Sunday, June 14, 2009

And when will Miami’s terrorist nest be cleared out?


• DESPITE being denounced and calls from Venezuela for his extradition, Luis Posada Carriles, the most dangerous terrorist in the hemisphere, is still conspiring to murder with his accomplices without any intervention from the U.S. legal authorities.

Miami continues to have a strong nucleus of right extremists from various Latin American countries, who consider this city and the United States as a sanctuary for their activities, given that hundreds of fugitives, presidents and henchmen of dictatorial regimes have found a safe refuge there over the years.

Since his arrival in the United States and his arrest by officials reluctant to bother him, Luis Posada Carriles has received the treatment of the feared member of the brotherhood of killers whose seal as untouchables dates back more than half a century.

Freed by a judge (an accomplice to the intelligence apparatus) in El Paso after delay tactics orchestrated by corrupt district attorneys from the Bush era, Posada has met – many times publicly – with terrorist elements during the last few months and Latin American newspapers have reported the reactivation of his Central American network.

Once again at liberty, the old conspirator has reconstituted, most notably in El Salvador, the network that he bragged about years ago in his book The Way of the Warrior, the true confession of a psychopath paid by the yanki government. In this pamphlet promoting terror, he confides that "he can count on a private army."

Cuban researcher José Luis Méndez Méndez commented on this subject, "He is a man highly trained in the use of explosives, in the use of arms; in capacity and techniques for killing, disappearing, kidnapping, which is recorded at great length as he narrates how he organized and structured the services he directed, besides bragging about his successes."


The height of this self-confessed CIA hit man’s arrogance came when he recently appeared in the Alpha 66 offices surrounded by known terrorists with past police and even FBI files.

In April, Posada Carriles participated in an assembly of known terrorists organized by Angel De Fana Serrano and covered by the press. Serrano took part in the 1997 plot masterminded by Posada to assassinate Cuban President Fidel Castro during an Ibero-American Summit on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

At the end of February, also at the initiative of Posada and De Fana, Miami terrorists and Cuban American mafiosi met with Venezuelan coup plotters headed by traitorous military officers, without any interference from U.S. authorities.

On the front line of that conspiracy was Patricia Poleo, a fugitive from Venezuelan justice in the case of the assassination of district attorney Danilo Anderson. Qualified as a star agent by the CIA for her actions against Venezuela, which she directed from the United States, the daughter of millionaire editor Rafael Poleo also has links to Cuban terrorists, the Colombian right and her Venezuelan coup-supporting family. She is behind a number of operations against the Bolivarian Revolution from the U.S. embassy in Caracas.

The Venezuelan conspirators participating in that meeting included none other than Army Colonel Gustavo Díaz, Pedro Carmona’s aide-de-camp during the coup against President Chávez in 2002. Also present was the traitor Captain Javier Nieto Quintero of the National Guard, linked to a 2004 case involving Colombian paramilitaries, and Lieutenant José Antonio Colina Pulido, responsible for bomb attacks on Spanish and Colombian diplomatic offices in Caracas in 2003.

To illustrate the level of conspiracy more fully, in January 2008, Cuban-American De Fana was invited to speak to the press at an Miami event organized by Petr "Peter" Kolar, the Czech ambassador, together with Congressman Lincoln Díaz-Balart; Caleb McCarry, at that time head of the Bush Plan for the annexation of Cuba; Orlando Gutiérrez Boronat, millionaire member of the Cuban Democratic Directorate; and Mauricio Claver Carone, director of the U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC, the Miami lobby group in Washington.

Despite all the denunciations and with the complicity of the press, since his release Posada has been making regular appearances before those nostalgic for the Batista dictatorship. In Miami’s Big Five Club, he shared an exhibition with another killer, José Dionisio "Pool of Blood" Suárez Esquivel, sentenced for the assassination of former Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and pardoned by George W. Bush a few days before 9-11.

The U.S. magazine Salon also revealed that he took part, with terrorists Pedro Remón and Reinol Rodríguez (two of his most servile killers) in a public Alpha 66 activity in the Miami Havana Restaurant in Westchester. "Pool of Blood," Pedro Remón and Reinol Rodríguez are members of the operatives circle closest to Posada.


From Miami, Posada and his gang of killers have achieved – without interference and with the inertia or help of the authorities – the reactivation of his infernal operations with the complicity of several of his old buddies, all well known to the U.S. intelligence agencies.

According to a number of sources, former Venezuelan Captain Henry López Sisco has also been pointed to as one of Posada’s accomplices in the San Salvador plot. He has just been condemned in Venezuela as responsible for the massacres that occurred in that country in the 1970s and 80s.

Henry López Sisco was chief of operations at the Directorate of Intelligence and Prevention Services (DISIP) and one of the most repugnant figures in Posada’s circle of friends in Venezuela.

A Secret police torturer and killer under Carlos Andrés Pérez, López Sisco is tied to a long succession of murders, disappearances and abuses unleashed in the 1970s to eliminate groups of young rebels. He headed the meetings between representatives from Carlos Andrés Pérez’ government and the head of Pinochet’s DINA in August of 1975, and organized an attack on the Cuban Embassy on April 12, 2002, during the failed coup against Chávez.

López Sisco belongs to the same Cuban-American network as Francisco Pimentel, an accomplice in the 1997 Havana attacks; Nelis Rojas, a terrorist who took refuge in Miami; and Hermes Rojas, who tortured people with Posada in El Salvador.

Other suspects include Peña Exclusa, the Venezuelan fascist leader who has been in El Salvador for some months as an aide to the presidential campaign of ARENA – the party responsible for the assassination of Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero. Peña has also been designated as a conspirator in the recent assassination attempt on Bolivian President Evo Morales by the gang of neo-Nazis that dominate the city of Santa Cruz.

Another name pointed to in the San Salvador conspiracy is Venezuelan Vice Admiral Molina Tamayo, one of the plotters of the coup that took place on April 11, 2002. He is currently in Central America, along with several other traitors to the Bolivarian Revolution.


In the last few weeks, a number of events reveal renewed activity in terrorist circuits in contact with U.S. intelligence mechanisms.

Among others, Bolivian authorities have identified a phony NGO, the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), based in the New York Empire State Building, as a key player in the conspiracy to assassinate President Evo Morales. The plot was thwarted on April 16 in Santa Cruz.

The HRF is directed by Cuban-American Armando Valladares, who served time in a Cuban prison for placing explosive devices in stores and movie theatres in 1960. He began to work again with the CIA after he left the island.

The Bolivian District Attorney’s Office has identified Hugo Achá Melgar, the representative of HRF in Bolivia, as the financer of the terrorist gang of Hungarian and Croat neo-Nazis.

Hugo Achá and his accomplice Alejandro Melgar are still at large in the United States with the complicity of immigration authorities.

Valladares is an old Cuban-American mafiosi whose ties of friendship with the Bush-Reagan clan are praised by terrorist capos in Miami.

Not only have U.S. anti-terrorist agencies ignored the exposure of those acts, but HRF representatives traveled to Honduras to participate as an accredited NGO at the OAS Summit, in company with other CIA front agencies implicated in interference operations in Latin America, among them Vivanco’s biased Human Rights Watch.


The mafia apparatus in Miami is so well protected that Republican Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen attended a public meeting on April 6, 2008 at which Posada was present, organized by a terrorist association linked to the CIA.

The federal government and the state of Florida spend millions of dollars annually on multiple-crime operations under the leadership of various state "commandos" of specialists in the war on terrorism in the Florida peninsula.

However, this enormous anti-terrorist apparatus has never shown any interest in the Miami gangs launching terrorist campaigns against Cuba and Venezuela.

The Miami FBI is scandalously associated with the impunity awarded to the terrorist network represented by Posada. Luis Posada Carriles’ file was even spirited away from the archives of this agency in 2003, while the international criminal was in prison in Panama.

Months after the administration change in Washington, nothing seems to have changed in the banana republic where the monstrous Orlando Bosch, the pediatrician killer, sleeps peacefully in his bed.

Composed of individuals known for their links with anti-Cuban mechanisms in the U.S. intelligence services, the Posada network is a product of the old mechanism created in Miami over the last few decades – beginning with the gigantic CIA JM-WAVE station – that nobody dares to touch.

More than ever before, Miami continues to be the great continental trash can for all the defeated oligarchies. •