Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Warning to traveling Americans who refuse to claim they are Canadians -

Warning to traveling Americans who refuse to claim they are Canadians -- you might want to avoid Italy on March 4. The Italian government has proclaimed March 4 "SISMI Day," a day to commemorate the Mar. 4, 2004 assassination by a U.S. Army unit in Baghdad of the deputy chief of SISMI, Gen. Nicola C

Calipari, who was accompanying a freed Italian hostage by car to Baghdad airport. Pentagon records have identified the assassin of Calipari as Mario Lozano, a member of the New York National Guard and a resident of The Bronx. Italian authorities say they intend to indict Lozano for murder but also want to question other members of his mobile roadblock who were present when the shooting occurred. Last Thursday, the U.S. Justice Department tersely rejected an Italian government request for the names of all the U.S. soldiers manning the Baghdad roadblock. Undiplomatically, in its denial the Justice Department also stated that this was its "final word" on the matter Calipari's assassination.

March 4 will now be a rallying point for anti-U.S. opinion in Italy, which is now running at an all-time high. The new left-wing government of Italy is sure to be much harder on the Bush administration than its neo-fascist predecessor government of Bush friend Silvio Berlusconi. The Bush administration also faces another major critic who is now a member of the Italian Senate representing the coalition of the new Prime Minister Romano Prodi -- she is Rosa Maria Calipari, the widow of the slain Italian SISMI general. She is not likely to accept the continued stonewalling from Washington about what actually occurred on "Route Irish" in Iraq on March 4, 2004.

Bush and his neo-cons now face the wrath of another angry widow -- this one is now an Italian Senator allied with the new left government

Ed. Note: If any member of the U.S. military and/or intelligence community has any legitimate and concrete details on the shooting death of Calipari, including the placement of U.S. military and intelligence assets along Route Irish before, during, and after John Negroponte's transit through the area on March 4, 2004, please contact WMR at wmreditor@waynemadsenreport.com. It is WMR policy that all sources are held in strict confidence.