Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Student Riots Continue in Western Venezuela, Government Blames Provocateurs -By: Michael Fox

"Student" Riots Continue in Western Venezuela, Government Blames Provocateurs
Tuesday, May 30, 2006
By: Michael Fox

Caracas, Venezuela, May 30, 2006—Classes at the University of the Andes (ULA) were suspended again yesterday, as disturbances and protests continued in Merida for the fourth straight business day. In response to the violence, various government representatives announced that behind the disturbances is a conspiracy to "destabilize" the country.

Armed and masked protesters in the western Venezuelan state of Tachira.
The Venezuelan alternative media website,, reported yesterday afternoon that, "a small group of hooded individuals were throwing rocks, bottles, and other objects at a line of anti-riot Police."
The website,, reported last Thursday that "a group of organized mercenaries, acting and looking more like Colombian paramilitaries than students, burst in to the Center of the Humanities Faculty, well armed with high-caliber pistols and machine guns, faces covered with ski masks... with radios of the latest technology... and dispersed throughout Merida in strategic locations, in small groups, all armed, and interconnected through the radio system."
The "student" organization Movimiento 13 de Marzo (March 13 Movement) and its student leader Nixon Moreno (a "professional" student), is considered to be behind the violence and disturbances. "Jose Guzman Araque another "protest leader" has been at the University for 10 years. One of the other "leaders", for 15."

I have no doubt that the Nixon character is tied to the US gov in some way or the other. Although I currently have no current proof of that. He was one of the "right wing "students" who played a roll in the April 11 coup d'etat, although - as far as I know - not an official one.

But really folks, 10 and 15 year "professional" students? It sure puts our's to shame. I assume family and personal background is being investigated to discover/prove paramilitary/CIA links.