Sunday, May 07, 2006

'Measles Chart' Shows Reconstruction Progress in Iraq

'Measles Chart' Shows Reconstruction Progress in Iraq (DoD) 06 May 2006 Coalition officials call it the "measles chart" -- a map of Iraq showing all the planned, in-progress and completed infrastructure projects that makes the country look like it has developed a case of the measles. Green is good on the chart. That indicates completed projects, and most of the dots, triangles, squares and diamonds on the map are green. Yellow means the projects are started, and there is a scattering of those around the country. Red means "planned - not started," and there are some of those - mostly in Anbar province and in eastern and western Baghdad... If terrorists don't blow up transmission lines, distribution nodes and power generating plants, there should be enough power to give all residents of Iraq 12 hours of electricity per day, officials said. [But, prior to the U.S. invasion, residents of Iraq had *24 hours* of electricity per day! The only *dots* to connect are to Bush's Palace - through Dick Cheney, the Energy Task Force, Halliburton, Blackwater USA, and billion$ for the above-mentioned, stolen via U.S. oil smuggling operations. --LRP]