Thursday, June 01, 2006

Top general in Iraq orders 'values' training

Top general in Iraq orders 'values' training --Focus comes as military probes claims Marines intentionally killed civilians 01 Jun 2006 The top U.S. general in Iraq on Thursday ordered American commanders to conduct ethical training on battlefield conduct following reports that Marines massacred unarmed civilians in the town of Haditha. [This is just unbelievably ironic. The only really valuable 'values training' worth pursuing (although far too late for any good effect) has to have taken place at the 'top' of the Bush regime (and the moral bottom of the universe). Bush and his rabid neocon mass murderers need to learn the 'values' of not invading foreign nations without provocation; not murdering tens of thousands of innocent people; not torturing people by raping, starving, hooding, making-stand, terrorizing with dogs and shoving foreign objects up their anuses; not destroying a country to hand out government contracts to hired killers and war profiteers; not take kickbacks; not loot cultural reserves; not steal oil and kill people for fun. That's the only worthwhile 'values training' that should have been conducted. But that values training would have failed, because the people who needed it are the most morally depraved people on the face of the earth and really are beyond rehabilitation. We know what kind of treatment they deserve, but we cannot say it, because they will do to us what they have done to others--the mass murdering thieves, whores, butchers and criminals that they are. --MDR 10:05 DST 01 Jun 2006]