory,
retail and construction workers, laid off meatpackers, taxi and bus
drivers, teachers, immigrants from Oaxaca and other Mexican states,
and former immigrants that returned from working in the United
States, plus their sons and daughters from grade schools, junior
highs, and high schools - many who flocked directly from class to the
afternoon rally in front of City Hall still wearing their school
uniforms - gave 'Delegate Zero' a warm and attentive welcome.

"It was there that Marcos decided to drop an information bomb on two
governmental powers: the Mexican federal government and 'the Yankee
Embassy' of Washington and Wall Street: The May Day workers march,
announced last February in Tlaxcala by the Zapatista spokesman, will
assemble in front of that United States Embassy, Monday, at noon, on
ritzy Paseo de la Reforma, on the very same day that Mexicans and
Mexican-Americans across the U.S. border will march and many will
strike from their jobs in protest of repressive measures against them
up North.

"The announcement came one day after Mexican Interior Minister Carlos
Abascal sought a meeting with the military commander of the Zapatista
Army of National Liberation (EZLN, in its Spanish initials), which
has shunned any and all contact with the federal government for the
past five years. Abascal worried aloud during a meeting with Catholic
bishops about Marcos' daily vow that the national rebellion he is
fomenting 'will topple the federal government.' Today, Marcos
answered the top functionary of the administration of president
Vicente Fox, saying: 'What we are proposing is to defeat the evil
governments.' Referring to Abascal's apparent confusion over what
that means, he said: 'I repeat: we will topple the municipal mayors,
the state governments and the government of the republic, put them
all in jail, kick the bankers, the big mall owners and capitalists
out of the country and defeat the capitalist system!'"

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