Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The neocons' "final solution" for minorities takes shape under Obama

The neocon Democrats are back in power in Washington, DC. The tell-tale signs are the massacres of innocent brown and black skinned civilians that are taking place around the world. During the Clinton administration, there were wholesale slaughters of civilians in Rwanda, Congo/Zaire, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Palestine, Haiti, South Yemen, Nepal, Peru, and other countries that were carried out by U.S., British, South African, and Israeli mercenary companies, U.S. military "advisers," and U.S. and British special operations forces.

Under eight years of Team Clinton, ethnic minorities and indigenous groups who took on dictatorships backed by multi-national corporations for control of their resources and lands could expect to face the military power of the United States and that of its allies in Britain and Israel. Clinton foreign and national security policy officials Madeleine Albright, Sandy Berger, William Cohen, Susan Rice, Richard Holbrooke, and others portrayed a kinder and gentler imperialism on the oppressed peoples of the world.

During the eight years of Bush and Cheney, the world's ethnic minorities had no illusions about what they were up against. Bush and Cheney took Clinton's extraordinary rendition policy and turned it into a giant drift net that picked anyone up who was in the wring place at the wrong time and subjected them to institutionalized torture and sexual molestation.

With Obama, some of the same Clinton players are back, including Rice, Holbrooke, and James Steinberg, and so is the policy of massacring those who stand up to multinational corporations, globalization, and Western hegemony. To ensure Clinton policies are resurrected and adhered to, Hillary Clinton serves as Secretary of State, Albright's old job.

During Clinton's administration, it was Rwanda and Zaire/Congo that took the brunt of Clinton/Tony Blair "Third Way" imperialism. Under Obama, it is Gaza, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria that are in the cross-hairs of the globalists and their corporate and neocon lackeys in Washington, London, Paris, and Tel Aviv/Jerusalem.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip continue to be under siege by Israeli troops and an inhumane economic blockade continues to be enforced by the extreme right-wing expansionist regime of Binyamin Netanyahu, Zionist racist Avigdor Lieberman, and neo-Labor Ehud Barak in Jerusalem.

May 2009 will go down in history as the month the Obama administration adopted and embarked on bloody Clintonian "Third Way" final solutions to ethnic uprisings around the world.

The viciousness of the Israelis' "final solution" in the Gaza Strip has been emulated by Sri Lanka on the Jaffna Peninsula in the north of the country. Some 100,000 civilians have been forced into concentration camps by Sri Lanka's government, which launched an all-out successful offensive against the separatist Tamil Tigers, killing the top leadership of the movement in the process. Tens of thousands of Tamil civilians had been trapped in the narrow Mullaitivu strip on Jaffna where they were then exposed to an incessant Sri Lankan military offensive. Herding innocent civilians into narrow strips and laying siege to them in a "final solution" now appears to be the order of the day for the regimes in Jerusalem and Colombo.

Not only did Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa's military receive counter-insurgency and intelligence support from Israel but he was attending the Group of Eleven Summit of Middle-Income States on Jordan's Dead Sea at the same time his troops were routing the last Tamil Tiger leaders in their final solution campaign. The Jordan Summit was also attended by Israeli government representatives, as well as by Georgian President Mikhael Saakashvili, a virtual stooge of the Israelis and global troublemaker George Soros. The Jordan Summit was being held at the same time as the Bilderberg globalists were meeting in Greece.

Rajapaksa's predecessor, Chandrika Kumaratunga, upgraded relations with Israel in 2000. Quickly, Israeli technicians from Israel Aircraft Industries began upgrading Sri Lanka's Israeli-made Kfir fighter planes with advanced weapons systems and avionics. Israel also supplied Sri Lanka with Superhawk unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). In October 2005, an Israeli UAV, operating from the Vavuniya base north of Colombo, crashed in Tamil rebel-held territory in the north of the island nation. In January 2003, another Israeli UAV crashed in the north of the country.

Israel's use of Sri Lanka as a military training base goes back to the 1980s. In January 1985, the Indian weekly Blitz reported that the Mossad was providing weapons and intelligence training to Afghan mujaheddin insurgents at bases in Sri Lanka.The Afghans reportedly arrived in Colombo from Pakistan carrying Pakistani passports. The Paris-based magazine Afrique-Asie reported that Mossad budgeted $100 million for training and bribing Afghan mujaheddin insurgents. It would not be the first time that Mossad would be linked to the Afghan mujaheddin insurgents. During the Taliban's rule in Afghanistan, Mossad agents reportedly operated in Afghanistan with a "wink and a nod" not only from the Taliban but from so-called "Al Qaeda" insurgents, some of whom had been trained by the Mossad in Sri Lanka during the 1980s and the mujaheddin war against the Soviet Union.

While Sri Lanka's Tamils have sought assistance from their brethren Tamils in India's Tamil Nadu to the north, the Tamils of the Indian state sould not be so sanguine about facing problems from Israeli military advisers. In 2003, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu of the state to the north of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, concuded an agreement with the Israeli security company Nirtal to beef up security and police services in the state. Naidu visited Tel Aviv and met with Nirtal's chairman, General Assaf Hefetz, a former head of the Israeli National Police and who formed the Israeli Police Counter-Terrorist Unit. Nirtal has assisted in counter-terrorism operations in the United States, Mexico, and Greece.

At the same time that Sri Lankan troops and their Israeli advisers were ethnically cleansing Tamils on the Mullaitivu Strip, Nigerian forces, trained by U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) trainers and Israeli advisers, were attacking civilian villages in the Niger Delta region, which has been environmentally decimated by Royal Dutch Shell and other multinational corporate ogres.

The Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), viewed as much a terrorist organization by Nigeria and the Tamil Tigers were viewed by Sri Lanka, claimed that Nigerian used missiles and bombs on several Ijaw communities in Nigeria's Delta State. The Ijaw National Congress said that Nigerian forces waged an air, sea, and land military campaign in which over 1,000 civilians were killed.

MEND and Ijaws have retaliated against oppression from Nigeria and Shell by attacking oil tankers and pipelines in the Niger Delta region.

Where did Nigeria learn its new tactics of "blitzkrieg" and a "final solution" to restive ethnic minorities? In January 2001, Israel's ambassador to Nigeria, George Obiozor declared that the relationship between Israel and Nigeria had vastly improved in the area of "military strategic training."

At the same time Israel was providing training to the Nigerians in the art of genocide against the people of the Delta region, the U.S. mercenary firm, Military Professional Resources Inc. (MPRI) had already provided counter-insurgency training to the Nigerians. MPRI cut its teeth in providing the Croatian military and the terrorist Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) with training and other support to attack the Serbs during the Madeleine Albright-led Balkans war against Belgrade.

The editor wrote about MPRI in the August 1999 Progressive: "[MPRI] which, according to Jane's Intelligence Review, is involved in internal conflicts in Angola and the Congo, as well as the Balkans--did more than $48 million in business in 1997. MPRI's motto is: 'Our integrity is our most treasured asset.' Some of the military leadership of the KLA includes veterans of MPRI-planned Operations Storm and Strike, 1995 Croatian military offensives that resulted in the ethnic cleansing of Serbs from eastern Croatia. One former CIA official confided that he is not surprised that MPRI is now involved with the KLA. 'It fits the pattern,' he said. The military commander of the KLA, Agim Ceku, is a former brigadier general in the Croatian army, and, according to the London Independent's Robert Fisk, an 'ethnic cleanser' in his own right. Along with MPRI military advisers, Ceku helped plan the Croatian offensive that drove some 350,000 Croatian Serbs from Krajina province. Croatian forces also destroyed more than 10,000 Croatian Serb homes."

MPRI's relationship with the Nigerian military received a boost from the Bush administration. Two Bush officials, Theresa Whelan, Africa director in the Defense Department's Office of International Security Affairs and Victor Nelson, a former U.S. military attache in Abuja and Whelan's director for West Africa, visited Abuja to boost the MPRI training link with Nigeria's military. MPRI established a Joint Combined Arms Training System in Abuja that planned operations against the hapless peoples of the Niger Delta who were opposing further encroachments by oil companies owned and operated by George W. Bush's and Dick Cheney's friends. Donald Rumsfeld's Pentagon brought Nigerian officers and non-commissioned officers to Fort Polk in Louisiana for specialized counter-insurgency training targeting the Niger Delta peoples.

The U.S. military training project was spurred by then-Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, who is now under investigation by Nigerian prosecutors for receiving bribes from Cheney's firm Halliburton/Kellogg, Brown & Root to award the company and its partners a lucrative liquefied natural gas project -- the so-called Team JKS project, led by a consortium of Kellogg, Brown and Root, Snamprogetti and JGC of Japan. .

The U.S.-supported ethnic cleansing that occured in Croatia and other nations under Clinton's "Third Way" of "Third Reich" behavior is now repeating itself under the neo-Third Way policies of Obama and Clinton's wife. For many of the world's beleaguered ethnic minorities who are facing Israeli- and American-trained professional mass murderers that is "change" they do not want to believe in.