Thursday, April 27, 2006

More mainstream media comes to the defense of Mearsheimer-Walt paper.

More mainstream media comes to the defense of Mearsheimer-Walt paper. A recent paper written by John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago and Stephen Walt of Harvard brought out the same type of neocon "swiftboating" against them we have seen in attacks against those who are opposed to the Iraq war fiasco and the fascist policies of the Bush administration. The Mearsheimer-Walt article took a serious look at how the Israel Lobby unduly influences American policy in the Middle East. The same type of paper could have been written about the undue influence of the Cuban community, largely based in southern Florida, over U.S. policy not only in Cuba but now in all of Latin America. But writing anything critical of the Israel Lobby's power over U.S. foreign policy was bound to bring out the typical charges about anti-Semitism from the expected corners. However, the fierce criticism and attacks on the two respected academicians -- Mearsheimer and Walt -- have resulted in a backlash against their attacker. Not only did columnist Molly Ivins write in support of them but in Tuesday's Washington Post's Op-Ed page comes a blistering condemnation by Richard Cohen of those who have attacked Professors Mearsheimer and Walt. Since many neocons are also strong supporters of Israel and there is now evidence of collusion in the lead up to the war by elements inside the Pentagon and the Israeli Prime Minister's Office, the disaster of Iraq is bringing forth a renewed and serious debate about America's uneven relationships within the Middle East. That may be the one good thing to come out of an otherwise disastrous Bush policy in the Middle East.

It has also been learned that new White House Press Secretary Tony Snow was a frequent contributor to the vile racist, homophobic, and fascist web site The California-based web site is the Der Sturmer of the Internet, replete with hate mongers and other clearly deranged individuals. Snow is seen as a new face for the Bush administration. It would appear that he is more in keeping with the extreme right-wing agenda of the White House and its GOP supporters.