Thursday, May 11, 2006

French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin under full scale neo-con attack.

French Prime Minister under full scale neo-con attack. French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, under fire for carrying out an order from President Jacques Chirac to investigate neo-con Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy's financial sources and discovered links to a Luxembourg-based clearinghouse called Clearstream. Sarkozy was suspected of illegally receiving kickbacks involving the sale of six French frigates to Taiwan in 1991. According to informed French and Italian sources, Sarkozy, who is being defended by the global neo-con media as the victim of a "smear campaign," appears to be up to his neck in suspicious foreign financial connections and that is what prompted DeVillepin, Chirac, and French intelligence to investigate the right-wing and vociferously anti-Arab and anti-Muslim Interior Minister. Sarkozy is suspected of links to the same Russian-Israeli mafia syndicates that have been connected to Jack Abramoff, Dick Cheney, and leading Israeli politicians.

Sarkozy: not as clean as he and his neo-con friends claim

In fact, the recent attacks on DeVillepin from the neo-cons are said to have more to do with his opposition to any attack on Iran than on Luxembourg money tranches. European intelligence sources report that the attacks on DeVillepin (and Chirac) and the recent tirade against Russian President Vladimir Putin by Vice President Cheney, are all part of a coordinated attack against European leaders who oppose military action against Iran. With the loss of Italy, the neo-cons are trying to establish new bridgeheads in France and Russia. What has particularly piqued the neo-con anger with deVillepin is this recent quote from the French Prime Minister concerning an attack on Iran, "My conviction is that military action is certainly not the solution . . . We have already lived through this type of scenario and we know that not only does it settle nothing, but it can raise risks. We have seen this in the most clear way with Iraq." The neo-cons are using Clearstream and their man Sarkozy to hammer DeVillepin as a way of clearing the path for Sarkozy to become the next French President. Neither DeVillepin, Chirac, or the French intelligence services, all aware of Sarkozy's connections to the neo-cons, want to see the Interior Minister move into the Elysee Palace and steer France into the neo-con camp. DeVillepin is refusing to resign because he holds the trump card on Sarkozy and his friends, which include members of the neo-Nazi French National Front. Chirac recently said there are legitimate reasons to investigate Clearstream and lashed out at the neo-cons and their fellow travelers who are trying to sink the investigation of Sarkozy. Chirac said "Democracy is not the disrespect and exploitation to outrageous lengths of legal procedures under way."