Monday, June 15, 2009

Is there a closet door closed at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta?

William H. ("Bill") Pryor, Jr., the former Attorney General of Alabama who was involved in the political prosecution by the Bush administration of Alabama Democratic Governor Don Siegelman and who squeaked by U.S. Senate confirmation after being nominated by George W. Bush to the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, appears to have a little something in his "closet." Pryor was confirmed by the Senate in 2005 in a 53-45 vote, his nomination being secured by a bi-partisan agreement between Senator John McCain and thirteen "Gang of 14" senators to force an "up or down" vote on three stalled Bush federal court nominees. Pryor was 43 when he was sworn in as a federal judge.

According to WMR sources in Alabama, Pryor, who now acts as a gatekeeper on the 11th Circuit for the Bush interests in Florida, Alabama, and other states in the jurisdiction, advertised himself during his younger days on a gay website called "Bad Puppy." There are also rumors from informed sources that naked photographs are held by some top Republicans and conservatives as an insurance policy that Pryor rules the correct way on issues on the 11th Circuit bench.

Pryor was George W. Bush's only appointment to the 11th Circuit.

WMR has obtained a copy of the page in the gay magazine where Pryor's advertisement allegedly appeared.

In a related article today, WMR reports on Pryor's involvement in denying an appeal by the Cuba Five, five Cuban intelligence agents who were convicted for spying for Cuba in Florida but who had been gathering intelligence on the funding mechanisms for terrorist groups based in south Florida that were targeting Cuba. Some of these mechanisms involved individuals close to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and current Governor Charlie Crist, the latter having his own open closet problems.