Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Meet the U.S.-Israeli-Iranian "Beast of Ebrat" by Wayne Madsen

            Update 1x. Meet the U.S.-Israeli-Iranian "Beast of Ebrat"
The Jewish Holocaust industry is fond of sounding their shofars every time an aging German or Eastern European low-level concentration camp guard is discovered in South America or a small German or Austrian village. However, these self-appointed genocide avengers remain hypocritically silent when a Jewish prison commander and torturer is discovered, not hiding out in Argentina, but in the swank environs of Orlando, Florida.

Meet Parviz Sabeti, aka Peter Sabeti, a one-time director of Department III of the feared Iranian secret service, known as the Sazeman-e Attela'at Va Amniat-e Keshvar (Organization for the information and protection of the country) or simply, SAVAK. Acting as the Shah of Iran's eyes and ears in Iran, SAVAK agents received training from Central Intelligence Agency, British MI-6, and Israel's Mossad in all forms of intelligence tradecraft, including electronic snooping, counter-intelligence, and Sabeti's chief specialty, torture.

As can be seen from his last name, Sabeti is an Iranian Jew ("Sabeti" is derived from the Sabbatean crypto Jews of the Ottoman Empire who are also known by the Turkish name "Dönmeh") who not only served as the chief interrogator for the Shah in Tehran's infamous circular Ebrat prison, built by Germany's Nazi government in 1937, but was also on the payroll of the Mossad and CIA.

Plaque at the entrance of 6000 square meter Ebrat [left] where America's now resident torturer Sabeti plied his sadistic trade. Detainees sent to Ebrat, including current Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, had black hoods placed over their heads so they never saw, but felt, this descending ramp alleyway to the torture chambers [right]. The use of black hoods was commonplace in the CIA's rendition program. Photos: WMR

After a career of arresting and torturing loyalists of former Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadeq, ousted in the CIA's 1953 Operation Ajax coup, in 1978 Sabeti turned his attention to a restive group of Shi'a Muslim clerics who were rising in opposition to the Shah's increasingly dictatorial regime. The Shah ordered Sabeti to arrest and bring into Ebrat for "questioning" several hundred followers of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, himself exiled in Paris. Among those arrested were Ali Hosseini Khamenei, the present Supreme Ayatollah of Iran. Although Khamenei was imprisoned at Ebrat and not tortured, according to officials of the current Ebrat museum, the same cannot be said for hundreds of others brought to Ebrat by Sabeti's men. Many detainees were beaten on their feet, faces, and torsos, subjected to pins being forced into the quick of their fingernails and having their nails pulled out, repeatedly dunked into the prison's central water fountain, hanged upside down and beaten, forced into often heart attack-inducing stress positions, subjected to cigarette and lighter burns, and subjected to electric shocks to their fingers, toes, nipples, and testicles. The machine used for the electric shocks was the "Apollo," a black metal chair with a black metal hood used for head shocks that was manufactured in and exported to Iran by Israel.

Parviz Sabeti, the chief torturer under the Iranian Shah. He now lives in Orlando as a triple Iranian-Israeli-U.S. citizen. Sabeti is much worse than any low-level Nazi concentration camp guard ever deported from the United States. So, why is Sabeti still in the United States and not in Iran to stand trial for crimes against humanity?

SAVAK's infamous Israeli-made Apollo electric shock chair supplied to Sabeti's torturers by his Mossad friends [left].  Sabeti [second from left] with other SAVAK officials [right]. Photos: WMR.

Plaques honoring the victims of SAVAK's and Sabeti's torture are placed on bricks in the alleyway entrance of Ebra [left]. The prison cell where current Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei was held and questioned by the interrogators of Sabeti [right]. Photos: WMR.

Sabeti fled Iran after the Islamic revolution in 1979 and found sanctuary first in Israel where he became an officer of Mossad, and eventually, in Florida. Today, Sabeti lives in Orlando where he owns a building and development company called Paris Enterprises, Inc., which operates out of Post Office Box 536401 in Orlando with a principal address of 401 East Robinson Street, Unit 505, Orlando. According to Florida Secretary of State records, the registered agent for Paris Enterprises is Frank M. Townsend, Esq. of 520 W. Emmett Street, Kissimmee, FL 32741.

Among Paris Enterprises's officers is Pardis Sabeti, Parviz's daughter who is also an evolutionary geneticist at Harvard University specializing in the human genome, specifically, the migration of the Ebola virus from an animal genetic reservoir into humans. Another daughter, Parisa Sabeti has served as a director of the William J. Clinton Foundation. According to The New York Times, in 2009, Parisa married Ted Zagat, the vice president for franchise development and strategic partnerships at the Spanish-language Univision Communications and the son of the founders of Zagat's Survey of restaurants and hotels. The Boca Raton Resort and Club wedding was officiated by Cantor Debbi Ballard. Parisa is also listed as a principal contact, along with her Ebola virus specialist sister, of Paris Enterprises.Nasrin Ghaffarpour, who is also president of Paradise Eighty, Inc. and vice president of Florida Renaissance Corporation is listed as the Vice President of Paris Enterprises with an address of 5391 Vineland Road, Orlando. We will not hold our breath for the Simon Wiesenthal Center or the war criminal trackers of the Department of Justice to pay visits to these addresses.

Update 1x. However, WMR did pay a visit to both corporate addresses and discovered they were private residences.

Parvez Sabeti's address at the unnumbered 401 East Robinson address in Orlando. It is a residential condominium unit [left]. Ghaffarpour's address at 4391 Vineland is also a private residence [right].

Parviz Sabeti is a frequent guest on the Voice of America's Persian television service's "Ofogh" program.

The water pool at the center of the circular Ebrat prison where detainees were dunked into the water in order to give them the sense of drowning to get them to talk [left]. Detainees were shackled to the prison's iron grating where they were beaten; their screams were amplified by the amphitheater structure for all the other prisoners to hear [right]. Photos: WMR.

Photograph of Ebrat's mustachioed most vicious torturer, to the right in photo [left]. To his upper left is the Shah's son, a resident of California and Maryland, who has proclaimed himself the new Shah of Iran and is supported by the neocons and the CIA to one day return to Iran's Peacock Throne. If "Mr. Mustache" wasn't satisfied with a detainee's answers, he would be shackled to the iron grating [as depicted by the manikin at right] and beaten with truncheons or worse. Many detainees never made it out of Ebrat alive.  After the revolution, Mr. Mustache reportedly escaped to Britain with the assistance of MI-6 but he is said to have committed suicide in London. Photos: WMR.

The case of Sabeti was just one of the items discussed as the recent New Horizons conference in Tehran, at which this editor participated. Neo-con and Zionist organizations and press condemned the conference as a gathering of "anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists" and "holocaust deniers." It would be interesting to hear whether the Anti-Defamation League and its subservient media have ever called for the U.S. to deport Sabeti to Iran to stand trial for crimes against humanity. Or are such deportations by the United States only reserved for those who commit human rights crimes against Jews? Those shofar calls from the Jewish Holocaust industry every time a 90-something Nazi guard commander is discovered somewhere sound like the shrill blaring of hypocrisy.