Sunday, March 18, 2007

Cuba Que Linda Es Cuba...

Anyone following the news in recent times cannot be unaware of the wave of progressive change sweeping Latin America and the Caribbean. For many lonely years Cuba held high the torch through its exemplary programs to provide universal health care and education, both gratis, along with world class cultural, sports and scientific achievements. Although you won´t find a Cuban today who says things are perfect, far from it, probably all would agree that compared with pre-revolutionary Cuba there is a world of improvement. All this they did against every effort by the United States to isolate them as an unacceptable example of independence and self-determination, using every dirty method including infiltration, sabotage, terrorism, assassination, economic and biological warfare and incessant lies in the cooperating media of many countries. I know these methods too well, having been a CIA officer in Latin America in the 1960´s. Altogether nearly 3500 Cubans have died from terrorist acts, and more than 2000 are permanently disabled. No country has suffered terrorism as long and consistently as Cuba.

FULL ARTICLE by Philip Agee

One has to wonder if Chavez will next emulate Cuba with a permaculture/sustainability initiative in Venezuela. Much of the country has been dreadfully deforested, and the urban populations are still jammed into a lot of bidonvilles on dangerous mountainsides.

This article on the accelerating “continental drift” of Latin America focuses on Cuba, but raises many questions about the other nations there, just as Bush is inking deals for sugar-alcohol with Lula to the background noise of angry mass demonstrations.

I’m glad Agee has taken the time to show why many of us still stick by Cuba, and by Castro. History will show him to be one of the mosty decent people of our time… warts and all… because he accepted when he was wrong and took corrective action, and because he never saw himself as anything except “a river to his people.”