Monday, February 26, 2007

Gallup Poll: Years of Propaganda Works like a Charm

“A Gallup poll surveying US opinion on geopolitics singles out Israel as only foreign nation Americans feel favorably toward and also say that what happens there is vitally important to the US,” the Israeli online newspaper Yedioth Internet reports.

Never mind Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, killing 34 Americans and wounding 171, and never mind Israel was caught red-handed in 1954 plotting to blow up U.S. targets and presumably killing Americans in Egypt, and never mind, according to a German public television (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) documentary, the main suspects in the 1986 Berlin disco bombing that killed two U.S. soldiers, an event that provided a pretext for a U.S. air assault on Libya, worked for Israeli intelligence (with more than a little help from American spooks), and never mind that in response to Jonathan Pollard selling U.S. secrets to Israel resulting in the execution of CIA agents in the Soviet Union, Israel granted Pollard citizenship and continues to pester U.S. officials and presidents, demanding the traitor be released, and finally never mind that Israel used nuclear blackmail to force Kissinger and Nixon to airlift supplies during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Never mind. Americans like to be stabbed in the back.

“The country viewed as least-favorable by Americans is Iran (9 percent), followed by North Korea (12), Iraq (15), Palestinian Authority (16), Syria (21), Afghanistan (23), Cuba (25), Pakistan (28), Saudi Arabia (35), Venezuela (41) and China (48),” the Gallup poll indicates.

Never mind that not one of the above mentioned nations ever declared war on the United States, although Iran, Iraq, the Palestinians, Afghanistan, and Cuba have more the enough reason to regard the United States, and indeed its brain-dead public, not only as “least-favorable” but with contempt.

How many Americans know that the CIA, in cahoots with British Petroleum, planned and executed a coup against Mohammad Mosaddeq, a democratically elected and popular Iranian leader, ushering in the dictatorial rule of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and his brutal secret police, SAVAK?

How many Americans—completely up to speed on the rotting corpse of Anna Nicole Smith—know Saddam Hussein was a CIA asset, a hired thug tasked with killing Iraqi Prime Minister Gen. Abd al-Karim Qasim in 1959?

How many Americans know the United States gives Israel all the military equipment and money it requires to slaughter the Palestinians?

Of course, many Americans realize the United States invaded Afghanistan, as that is recent history and amnesia has yet to set in, but how many of them realize the United States had plans on the table to invade the country well before September 11, 2001?

How many Americans know Cuba, in a $181.1 billion lawsuit filed in 1999 against the United States on behalf of the Cuban people, alleged that for over 40 years, “terrorism has been permanently used by the U.S. as an instrument of its foreign policy against Cuba,” and it “became more systematic as a result of the covert action program.” Does the average American know the United States engaged in biological warfare against Cuba, using a virulent strains of dengue fever, swine flu, and other biological agents against people, livestock, and agriculture?

Dreadful few Americans know these things.

“‘The broad support of the American people to Israel is of the utmost strategic importance to Israel and it must be nurtured and maintained,’ Israeli ambassador to the United States Salai Meridor told Ynet in response to the poll’s findings.’The United States understands that Israel stand with it against extremists threatening world security. The results of this poll give expression to the shared values and interests between Israel and the US,’ said Meridor.”

Of course, these “shared values and interests between Israel and the US” will last only as long as the people of the United States continue to fork over billions of dollars every year to fund the racist settler state of Israel. Israel will remain a “friend” only so long as the United States squanders its treasure and soldiers in fighting wars against Israel’s enemies.

It will be interesting to see poll results after the coming conflagration—and economic disaster—touched off by the invasion of Iran, an invasion launched at Israel’s behest, of course, as there is no reason for America to fear Iran or its illusory nukes.